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ARI - number of acute respiratory diseases in which there is penetration of acute infections in the body, usually through airborne droplets.For diseases of this kind is characterized by inflammation of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.respiratory damage expressed as rhinopharyngitis, rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, traheolaringita and in some cases of conjunctivitis.

ARI can be triggered by a viral pathogens and bacterial.Some patients can tolerate acute respiratory disease 5-7 times over the years.As a rule, the person with acute respiratory disease, is a major carrier of the disease.

ARI have a significant detrimental effect on the cardiovascular system and immune system.The fact that a weakened immune system is exposed to an attack of bacterial infections such as Haemophilus, pneumococcal, staphylococcal.In some cases, mycoplasmas can

cause the development of pneumonia.

symptoms of ARI

Among the main symptoms of ARI can be isolated high fever, runny nose, cough, stuffy nose.In addition the patient intoxication occurs, which is accompanied by symptoms of ARI as photophobia, headache, aching joints and muscles, dizziness, chills, sweating.Weakness, fatigue, irritability and insomnia are also symptoms of acute respiratory infections, which may persist for 2-3 weeks.The duration of the disease in the absence of pneumonia is usually from 2.3 to 8.5 days.If the patient also suffers from pneumonia caused by mycoplasma and virus together with a bacterial infection, the duration of the disease can range from 3-4 weeks or more.This form of ARI is hard enough to give in therapy.


ARI ARI Treatment usually takes place in the home.Thus, ARI treatment is in compliance with bed rest during febrile period (heat) and the adoption of antipyretic drugs in age dosage.Also recommended as much as possible to drink the liquid in the form of warm tea, alkaline mineral water (mineral water and milk) or cranberry juice.Treatment of acute respiratory disease is also based on the acceptance of vasoconstrictor drugs to relieve breathing through the nose, cough, and antimicrobial agents.

Antibiotic treatment at ARI is not justified, because not only prevents the development of diseases in children and adults, but it can also cause an allergic reaction, contribute to the overflow of the disease into a chronic form, the development of dysbiosis, the formation of resistant forms of bacteria.

Many experts agree that the treatment of acute respiratory disease should not include the use of cold remedies that contain in their composition antibiotics since their admission increases the risk of drug allergies and other adverse reactions.

Prevention ARI

Prevention of ARI, as a rule, is to be avoided if possible crowded places during the epidemic.Warm clothing, appropriate weather conditions, also refers to the prevention of acute respiratory infections.It is recommended to eat as much fruit: oranges, lemons, pomegranates, tangerines, honey and nuts.Prevention of ARI is also based on the use of large amounts of fluid, especially fruit drinks cranberry, cranberry viburnum.

Colds in children

influenza viruses, parainfluenza, RS-infections, adenoviruses and rhinoviruses are the most common causative agents of acute respiratory infections in children.These viruses multiply and deposited in the cells of the respiratory tract mucosa.Then, the viruses are killed, thereby contributing to the development of inflammation.The main route of transmission of ARI in children - airborne.

The main symptoms of acute respiratory infections in children can be identified runny nose, hoarseness, sore throat, cough.All these symptoms are caused by airway lesions.Furthermore ARI in children occurs accompanying general intoxication.Patients observed muscle pain, fever, weakness, and so on.

should be noted that for each type of disease is characterized by its specific symptoms.

Treatment of mild forms of acute respiratory disease in children does not require any serious intervention, sufficient to mitigate the symptoms by using the "home" means.That less in severe disease requires emergency treatment, and bacterial acute respiratory infections are usually treated with antibiotics.It should be noted that the use of drugs the child should be agreed with his doctor.

Colds during pregnancy

Orz during pregnancy, unfortunately, can have some effect on the baby, especially in the first trimester.A serious danger may be a viral infection such as the flu, which is in the first trimester can cause malformations in the baby.At this period, as a rule, or the fruit becomes defects incompatible with life (in this case, often there is a spontaneous miscarriage) or virus does not affect the child and does not have any effect on him.Thus, in the case of acute respiratory infections in pregnancy should carefully observe the condition of the patient after a cold.If the pregnancy is normal, and as a result of fetal pathology studies have been identified, then all should be well.

After 12 weeks, all the organs of the baby are usually already formed, because of which the gross defects cause acute respiratory infections during pregnancy can not.However, there is the risk of placental insufficiency, fetal hypoxia, and also increases the possibility of premature birth.

If the mother was ill at later date, the baby at birth can be observed signs of undergoing hypoxia: the child pale, listless, cries weakly, may experience respiratory disorders.Often in such cases the child is carried out treatment in the first 2-3 days, placing it in a given period in the intensive care unit.After undergoing hypoxia baby more susceptible to birth trauma.

Although there is a risk of about 80% of women at least mild ARI suffered during pregnancy, and most of them sick in the first trimester, then gave birth to healthy children.Prevention of acute respiratory disease in pregnancy is to wear clothes appropriate weather conditions.You must also try as much as possible to avoid crowded places.

No precise data on the risk of acute respiratory disease of the fetus during pregnancy.The fact that it is often quite difficult to determine whether the cause is related malformations in the fetus with a cold during pregnancy or to any other factors, such as household chemicals, environment, preservatives and so on.


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