Burn eye - types , symptoms , first aid


1. degree burn

2. chemical burn eyes

3. eye burns welding

4. first aid for burns of eye

eyes burn - damage to the eyelids, conjunctiva, cornea, or the deeper structures of the eye when exposed to chemicals, high temperatures, some types of rays.

When exposed to corrosive chemicals or heat shrink the human eyelid reflex, protecting the burn surface of the eyeball.In some cases, it can only be damaged forever, but at very high temperatures may be damaged and the eye itself.The seriousness of the damage, the intensity of the pain, the appearance of the eyes and eyelids are dependent on the depth of the burn eyes.

degree burn

Depending on the depth of injury distinguish four degrees of eye burns.

first degree.There is hyperemia (persistent redness) of the skin eyelids and conjunctiva.As a result, light having edema corneal haze.Over time, these symptoms disappear.

second degree.Edema and superficial necrosis (death of tissue) of the conjunctiva.The surface of the corne

a becomes rough, it becomes cloudy, grayish color.Damage exposed surface structure of the skin age, the corneal stroma (the structural basis of the cornea).

third degree burn eyes.In addition to developing necrosis necrosis of the conjunctiva sclera century cartilage.The surface of the affected conjunctiva matte is a scab (crust covering the surface of the burn), or yellowish white and gray.Necrotic cornea is cloudy, dry surface.After escharotomies defects of the cornea and conjunctiva are filled with scars.

fourth degree burn eyes.The process of necrosis and covers the sclera of the eye (outer durable skeleton of the eyeball).Defeat penetrates the cornea to its entire depth.It resembles porcelain-white opaque plate.This is a very severe degree burns.

eye burns are thermal, chemical, radiation (welding).

chemical burn eyes

most common cause chemical eye burns are defeated acids and alkalis.

more dangerous is alkali burns.They often lead to visual impairment and disability, especially in lesions of both eyes.

chemical burn severity eye depends on the type, concentration, volume, penetration, exposure time, temperature, chemical substance.In addition, it counts the age of the victim, the state of the affected eye, timely initiation of treatment.

acid burns the eyes are less dangerous because the coagulation (clotting protein) protects the eyeball from a deeper penetration of the acid.Exceptions are cases of contact with eyes, concentrated nitric acid, sulfuric acid (chemical plants, storage solutions), hydrofluoric acid.

Eye Contact with alkalies leads to hydrolysis (water, decomposition) of the protein structure and cell destruction.There is a wet tissue necrosis eyes.Often developing corneal hydration, increased intraocular pressure.

There are common symptoms of chemical eye burns.

1.Snizhenie visual acuity.In moderate and severe chemical burns immediately after the defeat of vision may be good.But over time, it will experience a significant drop.

2.Vospalenie conjunctiva.Even with weak damage conjunctiva becomes edematous and congested.

3. Increase in intraocular pressure.

4.Poblednenie cornea.

5.Chastichki debris in the conjunctiva.Often the eyes are tiny particles that produce a chemical (lime, carbide).They need to be removed immediately before the washing.

6.Pomutnenie cornea.

7.Povrezhdenie corneal epithelium.

8.Vospalenie anterior eye department.Usually observed in lesions of alkali.

9.Perforatsiya (gap) of the cornea.

10.Rubtsevanie damages eyelid skin and conjunctiva.

treat burns the eyes may be conservative or surgical.

Early treatment of chemical burns his eyes spend copious irrigation.Good effect balanced lavage with sterile buffered saline (Ringer's solution, normal saline).

To prevent the development of inflammation after the burn topically applied steroids, antibacterial agents.

When conservative treatment of eye burns tsianokrilatny use a special glue.With the help of local treat a small area of ​​damage.

Surgical treatment of eye burns used in severe damage to the organ of vision.

eye burns welding

eye burns welding is called a term such as "elektrofotooftalmiya".

cause a burn effects on the cornea and conjunctiva cells to UV rays with a specific wavelength.They promote damage to cell membranes, leading to the development of inflammation and pain.Even with minor external manifestations of the victim appear excruciating pain.Powerful and long-term impact beams at eye burns welding can cause damage to the retina and cell death.All this often leads to blindness.

Symptoms of eye burns grow for 7-8 hours.The victim feels the discomfort of eyes, intense pain, photophobia.In addition, there spasm of the eyelids and lacrimation.If the retina is damaged, vision is not affected.In the great majority of cases the changes are reversible and disappear within 3-4 days.

Treatment of eye burns welding aimed at eliminating pain, discomfort, and normalization of the affected state.Apply anti-inflammatory painkillers (Diclofenac), antihistamines (Tavigil, Suprastin).Locally in the eye instilled special anesthetics.

to prevent infection in burn lesions eye treatment using antiseptic ointments and drops, for example, tetracycline eye ointment, 30% sodium sulfatsil.To speed up the healing ointments, accelerating cell renewal (Solkoseril, Aktovegin).

first aid for burns of eye

rules of first aid for burns of the eyes depends on the type of burn.

So, if the cause of damage were chemicals, you must first remove them from the eyes.This can be done with a cotton swab.Thereafter, the eye must be washed with water.Washing is carried out using a lump of cotton, which is wetted with clean water.Neotzhatym wad of cotton wool is carried out on the edge of the eyelids from the temples to the nose for 15 minutes.When alkali burn eyes can be rinsed with a solution of 2% boric acid.If it was an acid burn, use a soda solution eyewash.

first aid for burns of eyes of different types involves taking painkillers victims, both general and local application.For oral use analgesics.Furthermore, for use in an eye instillation of 4% solution -e novocaine, lidocaine, 0.2% th chloramphenicol solution.

when administering first aid for burns on the patient's eye should be possible to put in a dark room.


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