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Shingles (herpes zoster) - Diseasewhich develops as a result of activation of varicella-zoster virus, which until then was in the latent (non-manifested) state.This disease affects the nerve tissue and skin of man.

causative agent of shingles is the same as the causative agent of varicella (chickenpox) - a virus of the family Herpesviridae.

cases of the disease are becoming more frequent in the cold season.The greatest risk of developing herpes zoster in older adults, but only for those who have previously suffered from chickenpox.Children in contact with such patients are often infected by the causative agent and sick at chickenpox.

man recover from chickenpox, the virus becomes a carrier who is a long time in an inactive form.Typically, the virus is localized in nerve tissues.

According to doctors, the virus goes into an active form, most often due to the weakening of immunity, f

requent stress and nervous strain.Trigger the development of shingles are infectious diseases, hypothermia.

Weakened immunity is the reason that the disease most often occurs in older people and those who have recently suffered a hormonal, radiation or chemotherapy.

Symptoms of shingles

At the beginning of the incubation period, there are the first signs of shingles - chills, weakness, headache, slight fever.At the same time with them in the future eruption appears tingling, burning, itching.Often these symptoms are accompanied by characteristic pain of herpes zoster in the direction of the peripheral nerve trunks.The duration of the initial period of 1-4 days.

disease begins with increasing the temperature to 38-39 ° C, a sharp deterioration in the human condition.On the skin in areas of nervous tissue appears pinkish Small and seal diameter (2-3 mm), which are quite painful and cause a slight itching.Within days seal swollen form a base on which are formed vesicles (bubbles containing liquid and raised above the skin) with serosal contents.Usually the symptoms of shingles joins swollen lymph nodes.Sick children may appear inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.

Shingles is formed on the location of the affected nerve.Most often, he repeats the location of the intercostal nerves, limbs, nerves, facial nerves troynichkovyh.In some cases, the virus can infect the skin in the genital area.After a few days the liquid inside the vesicle becomes cloudy.After three weeks from the onset of the disease the vesicles dry up, covered with a crust.After falling off the crust on the skin are Just noticeable dark spots.

In some cases, shingles enters geniralizovannuyu form, which is characterized by the formation of painful vesicles almost throughout the body, including mucous.This form of the disease develops in a patient in the absence of immune defense of the organism or the existence of his cancer.

Symptoms of shingles bullous forms are closely adjacent to each other vesicles, which form a continuous bubble.After drying of the vesicular bladder, in its place is a dark spot of a large size, which is the crust of dead tissue.

There abortive form of shingles.It is characterized by the rapid disappearance of the rash, and the absence of vesicles with serous content.

When high intensity shingles pain especially appear in the defeat of the frontal, nosoresnichnogo and supraorbital nerves.In this case the patient's skin is swollen, red.The infection can affect the eyelids and corneas.

different disease duration.Most recovery occurs early during abortive form of shingles.The acute form usually takes 2-3 weeks.When protracted course of the disease can last for more than a month.

characteristic symptom of shingles - the pain, the intensity of which increases significantly at night.Due to the constant pain worsens emotional state of the patient, it can be broken skin sensitivity.Sometimes tissue nerve disease may contribute to a partial paralysis of limb muscles, the sphincter of the bladder, abdominal muscles, oculomotor and facial nerves.

Treatment of diseases

Complex treatment of shingles includes antiviral drugs, and symptomatic local therapy.

most commonly in the treatment of shingles used acyclovir and its analogs.To improve the immunity of the patient administered the immunostimulatory agent.Most of these drugs include interferon, interleukins, substances based on peptides (proteins having biological activity), animal and plant components.

Symptomatic treatment of shingles - reception antipyretic and analgesic drugs.

for topical treatment of herpes zoster antiseptic solution is used, for example, the brilliant green solution fukortsinom.They treated vesicles and crusts vesicles.

People's treatment of herpes zoster

Along with medication used to treat herpes zoster folk remedies.For this purpose, decoctions, infusions of many medicinal plants.There are many recipes for the treatment of this disease.

1.Smes one hundred grams of marigold flowers and two teaspoons stretcher meadowsweet flowers pour 500 ml of vodka, two weeks insist in a dark place.Dipped in tincture piece of bandage (gauze) applied to the affected area three times a day for 5-10 minutes.The same infusion is taken orally on a teaspoon per 100 ml of water three times a day.

2. In the national treatment of herpes zoster following recipe is used with success.Mix the two parts of the dried leaves of the walnut, eight pieces of sweet woodruff, ten parts of linden flowers.Two tablespoons of the mixture for 30 minutes, pour a glass of boiling water.This portion of the drink in two steps during the day.

3.Delayut alcohol tincture of Melissa in the ratio of 1: 5.Blisters of shingles smeared tincture three times a day.To lubricate the patients skin and Calendula tincture prepared in olive oil at a ratio of 1:10.

4. For the treatment of herpes zoster folk medicine uses herbs immortelle.A tablespoon of herb brewed with 200 ml of boiling water, wrap up one hour.Using a sterile bandage wipe this infusion the affected areas morning and evening.


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