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1. reasons halitosis

2. How to get rid of halitosis

One fairly common problems of modern medicine and dentistry is bad breath.If diseases such as atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease or stomach ulcers do not cause negative emotions of other people, a man with a nasty smell from the mouth becomes the object of unwanted to communicate.Outgoing unfavorable odor from the person's mouth does not allow him to fully communicate with friends, family and acquaintances, because to him, and then go to the closest distance possible.And if they have to carry on a conversation with an individual, you want to finish quickly and leave.

Just need to clarify, in this article we are not talking about the case where a delicious after dinner salad with lots of onions, people decided to try to imagine the speaker role.Unpleasant to others breathing the aroma in this case is quite clear and has a temporary nature.This article deals with the problem of halitosis, which is found in almost 60% of th

e world population.

Halitosis - a persistent, fetid breath, which, with all due diligence the person can not be removed by conventional means of hygiene.halitosis problem has psychological and social aspects of this pathology has a negative impact on the personal and social life of a person and can be a symptom of serious diseases of internal organs.

in the scientific literature fetid breath has many names - halitosis, ozostomiya, halitosis, stomatodizodiya.As a rule, the person himself does not feel bad smell, and ask about each others dare not, for this you need to have a certain boldness.And yet, there are a few simple tests that can detect bad breath, without involving outsiders.

Quite revealing is the test with a teaspoon.It should just take an ordinary teaspoon, flip it and spend some time on the surface of the tongue.On the surface of the spoon will remain a small amount of saliva and white bloom.Outgoing them smell completely identical to the smell of breath.

Remove halitosis usual hygienic means is often not possible, so you need to help to contact the experts.First we need to identify the causes of bad breath, because it can induce both dental problems and diseases of upper respiratory tract.

reasons halitosis

If you do not take into account the characteristics of some foods and bad habits cause discomfort in the mouth, the first place among the known causes of bad smell occupy diseases of the oral cavity.

One of the main specialists, who oversees the problem of halitosis, is a dentist, to which should be in the first place to go to the reception.Fetid breath cause major complications of caries - pulpitis and periodontitis, periodontal disease - gingivitis and periodontitis, stomatitis many forms, subgingival and supragingival tartar, bad teeth, cysts and irregular teeth, irregular teeth cleaning.One of the most common causes of halitosis is a syndrome of dry mouth or xerostomia.Specific odor can be a symptom of serious illness such as gangrenous pulpitis.

second most common reason take oral malodor associated with various diseases of upper respiratory tract.Rhinitis, sinusitis, influenza, polyposis, tonsillitis, sore throat, sinusitis and other diseases of the trachea and bronchi, which are accompanied by nasal congestion, contribute to the occurrence of halitosis.

Causes of halitosis may be lurking in diseases of the gastrointestinal system.Quite often bad breath and stomach are inextricably linked.In this case, due to the occurrence of halitosis nesmykaniem esophageal sphincter and the receipt of a bad smell from the mouth into the stomach through the esophagus.Contrary to popular belief, the bad smell from the stomach is relatively rare, because the esophagus is usually located in the sleeping state.For this reason, bad breath and stomach may be in tandem only in severe pathology - diaphragmatic hernia of esophageal opening, pyloric stenosis or gastrointestinal reflux food.

How to get rid of halitosis

Based on the fact that the main cause of bad breath is bacteria, primarily the fight against halitosis is correct oral care.odor treatment breath begins with a hike to the dentist.The specialist will establish the cause of halitosis, and develop an effective treatment strategy.Remove bad breath will help the course of professional oral hygiene with the removal of dental plaque and dental health.If halitosis symptoms remained after the removal of all dental local causes, you should contact a physician and undergo a course survey.

treatment of halitosis is primarily a thorough oral care and mandatory daily cleaning of the language, especially the rear, where accumulate bacteria that trigger the appearance of bad smell.

Remove halitosis help correction diet.As a general rule, reducing the consumption of meat products, which are so fond of pathogenic bacteria, and increasing in the diet of fruits and vegetables, will reduce the risk of halitosis.

If bad breath and stomach are interrelated, then remove this nasty factor will help the salt water.To do this, take a half a liter of drinking clean water and dissolve it in a tablespoon of salt.Such water should be drunk in the morning after sleep, and after a while you need to drink or eat anything dairy, to a saline solution does not irritate the stomach.

Sol effectively clean the walls of the stomach and intestines, helping to rid the body of various harmful and unnecessary substances, thus eliminating the bad smell of the mouth.To eliminate the fetid breath, five days is necessary to carry out the preventive course of succession.Note that this method is contraindicated in people with a diagnosis of peptic ulcer or gastritis.

also the problem of halitosis good job meltwater.Regular drinking water is simply put in the freezer, then thaw and drink.This method of faster water exchange in the body and helps to clean the gastro-intestinal tract by pathogenic bacteria.

treatment of halitosis popular methods include oral rinse decoction of various medicinal herbs.Excellent disinfectant effect on the oral cavity have decoctions of strawberries, sage and chamomile.Fragrant mint and oak bark are also an excellent way to deal with a bad smell and a great means of preventing periodontal disease.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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