Causes and types of sleep disorders in children and adults


1. Types and causes of sleep disorders

2. Treatment of sleep disorders in adults

3. Sleep disorders in children: causes of the problem and its solutions

4. Prevention

sleep Disorders (dissomnii) - nowadays a very common phenomenon.Among the adult population of the planet sleep disturbance is more or less observed every tenth person.

Types and causes of sleep disorders

following classification applies dissomnii Today:

1. Insomnia (in other words, insomnia).Man is difficult to fall asleep, his sleep short and pereryvchaty.

Causes of sleep disorders in adults in the case of insomnia are very diverse, among them there are:

  • unstable emotional state, anxiety, depression
  • mental affective disorders
  • chronic fatigue
  • excessive drinking
  • side effect of certain medications
  • pregnancy
  • myoclonus - a reflex flexion of the lower extremity, foot and thumb, and "restless legs syndrome", when the irresistible desire of man to move his legs does not allow him to sleep
  • respiratory disorders (eg, sleep apnea)
  • other causes of asthma, rheumatism, stomach problems, etc.

2. Hypersomnia (pathological sleepiness).When hypersomnia person always want to sleep, it decreases performance, deteriorating quality of life.

Causes of insomnia and hypersomnia similar.The same reason why one person causes insomnia and excessive sleepiness at the other.

In addition, in the case of hypersomnia cause sleep disorders in adults is narcolepsy-cataplexy syndrome.This syndrome is characterized by spontaneous "attacks sleepy" during the day.

When pathological sleepiness should not exclude the possibility of endocrine disorders, metabolic disorders, kidney failure, and diabetes mellitus.

3. Violations of the day and night rhythm.The rhythm of modern life dictates its own terms, in this regard, and violated his right for.Eliminate disorder can man himself, if it is to adhere to a strict regime of the day and night.It is important to understand that 24 hours a day and have a variety of 26-hour and similar sleep-wake cycles are unacceptable in healthy human life.

4. Parasomnias (sleepwalking, night terrors and nightmares, nocturnal enuresis, epilepsy and other disorders).

Parasomnias most often seen in children.Their causes are not known exactly.Some scientists believe that, for example, in the case of sleepwalking is not the last role played by genetic factors.

Furthermore, parasomnias having neurological, psychotic, affective disorders.Certain medications, drugs, alcohol directly tied to the problems of parasomnias.

Treatment of sleep disorders in adults

Before starting the treatment of sleep disorders is necessary to identify the cause of this disorder and correct it if possible.It should also take into account the period in which the disorder is manifested, as well as the patient's age.

Classical insomnia in her lung manifestation, as a rule, does not require special treatment.Light sedative or tea with lemon balm, usually eliminate the problem.Preparations of valerian, Leonurus, as well as combined sedatives - Valocordin, Corvalol, Validol should be in every medicine cabinet.

Treatment of sleep disorders in adults, in particular their medium and heavy forms, carried benzodiazepines, namely Gidozepamom, fenazepama, flurazepam, diazepam and others.However, despite the fact that these agents relieve anxiety and have sedative hypnotic effect, they are more serious and tranquillizers cause physical dependence.Use of benzodiazepines may be only after a doctor's prescription.In addition, we should not get carried away too much hypnotics, because the body quickly gets used to it, but after getting used to the opposite effect is observed - exacerbation of insomnia.

Very rarely in severe cases, treatment of sleep disorders by using chloral hydrate and barbiturates.

Sleep disorders in children: causes of the problem and its solutions

enough sleep is very important for the child, because it is during sleep occur important for his growing body processes energy recovery, memory formation, release of growth hormone.Lack of sleep adversely affects the physical and emotional well-being of the baby.

Search of causes of sleep disorders in children should be implemented in the context of age categories.

Children under 5 years of age often suffer from such disorders, a quarter of them have trouble sleeping.More often arise:

1. Behavioral insomnia.It manifested in children under one year.Causes of sleep disorders in the case of behavioral insomnia fall asleep in the wrong associations.The child, who often go to bed in my mother's arms, with a bottle in his mouth or using some other method, after waking up at night to cry, because I did not see the usual sleep associations (mothers, bottles, etc.).In this regard, a sleep doctors recommend to change these associations, namely to teach the baby to fall asleep on their own.

Also do not forget about the physiological causes of sleep disorders in children under one year.These are: intestinal colic, teething tooth, diaper rash, hunger, cold, heat, etc.

2. Behavioral insomnia for setting the type of violation - it is a problem of sleep disorders in children from one year to five years.Rare parent faced with a problem when the child stubbornly does not agree to go to bed.The reason for sleep disturbances in inconsistent behavior of the parents, there is no rhythm of sleep and wakefulness.Formation of the strict regime of the day and night are almost always solves the problem.For very active children may be the appointment of an auxiliary treatment of sleep disorders, which is to receive a mild sedative.

3. Parasomnias.Nightmares occur in children after two years.If nightmares are infrequent in nature, special treatment of the child is required.Night terrors occur in children 3-8 consecutive years.Sleepwalking most often occurs in the boys 5-12 years old.Very often in the background of stressful experiences observed a single case of sleepwalking, sometimes sleepwalking is permanent.

manifestations of parasomnias usually pass with age without treatment.But in cases where the problem does not disappear, it needs to consult a neurologist, psychologist and other professionals need to choose the scheme of the competent treatment of sleep disorders.


In order to minimize the likelihood of sleep disorders in adults and children need to:

  • adhere to a clear mode of the day, go to bed and get up at the same time
  • not overeat before bedtime, the last meal should be at least fortwo hours before bedtime
  • if you wake up at night, do not be nervous, relax, and then be sure to fall asleep
  • useful to take a warm bath with a decoction of herbs
  • bedtime can eat a spoonful of honey, it produces a good hypnotic effect.
  • for the prevention of sleep disorders in children should be minimized frightening experience (horror stories, scenes of violence on television).


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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