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otitis externa - is an inflammatory disease that affects the tissue of the external auditory canal, eardrum and ear.This disease is widely spread.It affects all age groups, but most often it occurs in children.


downstream duration distinguish acute and chronic otitis externa.Chronic otitis media is considered when the duration of disease more than 4 weeks, or if more than four times, the disease recurred within.The chronic form of the disease can develop in the absence or insufficiency of the treatment of acute otitis externa, but more often it becomes a cause of regular cleaning of the ear canal with cotton sticks, because of which the protective layer of sulfur is removed, injured covers the ear canal.As a result, the horny layer of the epidermis thickens, itching ears, reduced

inflammatory response that leads to thickening of the skin of the auditory meatus and canal stenosis.

Localization type distinguish limited and diffuse otitis externa.The limited form - the result of inflammation of the outer ear tissues in the form of boils or carbuncles due to infection in the hair follicles and sebaceous glands, located in the membranous-cartilaginous part of the external auditory canal.The main pathogen thus acts Staphylococcus aureus.

to diffuse form characterized by extensive damage covers the external ear canal and, in most cases, the eardrum.Basically cause disease thus becomes water getting into the ear, particularly dirty, leading to dilution of the ear secretion.This, combined with high humidity, creating favorable conditions for the development of pathogenic organisms.

reasons otitis externa

skin of external auditory canal is protected against the penetration of infection and fungal ear wax layer, which has an acid reaction.Lack of earwax does not provide the proper level of protection, in turn, its excess can lead to the retention of falling into the ear of water and dust.Both of these factors contribute to the development of bacteria.It can also occur at regular water gets into the ear canal, as well as in hot, humid weather.

Another factor, often becoming the cause of the disease, the injury is external auditory canal when placed in the ear canal foreign bodies, for example, when trying to clean the ears with cotton sticks, matches, etc.In this case the probability of penetration of bacteria through the damaged skin.

In addition, the disease can develop as a complication of the flu.The appearance of otitis externa may contribute to factors such as eczema, seborrhea, contact dermatitis, neurodermatitis, allergic to topical preparations.

Symptoms of otitis externa

main symptom of otitis externa is ear pain, aggravated by movement of the pinna.Pain may be of varying severity, and continues for several days.Also, symptoms of otitis externa is noise or ringing in the ears, itching in the ear canal, hearing loss, a feeling of fullness or pressure, pus from the ear, fever.


Symptoms of otitis externa are evident, so the diagnosis is simple enough statement.However, the diagnosis of the disease is necessary to provide medical advice, especially when it comes to otitis externa in a child, as an error in the self-diagnosis results in damaging self-healing.

doctor to diagnose the disease is usually sufficient data history and physical examination.To clarify the diagnosis can be applied otoscopy, otomikroskopiya, tampanometriya, acoustic reflectometry, microbiological tests and other methods.

treatment of otitis externa

Self otitis externa in a child or adult can lead to serious complications, such as the spread of pus on the subcutaneous tissue of the temporal region, because the doctor has to prescribe treatment.Otolaryngologist after examination and diagnosis to clean the external ear canal, if it is possible and necessary, then assigns drugs and advises patients on the order of their application.To evaluate the success of therapy, most often only one follow-up visit to the doctor a week after the start of treatment.

For the treatment of acute otitis externa effective local drugs - antibiotics or combinations of antibiotics with corticosteroids in the form of ear drops.If severe swelling of the outer ear canal into it using a small probe is inserted into a cotton or gauze turunda the drug for more effective delivery and retention at the site of inflammation.After the swelling decreases, she falls out of the ear canal or removed manually.

When severe pain in the first few days of treatment prescribed analgesics.If otitis media has evolved as a result of allergies, antihistamines are used.

When complications such as cellulitis skin and neck may antibiotics orally or intravenously.In case of severe inflammation in the ear canal may require a simple surgical intervention, in which the audiologist makes an incision and drainage of an abscess.

treatment of otitis externa in the child and adult protection should be accompanied by the ears from water.When washing and bathing need to close the ear canal with a cotton swab soaked in Vaseline.

prevention of otitis externa

When recurrent nature of the disease are necessary preventive means, which include the use of earplugs when swimming or thorough removal of water from the ears after being in the water.

To avoid injury to the auditory canal hygiene care on the outside should be done in the right order and at the right scheme.From self-cleaning ears with cotton sticks better to give sufficient to remove accumulated sulfur at a distance of no further than 0.5 cm from the opening of the external auditory canal.


Most often, the disease is allowed without any complications or difficulties.Obvious symptoms subside after 2-5 days of treatment, and 7-10 d it comes a full recovery.sometimes required treatment of external auditory canal physician for a complete restoration of hearing.

Complications of the disease are rare, they include cellulitis and lymphadenitis face.Perhaps the spread of acute otitis externa in the ear, passing in chondrite, which is particularly common in patients with newly done piercing.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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