Neurogenic bladder - causes, symptoms , treatment


1. Causes of neurogenic bladder

2. disease diagnosis

3. Symptoms of neurogenic bladder

4. Therapeutic measures

term "neurogenic bladder" called the whole complex of pathologies of the urinary system, in which the total - breakdown of the site of the nervous system that is responsible for the excretion of urine from the body.This disease occurs in both children and adults of the population.

Causes of neurogenic bladder

In fact, the factors that provoke a pathological condition of the body, there are many.This is due to the fact that urination coherence depends on a large number of bodies and nerve endings systems.The causes of the disease are:

  • gone through a lot of stress or nervous shock;
  • various brain diseases;
  • pathology work of the sphincter of the bladder;
  • disease and spinal cord injury.

Neurogenic bladder in children may be a result of spinal cord defects or urogenital system, as well as the result of birth trauma.

disease diagnosis

Establishing an accurate diagnosis requires the patient to maintain a kind of diary in which to celebrate the urinary frequency, quantity and time of receipt of any kind of liquid.Definition of neurogenic bladder in children is held with the help of parents, which record the number of evacuations, their frequency, and so on.Be sure to find out if there was any in the family of such diseases.

second stage of diagnosis of the disease - the exclusion of other diseases that cause inflammation in the urinary system.For this purpose appointed laboratory tests of urine, x-ray, ultrasound, MRI and other methods for determining the structure of abnormal pathways that bring urine from the body, or inflammation.

possible, the patient will have to undergo the study of the brain or spinal cord by the CM or MRI.It is necessary to find out whether the disease is not psychological in nature.

Sometimes even the most modern methods and tools can not accurately determine the cause of the disease.In this case we are talking about the type of neurogenic diseases of uncertain etiology.

Symptoms of neurogenic bladder

This disease can affect both the process of accumulation of urine in the bladder, and its excretion from the body.In medical practice it is accepted to distinguish two types of the disease, which are characterized by different symptoms.

Overactive bladder accompanied by such manifestations as the:

  • frequent urination, in which a small quantity of urine;
  • muscular hypertonicity of the bladder;
  • burning desire to go "in the small", which can result in involuntary urination;
  • constant urge to urinate at night, and so on.

bladder is called hypoactive, it is characterized by a completely opposite symptoms for which no normal urination even when completely full bladder.Elimination of neurogenic bladder symptoms and medication is carried out non-drug methods, depending on the cause.

Therapeutic measures

Treatment of neurogenic bladder can be either a neurologist or urologist that is totally dependent on the underlying cause of the disease.Hyperactive type of the disease can be cured much faster and easier.In this case it is enough to regularly take drugs that promote relaxation and reduce tension in the muscles of the bladder, as well as ensure its full blood supply.For non-drug treatments for neurogenic bladder include special gymnastics and exercises for the pelvic floor muscles, the establishment of a clear drinking water and rest.The presence of the psychological causes of the disease requires the intervention of a psychologist and psychotherapy sessions.

much harder flows treatment hypoactive form of the disease, since the stagnation of urine in the bladder can provoke the occurrence of opportunistic infections and inflammation in the urinary system.There is a need to carry out a course of treatment drugs that prevent inflammation and infection, to train the muscles of the pelvic floor and bladder.If all methods are taken do not bring the desired result, the catheter is used.

In certain cases, when the disease is severe and does not lend itself to any type of medical treatment, it is necessary to carry out surgery.It is plastic musculo-ligamentous apparatus of the bladder or in the correction of his nervous system.


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