Incontinence - Causes, national treatment , surgery


1. Classification and types of diseases

2. Causes of incontinence

3. Symptoms of the disease

4. Drug and national treatment of urinary incontinence

urinary incontinence (the medical name - incontinence) - is uncontrolled outflow of urine along the urethra.Distinguish true and false incontinence, in the second case, urination occurs at unnatural openings in the urinary tract.The disease brings not only physical but also moral discomfort.The existence of this problem, patients are often afraid to admit even the doctor.Inability to hold urine is common to many people around the world, and to suffer from this disease as young people (from 14%) and those over middle-aged (40%).

view of some impropriety of the disease, more than half the people watching at the symptoms of urinary incontinence, had never sought medical attention.In the best case, people may resort to national treatment of urinary incontinence.However, to remain silent about this issue, and idle is extremely un

desirable, since the treatment of urinary incontinence is quite effective and allows you to get rid of this problem.Since this pathology have a negative impact on many aspects of life of the patient, in particular in the consumer, professional and family sphere, it is necessary to learn more about the causes of urinary incontinence and of methods of treatment of this disease.

Classification and types of diseases

As mentioned above, there is a false incontinence, which occurs without the urge to urinate.There is due to acquired or congenital defects of the ureter, urethra or bladder, as well as bladder exstrophy, hypospadias and epispadias total urethral ectopic ureters mouths with their anomalous position.There are almost always acquired defects due to injury.

The following types of uncontrolled urination:

  • Bedwetting or enuresis occurs mainly in childhood, in children 5-6 years.Bedwetting can pass freely, and often requires special treatment.Talking about the presence of bedwetting may be the case if the child is 5-6 years more than twice a month wets the bed, and if an older child takes place once an involuntary emission of this month.
  • Urge mandatory or uncontrolled urination occurs with the initial urgent urge.
  • Mixed incontinence - Urge and stress combines arbitrary urination.
  • permanent incontinence.
  • Case incontinence.

Causes of incontinence

The causes of urinary incontinence are the true type of the following factors: spinal cord injury, launched cystitis, spinal hernia, complicated by scarring of the bladder.As a result of these pathologies is a weakening of the sphincter of the bladder and decrease the tone of the pelvic floor muscles.

male causes of urinary incontinence can be a complication after surgery on the prostate gland, the bladder neck or seminal hillock.The causes of incontinence in women are menopausal disorders affecting the function of the tone of the detrusor and bladder reflex-machine, it leads to the development of estrogen deficiency.

are two types of abnormal uncontrolled urination:

  • arisen on the basis of a disease associated with dislocation and powerlessness ligaments, weakening urethrovesical segment unchanged and urethra;
  • frolic on the basis of disease associated sizmeneniyami in the urethra, defects in sfinkternomapparate.

Also note the following non-neurogenic causes of urinary incontinence:

  • circulatory disorders;
  • age;
  • estrogen deficiency in women experiencing menopause;
  • bladder outlet obstruction (BOO);
  • myogenic and sensory impairments;
  • influence of serotonin and prostaglandins;
  • anatomical changes in the organs involved in the process of urination.

Symptoms of the disease

most obvious symptom of the disease is sudden and arbitrary outflow of urine.

symptoms of stress urinary urination is small when you sneeze, laugh, cough, during exercise, and so forth. When

urgent type of disease symptom is excessive urination and spontaneous occurrence of frequent urination.

To diagnose the disease using such methods of investigation:

- examination on a gynecological chair;

- definition of cough test;

- test gasket;

- urethrocystography.

- ultrasonography;

- urodynamics, voiding diary;

- MR.

Drug and national treatment of urinary incontinence

Depending on the causes of this disease is carried out either medical therapy or surgery for incontinence.

People with mild disease prescribe drug treatment of urinary incontinence to improve the tone of the detrusor muscle and reflex-machine bladder.Also, treatment of urinary incontinence and urgent combined form may be directed to the inhibition of detrusor activity.

menopausal age women with the disease prescribe estrogens.

also include urinary incontinence treatment and such common activities as increasing physical activity, normalization of diet, physiotherapy, acupuncture.

sometimes shows the operation of the incontinence urination.Mainly resorting to minimally invasive surgery for incontinence.

Women practiced injection therapy, which is used for collagen homogenized autozhir, Teflon paste and others.

also practiced folk treatment of urinary incontinence, which in most cases is effective.People's treatment of urinary incontinence offers so many ways to combat the disease, we will focus only on the most effective of them.

to combat child enuresis recommend giving children the night of 3-6 grains of freshly roasted coffee.It is also possible to give bedtime honey (1ch.l.) which retains fluid in the body and soothing.Adult incontinence at night will help the infusion of red wine seeds ordinary Repeshko.Drink it should be three times a day for a small glass.

When frequent urination help decoction of young branches cherries or cherry wood.This tea drink should be 3-5 times a day.

Spoon of fennel seeds, steamed in a cup of boiling water and infused for two hours, and is an excellent remedy against arbitrary urination.

most effective and oldest way to treat bedwetting, and other forms of this disease is a mixture of two herbs - umbrella centaury and St. John's wort.They are mixed in a ratio of 1: 1 and a brewed tea.This method has long been used in Russia.

can also use fitosmes of horsetail grass and ling and parsley seeds.To this mixture domeshivayut hop cones, fruits and bean leaf lovage root.All of this pour boiling water, then strain the infusion.Drink infusion during the day.

decoction of plantain leaves, crushed into powder, also helps in this disease.


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