Oncocytology - reading , training, results


1. objectives of smear for cervical onkotsitologiyu

2. Preparation for the procedure and the sequence of its

3. Indications for research

4. results oncocytology

oncocytology - microscopic examination of cellular material (smear) of the cervix and cervical canal with a view to early detection of cancer.

objectives of smear for cervical

onkotsitologiyu Carrying smear onkotsitologiyu - a necessary measure to be applied for the purpose of early diagnosis of cancer.Cervical cancer is the third place in the structure of cancer in women, it takes the lives of thousands of women each year.Identification of the disease at an early stage, that is, when it still does not manifest itself symptomatically, significantly increases the chances of recovery.

oncocytology Pros still in the fact that, through the competent study can be successfully identified and precancerous states:

  • leukoplakia (actinic epithelial cervical mucosa);
  • erythroplakia (atrophy, cervical mucosa);
  • cervical polyps (benign growths in the mucous of the cervix);
  • dysplasia of varying severity (lesion of cervical epithelium).

Preparation for the procedure and the sequence of its

smear for cervical onkotsitologiyu - simple, virtually painless procedure, which takes a maximum of 10 seconds, the time the women.

For two days prior to the oncocytology to abstain from sexual intercourse, do not use tampons, vaginal creams varied, it is impossible for douching.Smear conducted every day of the menstrual cycle but, naturally, menstruation days.Otherwise, the results of the study will be distorted.Not recommended onkotsitologiyu in inflammatory processes of the reproductive system.

Smear on onkotsitologiyu taken using a special brush or cervical gynecological spatula when viewed on a gynecological chair.The brush (or spatula) is inserted into the vagina and can be almost imperceptible to the touch of a woman to the epithelium of the cervical canal and the outer uterine zevu (outer surface of the cervix) (inner surface of the cervix).Thus there is the taking of biomaterial for further his studies under the microscope.

From gynecological instrument biomaterial moved to the prepared slide.

further actions depend on the doctor's chosen method of oncocytology.In our country, in particular in public antenatal clinics, cytological smears examined by the method Leishman, in the world and in private laboratories RF onkotsitologiyu cervix most often carried out by Papanicolaou (Pap test).The difference between the method and the method of smear Leishman in a more complex mechanism of staining taken biomaterial.The second study is considered to be more informative, but only a doctor will be able to choose the required method depending on each case.

After the finished product smear performed manipulation is sent to the laboratory for testing, which examines cell characteristics (their composition, size, shape).After 10-14 days after collection of biomaterial oncocytology will be ready.

Indications for research

Every woman after the age of 18, especially if she is sexually active, at least once a year is recommended to carry out cervical onkotsitologiyu.Women over 30 who have risk of developing cervical cancer is significantly higher, must take a smear once a year without fail.Pregnant women are recommended onkotsitologiyu three times during the period of pregnancy.

direct testimony to the periodic (every six months) conducting smear for cervical onkotsitologiyu are menstrual irregularities, erosion or any other cervical disease, HPV vysokokantserogennogo risk, the presence of cancer in the family.

Women in the life of which there are the following risk factors for cervical cancer should be treated very carefully to their health and Pap on onkotsitologiyu, strictly adhering to physician recommendations:

  • smoking;
  • deficiency of vitamins A and C;
  • various immunodeficiency (including HIV infection);
  • presence of chlamydial and / or herpes infection;
  • chronic inflammation of the reproductive system;
  • infection with oncogenic types of human papillomavirus;
  • long-term use of contraceptives;
  • early sexual activity;
  • frequent change of sexual partners;
  • several genera.

Well established a special charitable programs of preventive examinations of women (in particular research on onkotsitologiyu) for the early detection of cervical cancer and other pathologies.

results oncocytology

The results oncocytology usually specified item "positive" or "negative."A negative result indicates that it does not show any abnormal cells in the smear, which indicates complete cervical health.

Do not be afraid if the results oncocytology noted positive.Yes, mark "positive" indicating the presence of abnormal (atypical) cells on the cervix, but it does not mean that they have cancer or that eventually become so.Abnormal cells present on the cervix, such as infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases (most common cause positive during oncocytology), as well as inflammatory and other diseases.In any case, if there is deviation doctor may prescribe additional studies to determine their causes.

The results of cervical oncocytology also indicates the stage of development of a pathology or a complete lack of pathology (I stage).

In stage II there are some deviations from the norm, which is usually associated with inflammation of the reproductive system.The doctor will appoint an additional examination and the required regimen.

III stage of development of a pathology characterized by a single, but the abnormal cells.To confirm or refute the alleged diagnosis requires further study.

On Stage IV in a smear for cervical onkotsitologiyu some malignant cells are present.

At the V stage a large number of cancer cells present in the smear.

oncocytology If the results significantly deviate from the norm, the following diagnostic event is a colposcopy.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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