Onychomycosis - signs , methods of treatment, folk remedies


1. process of infection onychomycosis nail

2. Signs of infection

3. treatment of onychomycosis nail

called onychomycosis fungal infection, which is deployed onhorny coverings nails or toes.It is quite common in all countries of the world and takes the lion's share among other diseases of this kind.The causative agent is usually a dermatophyte, but the occurrence of onychomycosis may be due to contact with the covers trihofitii or microspores.It is much more difficult course of the disease may be molds or yeasts, which are frequent companions of infection.Treatment of onychomycosis is a long and systematic process.

process of infection onychomycosis nail

person can bring an infection when visiting public baths or saunas, swimming at employment and use of showers in gyms.You can become infected in the event that there was a direct contact with the skin surface where the particles were pathogenic fungi, such as: carpets, sofa, park benches, transport and so on.Very often

suffer from onychomycosis nail people with family ties, because of their habit includes the use of towels, slippers, or washcloths with each other.

Immunosuppression due to AIDS, diabetes, circulatory disorders in the limbs or a course of antibiotics may also assist the emergence of onychomycosis.Initially, the fungus is stationed on the interdigital areas, and only in the second stage of development hits the nail and hit them.

Signs of infection

Brightness and nature of the symptoms of onychomycosis nail is completely conditioned by the stage of the disease, the place of the dislocation of the fungus and the body's ability to resist infection.However, there are a number of features that are common to all forms and require immediate treatment of onychomycosis.These include:

  • in nail thickness appear white or yellow inclusion;
  • inflamed cushion around the nail plate;
  • for onychomycosis observed dystrophic pathology of the structure of the stratum corneum;
  • nail atrophies and is separated from the bed.

confirm the diagnosis requires immediate medical intervention, the lack of which is fraught with complications and unrecoverable loss of nails.Check availability and the need to treat onychomycosis can be achieved by putting the nail material for laboratory research.

treatment of onychomycosis nail

The disease very successfully resists topical application of standard antifungal agents.Before starting the treatment of onychomycosis of the nails, broken plates, and only then apply the ointment, cream or solution is required to completely remove.That is what causes the fact that such treatment of onychomycosis are relevant only at a distal infection.

treatment of onychomycosis nail can also be carried out by surgery, in which the nail plate is completely removed.A very effective method for treating onychomycosis is the use of keratolytic drugs, which have the property of softening the nail, after which it can be safely removed.

Other types of diseases require more systematic methods for the treatment of onychomycosis, which consist in the use of such drugs:

  • griseofulvin;
  • ketoconazole;
  • itraconazole;
  • terbinafine and so on.

noted the fact that the fungus is onychomycosis extremely quickly adapts to the components of the drugs, so treatment is chosen taking into account the characteristics of the disease.In some cases, it makes sense to treat onychomycosis folk remedies that there are so many, and everyone can find a suitable Statement.

It should be understood that the disease requires a comprehensive treatment as a folk remedy for onychomycosis and medical methods.Do not expect the global result, if you use only one.

very effective folk remedy for onychomycosis treatment is affected areas with iodine.Feels while burning is an indicator that there is a positive reaction.Increased pain requires discontinuation of the use of the solution.

Propolis extract or tincture is used to reduce pain associated with nail exfoliation and helps to quickly grow new tissues.

oldest but, nevertheless, effective remedy for onychomycosis, is attachment to compress the sore spot of tea fungus.It should be wrapped in plastic and mounted on the affected area overnight.Then the feet are washed with warm water, and dead areas are removed.This method can yield very substantial pain that is to sustain the rapid achievement of a positive result.


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