Causes , symptoms and treatment of chronic orchitis


1. causes of disease

2. Symptoms of orchitis

3. Acute and chronic orchitis orchitis

4. disease diagnosis

5. Treatment of orchitis

6. Complications of orchitis

orchitis - an inflammatory process that occurs in the testis.It appears as a result of infection in humans and occurs quite often.


disease orchitis often accompanies such infectious diseases as influenza, pneumonia, typhoid, and other.But the main reasons that trigger the appearance of the disease are inflammation in the genitourinary system, namely prostatitis, urethritis and other diseases.Also orchitis may be due to testicular injury inflicted.Children who have just emerged into the light, the disease appears as a result of getting infections of the umbilical cord vessels in the testicle or scrotum.

Depending on what triggers the disease are acute and chronic orchitis.

Symptoms of orchitis

At the initial stage of the disease the patient feels pain in one of the testicles, which can be

given in the rump, groin, lower back or crotch.The scrotum, with the side where inflammation occurs, is greatly increased in size, it becomes on the skin smooth.After a couple of days orchitis symptoms worsen, there is a sharp pain and redness of the scrotum, it gets hot, there is swelling and so on.

In most cases, there are other men, orchitis uncharacteristic symptoms, manifested as chills, fever, weakness or nausea - common signs of inflammation in the body.

Generally the disease is self, which requires two or four weeks.Sometimes, however, the lack of appropriate treatment of orchitis is fraught with suppuration and abscess testis.

Acute and chronic orchitis orchitis

As already mentioned, there are two forms of orchitis: acute and chronic orchitis, each of which extends with its own characteristics.

Acute orchitis is characterized by the rapid development of inflammation in the testicle, which is manifested in the form of acute pain, especially when walking or touch him, scrotum swells rapidly and becomes hot.The temperature rises to 40 ° C, and the general condition of the patient is complicated by fever and headaches.If you do not take measures to get rid of these symptoms orchitis and treatment of disease, there are several options for the outcome of the disease: self-healing, abscess or egg to flow into the chronic stage of the disease.

Chronic orchitis is the result of not fully cured of acute forms, and can occur as a result of infection transmitted through sexual contact.In such cases, the diagnosis of the disease occurs either on a regular inspection by a doctor or by passing the test on the cause of infertility.Chronic orchitis - a major factor affecting the ability to conceive.Minor symptoms of the chronic form of orchitis, which becomes a cause campaign to the doctor, is a strong pain in one of the testicles at an awkward body position or palpation of the scrotum.

disease diagnosis

disease is established by the surface inspection of the genital organs of a man holding ultrasound research and study of the history of previous illnesses.Of great importance in the correct tactics of treatment of orchitis is the identification of the root causes of its occurrence.To do this takes a general analysis of urine and blood, held puncture eggs and all biological materials are studied in the laboratory.


orchitis orchitis course of treatment will depend entirely on what triggered his appearance.That is why the treatment of chronic orchitis and its acute form is slightly different.

Since the acute stage of the disease needs to be fast pharmacological actions, the patient is supposed to take strong antibiotics without waiting for test results.Reduce pain and accompanying symptoms help painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs.Provision is complete bed rest.If you are unable to comply with it, you need to wear a special brace that will support the egg at a certain position.Treatment of acute orchitis requires adherence to diet and giving up alcohol.

chronic form of the disease is much more difficult to be treated and the course of taking the drugs must be systematic and consistent.In this case, the treatment of orchitis requires careful analysis to identify the source of the disease, from which will depend on the choice of antibiotics and other medicines.Sometimes it is necessary to take hormonal drugs to enhance the effect of drugs passing physiotherapy courses.The full treatment must be accompanied by the observance of a diet and abstinence from alcohol.

Complications of orchitis

In the absence of treatment, these effects may be as infertility, purulent fusion of egg, fistula or complete removal of the organ.These factors, and should encourage a man as soon as possible to see a doctor.


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