Obesity - Causes, extent , methods of treatment, Diet


1. Causes of obesity

2. Degrees disease

3. Childhood obesity

4. obesity treatment

Obesity - a diseasecharacterized by normal weight excess body weight due to the presence of excess body fat, deposited in the subcutaneous tissues.

Causes of obesity

most common cause of obesity is overeating, which leads to a violation of the correspondence between the amount of food coming into the body and consumed their energy.The cause of obesity can be a violation of the right of the organs of internal secretion, especially the sexual glands and the thyroid gland.

common cause of obesity is a poor diet.The consumption of fatty foods, sweets, pasta, bread, alcohol, beer, carbonated beverage leads to accumulation of excess kilos.In the development of the disease plays a significant role of hereditary predisposition.


disease depending on the percentage deviation of body weight in a big way from the ideal values ​​are 4 degrees of obesity.For first-degree of obesity

is characterized excess ideal weight by no more than 10-29%, the degree of obesity of the second - by 30-49%, for the third degree of obesity - by 50-99%, in the fourth degree of obesity - 100% or more.

Define normal body weight in several ways.The quickest and easiest method is to that of its growth is necessary to subtract the value from 100 to 110. If your height to 165 centimeters, it should take 100, from 165 to 175 cm subtract 105, above 175 centimeters - 110.

Whenthe presence of 1-2 degrees of obesity in a patient at the health complaints arise, sometimes it is peculiar experience weakness, fatigue.Obesity grade 3-4 causes a sharp deterioration of health.Patient at the slightest exertion feels the pain in the heart, shortness of breath, rapid pulse, headache, drowsiness, reduced working capacity.

Obesity is the cause of many diseases, including atherosclerosis, liver disease, joints, diabetes and others.

Childhood obesity

Quite common is obesity in children.It develops due to malnutrition, genetic predisposition.From early childhood, my mother in order to avoid obesity in children should follow the diet of the child.At an early age it is recommended not to give children sweets in general, it is recommended to replace the sweetness of honey.

In older age obesity in children may facilitate the use of potato chips, french fries, fast food, Coca-Cola.Of course, to ban the consumption of such products can not be completely, but my mother should be possible to limit the consumption of their child.

To prevent obesity in children, parents themselves need to eat right.It is very important to parents in such a situation to support the child, as the disease can inflict serious psychological trauma.

obesity treatment

main cause of obesity is eating too much, so the main event on the fight against obesity should focus on power control.Treatment of obesity includes restricting the energy value of the daily diet.Special attention is paid to ensure that the body receives everything it needs fatty acids, proteins, minerals, vitamins.

consumption of food should be hearty and have a minimum caloric.Treatment of obesity involves food intake in small portions over 5-6 days.Diet for obesity involves dietary cooking dishes with a limited salt content.

the presence of grade 3-4 obesity is recommended to completely abandon cereal, flour products, sweets.In the treatment of obesity should eat more vegetables and fruits, as they give a feeling of satiety, but the increase in body weight was observed.

In the fight against overweight positive results give exercise to be executed systematically.To achieve the desired result will help effective diet for obesity, which provides for during the week 1 fasting day.

Fasting days you can arrange according to their taste preferences, as they presented several options:

  • Meat Day.Allowed to consume 200-350 grams of cooked lean meat with vegetables in 5-6 receptions, 2 cups of coffee, 1 cup broth hips.
  • Curd day.During the day, for 5-6 meals is recommended to eat 400-600 grams of cheese, 60 grams of sour cream, 2 cups of coffee, 1 cup broth hips.
  • Fruit Day.It provides welcome 1.5 kg of fruit.
  • Cucumber day.The 5-6 meals should eat no more than 2 kg of cucumbers.

In some cases, the diet for obesity involves fasting.Fasting frees the body from harmful substances, residue of undigested food.This method is not for everyone, as it has a number of contraindications, including heart disease, changes in the liver, purulent diseases, and others.


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