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in life, each person periodically occurs most unpleasant manifestation of the common cold as a cold, which creates a bunch of inconveniences.And it's not even in a pile of used tissues.Runny nose prevents a person to live a full life.This is especially true of women: 80% of the fairer sex feel that rhinitis reduces performance and visual appeal.Many refer to this serious symptom of the common cold, but it's a big mistake, because it can develop into a chronic disease.And to prevent this, it is necessary to treat a runny nose.

In medical terminology is called rhinitis rhinitis.Rhinitis is of two types: acute and chronic.Rhinitis occurs when the acute form of the virus that causes the ODS (acute respiratory viral infection).If such an infection with a virus bacterium to enter the nasal mucosa and may cause complications.With the vi

rus being introduced air to the nasal mucosa in the upper layer of cells develops within 1-3 days.As a result, at the mucosal cell is reduced and the level of functionality of controlling harmful bacteria.In humans, the surface layer of the nose covered with cilia, which are driven from the nostrils any extraneous introduction of the nose, including harmful bacteria, so it is difficult to infect a healthy body through the nose.When the virus still is ingested, it violates the cells work and create all the conditions for bacterial infection.Causes of acute rhinitis or chronic rhinitis may be different, such as hypothermia, mucous membrane of the nose injury, surgery in the nasal cavity, or entering a foreign body.

Treatment of diseases

Rhinitis may be faint or strong bilateral acute.When an infectious disease the person has a sore throat, headache, sneezing and nasal congestion.When such symptoms with medication can not linger and begin treatment need with the common cold.If this is felt mucosal swelling, then it is necessary to drip vasoconstrictive drops in a nose to facilitate breathing through the nose.In the treatment of the common cold will hot foot bath (40-45 degrees) with the addition of dry mustard.Soar legs should be for 10 minutes.Then you need to put on wool socks, after adding them dry mustard.Since the feet are tight reflexogenic zone in this direction and will act mustard.It is also recommended to take vitamin C, as it has the effect of cough and helps to stimulate the immune system.

the treatment of rhinitis will help tea with honey, lemon, raspberry, cornel, lime jam.You can also make a decoction of black currant and wild rose.Also in the treatment of the common cold very well help aromatic inhalation: eucalyptus, lemon, lavender, mint.After inhalation of aromatic oils may appear allergic rhinitis, so you need to be wary of the data of drugs.

Allergic rhinitis

In spring and summer, when the plants bloom, allergic rhinitis can occur in every person.Also, allergic rhinitis can cause pets, down from the trees, dust, medications and more.To get rid of such ailment in the first place to clean the environment by external stimuli.Unfortunately, in medicine on allergic rhinitis there is no cure, therefore it is necessary to address such a problem to the good doctor immunologist.

Chronic rhinitis

longer being treated for acute forms of the common cold, the faster it goes into a chronic runny nose.The causes of chronic rhinitis may be the effect of stimuli chemical, thermal, mechanical nature, which fall to the mucosa, causing nasal congestion and mucus.To get rid of these symptoms, you need to use a vasoconstrictor drops, as well as funds, which have an astringent effect - silver nitrate, silver colloid silver, Protargolum.Also, chronic rhinitis can be quite successfully treated with folk remedies.

Rhinitis in pregnancy

All women who are waiting necessarily need to know the child than to treat a runny nose during pregnancy.The body of the pregnant women are very vulnerable to various infections, which in the future could adversely affect the health of the woman and her unborn child.Rhinitis during pregnancy can last much longer and be accompanied by chronic fatigue, irritability, weakness, dizziness and sleep disturbances.

Rhinitis during pregnancy is dangerous because it adversely affects the overall resistance to infections.Due to the constant nasal congestion have to breathe through the mouth, and the infection can easily spread down the respiratory tract, triggering the development of pharyngitis, tonsillitis, etc.To avoid this, a woman should be treated rhinitis during pregnancy safe means: to take more vitamin the C, use the juice of boiled beets and burying his nose in 2-3 drops 2-4 times a day.Also, pregnant women will use folk remedies for the common cold.

rhinitis Treatment with traditional medicine

folk remedy for the common cold a lot.However, most of them little help in allergic rhinitis.However, other forms of the disease, many recipes are quite effective.Here are some tips:

  • the treatment of the common cold is very useful to wash the salt water nose.At 0.5 cups warm water 1 hour.spoon of salt.Then you need to drip nose aloe juice, 3-5 drops in each nostril;
  • remove nasal congestion can help honey.To do this, you need to wind the match on cotton slices dipped in honey and inserted into the nostrils.With these tampons have to be like 10-15 minutes.After that, the nose is clean
  • also helps with a cold juice of fresh leaves mother and stepmother.It should be well mash leaves are squeezed juice and 2-3 drops instilled into each nostril 3 times daily.

There are folk remedies for the common cold in the form of "popular" inhalation.To do this, rub 2 tbsp.spoons garlic or onion, the resulting mass is lowered to the bottom of the glass, and put in a glass cup with hot water.Mug cover funnel of thick paper.The narrow end of a funnel attached to the nose and breathe vapor turns each nostril 10 minutes.This procedure can be repeated daily for 3-4 times.


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