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Osteoma - a benign bone disease that comes from bone andIt consists of bone tissue.Osteoma is a hemisphere that is growing for many years and in some cases it may not disturb the person.Previously to this kind of disease include all bone formation, such as neuropathic, inflammatory and traumatic.Currently, in medicine, in spite of the difficulty of determining this tumor, all of the above formation is not considered to be an osteoma.The tumor may be formed on the bones of the skeleton, and it is formed usually on the femur, the key, the frontal, temporal bone and in the area of ​​the facial bones.Very often, the swelling of the frontal and sphenoid bone cartilage derived from embryonic remnants.Ost, which is located above the surface of the bone, doctors called exostosis, and closed in the spongy substance - enostosis.Such tumors are usually solitary, but there are those rare occasions when a tumor develops in mul

tiple exostosis, and then there are systemic diseases that pass from benign in sarcoma (malignant tumor).

Osteoma bone

Osteoma bones may differ in appearance and composition.In most cases, osteoma bone is solid and consists of a dense material which resembles ivory.Generally, such a substance does not contain the bone marrow and has Haversian canals.Another is spongy osteoma, which consists of a porous sponge material.It can also happen medullary bone osteoma, it consists of a large wide medullary canal.As already mentioned, the place can be formed osteoma - the bones of the skeleton.Because of the long bones most often affects the femur and humerus, and from the flat bones of the frontal and temporal.

Osteoma frontal bone

Osteoma frontal bone may show up after a trauma, rheumatism, and even after sexually transmitted diseases.Most often, the frontal bone osteoma appears in adolescence and, as a rule, men more often than women.Tumor, which was formed on the outer side of the skull, has the form of dense clot that does not cause pain.With the development of osteoma, symptoms can appear on the inside of the skull plate, such as a severe headache, memory disorder, epilepsy seizures.In order to establish an accurate diagnosis, choosing between osteosarcoma (a malignant tumor) and chronic osteomyelitis (a benign tumor) are diagnosed osteoma of the frontal sinus.With the diagnostics and X-ray pictures will be easy to determine the pathogenesis of the disease.

According to some reports found 8% of patients with bone tumors of the jaws.This disease is more common in young and middle-aged women.In this case, there are two types of osteoma - it is the peripheral and central osteoma.Peripheral osteoma formed bone formation in the form of round or irregular shape, which connects with a relatively wide base jaw and further leads to deformation of the face.Central osteoma grows to 1.5 cm and located in the back of the jawbone.Usually no symptoms at the same time does not appear.Specific disorders can arise when detecting osteoma in the upper jaw - is double vision, difficulty in nasal breathing.Also unpleasant symptoms are felt, if the tumor originated in the zygomatic arch, there is a limitation of mouth opening, pain in the region pozadichelyustnoy and throat.In each case, effective treatment requires osteoma.


Treatment Treatment osteoma as frontal, and other bones of the skeleton, carried out surgically.The first surgery is indicated for organ dysfunction, severe pain, stunted growth and change in the shape of bones, which then leads to reduced mobility and impaired limb movement.After removal of the tumor the doctor must perform a resection to be a plate of healthy bones.In the case where the cyst does not increase in size and does not hurt, it is sufficient to restrict observation of the dynamics of the growth of tumor, osteoma special treatment in this case is not required.

Doctors believe that if a tumor of this kind appeared, the operation is still necessary to make so that it will no longer turned into a serious disease that can be life-threatening.


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