Neurodermatitis - Causes, Symptoms , Treatments


1. Causes of neurodermatitis

2. Types and symptoms

3. Treatment of neurodermatitis

4. Traditional methods of treating a disease

Neurodermatitis- a chronic skin disease that has a neuro-allergic origin.

Neurodermatitis is quite common, especially among children.From it affects around 40% of patients with skin disease.Atopic children often disappear upon reaching the age of puberty.


neurodermatitis neurodermatitis exact causes have not been established.Experts point to several factors that trigger the development of this disease.These factors include:

  • diseases of the digestive, nervous and endocrine systems;
  • acute or chronic food poisoning;
  • infectious diseases;
  • lasting impact on the human body heat or cold;
  • physical overload;
  • heavy stress situations;
  • use of certain drugs - a common cause of neurodermatitis;
  • professional impact of adverse factors;
  • impact household allergens - feather filling pillows, pet hair, pollen and other flowers;
  • poor diet for a long time;
  • failure to comply with hygiene rules.

Many experts point to a genetic cause of neurodermatitis.

There is a congenital form of the disease.It develops at constant exposure to the allergen to the body of the child in utero.

Exacerbations neurodermatitis appear on the background reduce the overall immunity of the organism.This occurs most often in the fall and spring.In many cases, the disease is complicated by the addition of a viral or bacterial infection.For children, the most dangerous is the addition of herpes.

greatest discomfort to the patient brings atopic dermatitis on his hands.In such cases, the disease is compounded because of frequent mechanical stress and moisture.

Types and symptoms of the disease

Depending on the degree of spread on the skin surface, the following types of neurodermatitis.

1.Ogranichenny - only affects certain areas of the skin.

2.Diffuzny.It is characterized by the appearance of lesions on the face, neck, elbows, popliteal hollows.For this type of the disease include atopic dermatitis on his hands.

3.Lineyny.It characterized by the appearance of itchy stripes on the limbs bend locations.

4.Psoriaziformny.In this form of the disease on the patient's head and neck appear red sealed pockets, which are covered with small scales.

5.Gipertrofichesky.A symptom of this type of neurodermatitis is a tumor formation in the groin area.

6.Dekalviruyuschy.Rashes appear on areas of the body hair, resulting in hair loss affected areas.

7.Follikulyarny.A symptom of neurodermatitis follicular type are pointed papules that appear on areas of the hair.

main symptom of neurodermatitis is the formation of a pale-pink papules, which is accompanied by severe itching.These papules tend to merge into solid lesions, characterized by the seal and the violation of pigmentation of the skin area.The affected areas of skin frequently shelled.Also combing the affected places there are cracks, microtrauma, some areas of the skin change color.The skin becomes very dry, greyish.When neurodermatitis on hands itchy nail plates take the form of polished, shining strongly.

to the above symptoms neurodermatitis join lowering blood pressure, weight loss, fatigue, weakness, lethargy, decrease in blood glucose levels and the development of gastric juice.

the disease is often accompanied by lymphadenitis (inflammation of the lymph nodes), which leads to a deterioration in the functioning of many human organs.

Treatment of neurodermatitis neurodermatitis

Diagnostics does not cause particular difficulties.The doctor sets the symptomatic picture, collects history.biochemical and immunobiological study the patient's blood are conducted to clarify the diagnosis.

Treatment of neurodermatitis is selected individually for each patient.

primarily eliminated by the reasons which provoked the development of this disease.

To reduce sensitization (hypersensitivity to certain substances), the patient is prescribed antihistamines which also relieve itching.These medications include diphenhydramine, Suprastin, Tavegil, B vitamins, A, PP.

In order to normalize the functions of the central nervous system used tranquilizers (Librium, elenium, Seduxen) ganglioplegic (hexon, chlorpromazine, Seduxen).

In neurodermatitis therapy using sedatives sedatives - tinctures peony, motherwort, valerian.

Local neurodermatitis apply ointment keratoplastic effect (speed up the formation of the stratum corneum), for example, ointments ihtiola, sulfur, tar, Naftalan.If necessary, separate the affected areas impose corticosteroid ointments or creams (Flutsenar, lokakortena, Sinapar).

In the treatment of this disease have been successfully applied methods of physiotherapy (reflexology, phototherapy, UV radiation), hydrogen sulphide and radon baths.

neurodermatitis patients must adhere to a special diet, which restricts the use of salt, smoked and spicy products, alcoholic beverages.

Traditional methods of treating a disease

People neurodermatitis treatment can be carried out simultaneously with drug therapy.It can significantly relieve the symptoms of the disease, improve the overall tone of the body, to avoid exacerbation of the disease.

There are many recipes of traditional treatment of neurodermatitis - infusions, decoctions, lotions, ointments.Here are some of them.

1.Smeshivayut in equal parts grass violet tricolor, and lemon balm, burdock root, flax seeds, angelica root, watch the leaves, valerian root.Two tablespoons of this mixture was placed into a thermos, pour 500 ml of boiling water.Leave to infuse overnight.Take 50 mg three times a day before meals.

2.Narodnoe treatment of neurodermatitis offers recipes for local use.In equal parts of mixed shoots blueberry, coriander fruits, herbs, sage, peppermint and nettle, flax seeds, oak bark, birch leaf.Three tablespoons of the mixture pour 500 ml of boiling water and insist 25-30 minutes.After straining used for lotions that are applied to the affected area.

3.Lechebnaya ointment.Take 500 grams of interior lard and melt it in a pan over low heat.Filter in china and mixed with pharmacy sulfur (250 g) to obtain a homogeneous composition.Before applying the ointment on the affected area, wash his baby soap, dry towel.


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