Oophoritis - types , causes, symptoms , treatments


1. Causes of oophoritis

2. Symptoms of the disease

3. Diagnosis and treatment methods oophoritis

Oophoritis - is an inflammatory process in the ovaries, whichoften captures the area and fallopian tubes.

The disease is in first place in number of gynecological diseases among women.At the same time one in five women who have had the disease, there is a risk of infertility.This is due to the fact that the transferred oophoritis leaves behind extensive adhesions formation in the fallopian tubes and disturbed ovarian function.As a result, in the fallopian tubes obstruction develops and as a result, there are problems of oocyte maturation.

Causes of oophoritis

Experts point to a number of factors that trigger the disease development.

1.Infektsionnye diseases that are sexually transmitted.Significantly increases the likelihood of infection in the female body when in promiscuous sexual relations, there are many sexual partners.

2.Vnutrimatochnaya spiral.Regardless of the type

, the IUD is often the cause of chronic oophoritis.

3.Aborty.Induced abortion refers to the main causes of the disease.

4.Appenditsit.There are many cases where chronic appendicitis complicated by right-oophoritis.

pathogens may be any pathogen.However, most often cause oophoritis gonococcus, staphylococcus, trichomonas, mycoplasma, chlamydia, streptococci.Quite often, the disease multiple pathogens.Pathogens are in the region of the appendages of the vagina, with cavity or cervix.

oophoritis Often symptoms appear after the disease, sexually transmitted.Many doctors called inflammation of the ovaries of the second stage in the development of such diseases.

inflammatory process in the ovaries leads to swelling of the fallopian tube, so that it thickens and lengthens.Multiply the microorganisms move through the fallopian tube into the peritoneum, thus infecting the skin of the peritoneum and ovaries.Inflammatory liquid contains a lot of gluten, which glues the fringed end of the pipe.Since adhesions are formed with the wall of the small pelvis, ovary, intestine.Fallopian tubes and ovaries become one complex - tumor.Depending on the contents of the tumor can be water or purulent.In severe protracted development oophoritis may occur purulent bag rupture and there is generalized inflammation in the pelvis.

Symptoms of the disease

oophoritis Symptoms depend on the form of the disease.There are three forms of the disease - acute, subacute and chronic.

characteristic feature of acute oophoritis form a high-intensity pain syndrome in the lower abdomen, often given in the lumbar region or sacrum.The patients suffer from frequent urination, accompanied by aches and sharp pains.Symptoms of this form of oophoritis include malaise, fever, fever, copious purulent or serous discharge, intermenstrual bleeding.At gynecological examination shows that the ovaries of the patient is much enlarged and very painful.

Podoostraya form oophoritis is quite rare.It usually appears when tuberculous or mycotic infection.Oophoritis Symptoms of this form is a dull aching pain in the vagina, in the abdomen, in the groin area.Pain significantly increase before menstruation and colds.Woman watching at minor release, which are permanent.In this form of oophoritis the patient interferes with the normal function of the ovaries appear menstrual disorders, sexual dysfunction, pain during sexual intercourse.

Chronic oophoritis develops as a result of improper or inadequate treatment of the acute form of the disease.This chronic disease is often interrupted by relapses (relapses).Oophoritis Symptoms of this form of non-specific.Woman becomes very irritable, suffer from insomnia, decreased performance, increased fatigue.Gynecological examination, an increase in ovarian, their excessive sensitivity to palpation.

The patient is usually no pain, but it develops secondary infertility.In chronic oophoritis often develop inflammation of adjacent organs, leading to cystitis, pyelonephritis, colitis and other diseases.

Diagnosis and treatment methods

oophoritis oophoritis success of treatment depends on the timely and correct diagnosis.Due to the fact that oophoritis symptoms very similar to those of many other diseases, it is rather complicated diagnostics.

doctor conducts the following studies for accurate diagnosis.

1.Sbor gynecological history.Gynecologist establishes the reasons that may trigger the disease and the nature of the current state of the patient.

2.Ginekologicheskie research.The doctor determines the size and tenderness of the ovaries, the mobility of the uterus.

3.Laboratornye research.We study the swabs from the vagina and urethra, blood and urine of the patient.

4.Bakteriologicheskie studies to determine the causative agent of oophoritis and latent infections.

5.UZI pelvic organs.

6.Gisterosalpingoskopiya.Usually carried out before the start of the treatment of chronic oophoritis.

7.Laparoskopiya.The most accurate way to diagnose this disease.With it, examine the ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes.Assign laparoscopy for chronic pain in the lower abdomen of unknown origin, duration of infertility, oophoritis is not curable.

Choice oophoritis treatment to a large extent is determined by the form of the disease.

In the acute form of the patient bed rest is necessary.The conservative treatment of this form of the disease used antibacterial and vitamin supplements, painkillers and sleeping drugs, sulfa drugs and desensitizing.In the treatment of acute forms of oophoritis effectively use a course of ultraviolet irradiation.This procedure shall be held once every three days.

treating oophoritis in subacute forms are successfully used methods of physiotherapy.Most often, patients are administered therapy UHF electric field, electrophoresis using magnesium, calcium, zinc.

Treatment of chronic oophoritis is selected for each patient individually.It depends on the nature of the disease, the presence of comorbidities and complications.Effectively in this form of the disease the use of physiotherapy techniques.Usually, the patient is prescribed medication alternating magnetic field of low frequency, NCW therapy, UV eritemoterapiyu, electrophoresis using salicylic acid and amidopirina.In the presence of adhesions in the pelvic ultrasound is used.Of great importance in the treatment of chronic oophoritis given to the patient increase immunity and resort-spa treatment.


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