Urinary incontinence in older people - causes, treatment


1. Urinary incontinence in older women

2. Urinary incontinence in older men

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Urinary incontinence in the elderly - rather unpleasantphenomenon as medically and from a personal and social point of view.On average, about 5 to 15% of the adult population is living at home, 20-30% of the number of hospitalizations and 70% of elderly people in nursing homes suffer from this disease.In some cases, urinary incontinence associated with certain medical conditions, falls, pressure ulcers, constant introduction of the catheter into the bladder, as well as cystitis and Urosepsis.

Urinary incontinence in older women

age incontinence affects nearly 70% of older women.

This pathology is caused by age-related changes in a woman's body.There are several types of urinary incontinence in older women.

Stress incontinence in women is found in 30-40% of cases.Urge incontinence is typical for 15-20% of cases.In 45% of cases occur mixed incontinence.Other types of incontinence are

observed in 2-15%.

Among the main causes of incontinence in women can identify hormonal changes due to a reduced level of female hormones.This fact causes atrophic changes in the epithelium of the urethra and cervix, as well as helps to reduce muscle tone elements.

In some cases, the cause of urinary incontinence in favor hypertonus muscles of the bladder, which may be associated with bladder hypersensitivity, severe stress or nervous system diseases, such as stroke or Parkinson's disease.

Factors contributing to the development of urinary incontinence in women are inherent inferiority of tissue pelvic floor surgery on female genital mutilation or inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system.

diagnosis in this case is to conduct a physical examination and laboratory investigations;survey of the patient, as well as the collection of medical history.Also carried out a survey estimated the state of the vaginal epithelium.The process of diagnosis is established type of incontinence.Considerable importance is attached to the initial phase, frequency of urination at night, as well as the applicable measures.The doctor usually finds out circumstances of urine.Held a thorough physical examination, during which examines not only the bladder and urethra.Korma addition during the inspection assess the physical and mental capacity of the patient.Establishes the possibility of the presence of hernias, tumors, abnormalities of the genitourinary system, and other defects.

Urinary incontinence in older men

Urinary incontinence in older men - a phenomenon quite common in modern medicine.In addition there is still no treatment that could be guaranteed to relieve the patient of the problem.It is no secret that urinary incontinence in men - it is a problem not only of a medical nature.Development of the most complexes, as well as psychiatric disorders may be associated with urinary incontinence is.

weakening of the sphincter, urine retention, and fatty degeneration of the walls of the bladder are the main causes of incontinence in older men.Also with age weakens the nerve impulses that cause the person to wake up at the time the desire to go to the toilet.

Thus, urinary incontinence during sleep is becoming a real problem for the elderly.Many are trying hard not to fall asleep, and wake up in time to go to the toilet.In some cases, the main cause of urinary incontinence in men aged 60 years, is the prostate adenoma.It contributes to a violation of the outflow and difficulty urinating, causing an overflow of the bladder and sudden spontaneous urine.

Urinary incontinence in men in the daytime can be triggered by various factors, including muscle tension (dramatic and rapid movement, laughter) and annoyingly-frightening sounds (noise of a moving train, running water, strong door cotton).Incontinence of urine when coughing - a standard example, which is frequently used as a diagnostic test.The problem is compounded by a number of related diseases, among which are the multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease.


Urinary incontinence in older people - a phenomenon by no means natural.Treatment in this case is based not only on medical treatment, but also on the active participation of family and friends who can provide help and support.Thus, in the treatment of urinary incontinence in elderly men should limit intake of fluids in the evening, preferably tea consumption containing caffeine which is a diuretic.Treatment of urinary incontinence is also carrying out early morning cold wiping procedures.These treatments contribute to the sphincter response.The bed is recommended to lift the patient from the feet.In the course of treatment is recommended to drink herbal teas, walk more and do all possible exercise.These manipulations will help preserve muscle tone.

Pharmacies can buy specialized urological pads used in the treatment of urinary incontinence in the elderly.They help get rid of unpleasant odors and protect against urinary dermatitis.If the age of the patient allows, use drug therapy or surgical treatment.


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