Mental development - symptoms, treatment


1. Causes of mental development

2. Classification

3. Common symptoms of disorders in children's mental development

4. Prevention of mental development disorders

5. Treatment NDP

mental development (CPD) - a mental condition associated zamedlitelnymi rate of formation of mental functions of the person, as well as impairment of cognitive and mental abilities.

Causes of mental development

NDP, most often seen in childhood and infancy.These behavioral abnormalities are associated with different pathologies, factors and injuries.To date, the main causes of mental development disorders in children are: chromosomal disorders, hereditary brain disease, epileptic syndrome, brain tumor, pathology and small lesions of the central nervous system, hydrocephalus, brain defects, hereditary endocrine disorders, severe neurocutaneous syndromes and diseasesnervous system, somatic pathology, educational neglect, lack of education, diseases and disorders of the sense organs.

most important causes of mental disorders are considered to be psychogenic, social, biological and genetic factors.At the time of determination of the main causes of mental disorders should take into account the presence of cerebral and somatic pathologies, deprivation, emotional state of the patient and the temperament of the child.

Biological causes of violations include: traumatic brain injury, physical illness, prematurity, pathology during pregnancy, birth and post-partum trauma.

In addition, the development of mental disorders in children can be triggered by certain social factors (separation from the mother, lack of attention, social isolation, the development deficit, training and education, unfavorable conditions in the society and the family).


psychiatrists Today there are several types of mental disorders.These include:

  • Abnormal mental development, which is triggered by somatic and psychiatric pathologies.
  • disharmonious mental development.
  • dizontogeneza (distorted, damaged and delayed development).
  • degenerative mental development, which is associated with epilepsy or other mental illnesses.
  • irreversible mental underdevelopment.

In addition, there are several types of mental disorders.Medspetsialisty classify them according to the schizophrenic process:

  • Mental retardation.
  • retardation.
  • asynchronously.

In clinical forms of CPD distinguished:

  • Somatopatiya.
  • Autism.
  • Acceleration.
  • infantilism.

By type of mental retardation NDP have the following forms:

  • psychopathic.
  • analyzer.
  • Neurodynamics.
  • Uncomplicated.

Common symptoms of poor mental development in children

Mental disorders, in general, accompanied by persistence, asthenic syndrome, depression, manic states, senestopatii, hypochondriacal syndrome, hallucinations, delusional disorder, catatonic syndromes, dementia syndromes and stupefaction.

clinical picture and symptoms usually depends on the factors that triggered the mental disorder, as well as on the forms, types and stages of mental development disorders.Children

similar pathologies usually different emotional instability.They are characterized by fatigue, mood swings, anxiety, manernichane, uncertainty, restlessness, familiarity, undifferentiated use of words, small vocabulary, difficulty in operating with random words, increased autonomic and general irritability, insomnia, gastrointestinal disorders.

Mental development of children, mainly manifested in the form of distortion (autism), psychopathy, lack of self-damage of personal development, knowledge of the problems and the inability to mental development.These disorders most often are associated with brain dysfunction, and usually begin to appear in the early childhood.

Also, PND in children may be accompanied by impatience, a violation of attention, lack of concentration, hyperactive behavior (many movements with his hands and feet, on the site of rotation), a quiet speech, decreased memory, low memory speed, low productivity, and so on.

Prevention of mental development disorders

major role in preventing the NDP played a comprehensive system of prevention in children.Prevention of mental disorders, it is desirable to start with regular consultation and examination by a pediatrician.Also, parents must learn to check a child's psychomotor reactions (to the first mental disabilities are not left unattended).

determine the state of mental development are pediatricians, speech therapists, child psychologists and speech pathologists.Accurate diagnosis and the type of NDP set using diagnostic tests.

Prevention of mental development disorders is to use a special educational, medical, social and psychological kid checking procedures.In order mental development proceeded in the right direction, parents must use suitable corrective space where the child can develop logical thinking, cognitive function and acquire academic skills.

Also, one of the main factors preventing the NDP is to conduct educational and medical consultations during pregnancy and the observance of safety.

In short, the effective prevention of violations of mental development includes:

  • A favorable environment for the child's mental development.
  • exception conflict in the family.
  • lack of psychological and physical trauma during pregnancy.

Treatment NDP

in treating PND take part neurologists, speech therapists, pediatricians, psychiatrists, psychologists and speech pathologists.The effectiveness of therapy depends on the interaction of these professionals, as well as their methods.

In order to assign a precise treatment technique, doctors must first determine the root cause of developmental disorders and their type.

Medical treatment for PND is based on the following drugs: immunostimulatory, nootropic, anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant and cardiovascular agent.The vitamin therapy can be used as a supplement.

Also, disorders of psychological development experts have resorted to certain types of rehabilitation: correction of psychological, sensory exercises, speech therapy type correction, relaxation exercises, physiotherapy and physical education and physiotherapy.

One of the most important steps in the treatment of CPD is considered an individual and developing a training program for the kid.It is developed by psychologists and educators.These programs are based on artistic tasks, dance and music classes, as well as on special intellectual exercises.

To the result of treatment of mental disorders was the most effective treatment should include all aspects of the (drugs, rehabilitation methods and individual developmental and educational program).


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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