Drug abuse - risk , prevention and treatment methods


1. addiction problem

modern society 2. Influence of drugs on the human body

3. Teenage drug addiction, its causes, symptoms and consequences

4. Treatment and prevention of drug addiction

addiction - severe chronic disease in which there is persistent psychological and physical dependence on the drug.

problem of drug addiction in modern society

Nowadays problem of drug addiction has become a social disaster.Child and adolescent addiction is a scourge of our times, the modern "fashion drug" to make dependent thousands of young people every year.

Narcotics are becoming more affordable in price, and their volumes on the "black" market is rapidly growing.The prevalence of so-called "soft drugs" has attracted many people who underestimate the harm of drug abuse, in addition, sincerely believe that they can control the situation and to stop using drugs at any time.

Compounding the problem of drug addiction treatment failure dependent people.It is based on the old Soviet

scheme, the positive results of which are difficult to wait.

prevention of drug addiction and if carried out, it is characterized by low scientific approach, a lack of breadth of distribution, failure to adapt to modern realities.

addiction problem in the fact that today the disease is the main source of the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, particularly AIDS.

Influence of drugs on the human body Harm

addiction is huge.First of all the drugs seriously undermine health.The average life expectancy of 7-10 years addict.

Besides the physical addiction, there is a psycho-emotional dependence, destroyed human personality, it becomes a spineless servant living with one desire - to get another dose.

Harm Addiction for the human body is appropriate to consider in the context of types of drugs.

1. Cannabis (marijuana, marijuana).Cannabis Smoking causes severe lung damage and liver, the emergence of degenerative heart disease, malfunction of the brain, the person turns into apathetic, slow on the uptake personality.

2. Opiate drugs (heroin, opium, poppy straw, morphine, codeine, methadone).The harm of drug abuse when taking opioid drugs is difficult to describe in words.It affects the brain, heart, respiratory function deteriorates, broken teeth and bones, non-sterile injections lead to the infection of the blood and the development of purulent infection.In addition, there is always the chance of contracting AIDS, hepatitis B, syphilis.Due to the "attack" of the liver by organic solvents occurs its degeneration, allowing the addict zero immunity.Even the common cold it carries a serious illness.

3. Barbiturates (reladorm).Affects the cardiovascular system, liver distrofiruetsya suffers brain observed psychosis.

4. Stimulants (ephedrine, cocaine, amphetamine, "ecstasy").The harm of drug abuse in the case of receiving psychostimulants is severe arrhythmias, up to cardiac arrest, general exhaustion, degeneration of the heart muscle.We addicts having hallucinations and prolonged depression, which is a consequence - suicide.

5. Hallucinogens (poisonous mushrooms Psilotsibum, LSD, etc.).Destructive effect on the brain and, accordingly, the human psyche.Fear, psychosis, hallucinations, render a mentally ill person.

6. Volatile substance (glue "Moment", paint, acetone, gasoline).Very toxic, killing cells of the whole organism.

Teenage drug addiction, its causes, symptoms and consequences

addiction among teenagers is a terrifying character.More than four million young people at least once tried drugs in my life in Russia.This is statistical data about the real picture, you can only guess.

reasons for teenage drug abuse commonplace.The most common of them - the impact from the outside.Teen tries drugs simply to "join" the company, or it is simply interesting to feel "high", which they say his "experienced" comrades, while about the dangers of drug abuse, he does not think.

Another cause of drug addiction among teenagers - conflicts, misunderstanding and aggression in the family.With the help of drugs children run away from reality and live in a world of illusions and sensations.

There is a category of children who from childhood trying to be different from others in their teens they otkidayut all conventional norms of behavior, rebel, try all forbidden, including drugs.

signs of teenage drug abuse is often blurred, intoxication symptoms are different depending on the type of drug used.

Common symptoms of teen drug abuse:

1. Changes in appearance:

  • paleness or redness of the skin;
  • red whites of the eyes;
  • dilated or constricted pupils of the eyes;
  • chills and pain in the limbs;
  • too dry or too much sweating skin.

2. Changes in behavior:

  • frequent disappearances from home;
  • teenager lying and twisted;
  • he made new friends;
  • he sleeps during the day and walk at night;
  • he stopped studying, his performance has declined;
  • sometimes state similar to drunkenness.

On the probability of addiction can talk to if there will be a cyclical nature of these symptoms.

consequences of drug abuse among adolescents, of course, very disappointing.Overdose, convulsions, inflammation of the veins, hepatitis, AIDS, blood poisoning - here's a partial list of the consequences of the disease.In addition, teenage drug addiction - is a powerful blow to the psyche of a teenager, this constant fear, depression and suicidal thoughts.With no friends addicts, they have no family, and the desire to get a dose of pushing them to criminal activities, which are a consequence of prison.

treatment and drug prevention

Despite the development of modern medicine, drug addiction is a disease refractory.Many clinics and treatment centers offer different methods of treating the disease, but a common approach on this issue does not exist.

If we talk about the new-fangled methods of treatment, it is very often they do not solve the problem of drug addiction, and are just draining money from the patient and his relatives desperate.

In any case, drug treatment should be comprehensive, actions of physicians, psychologists, sociologists should be aimed at addressing the root physical and psychological dependence.

drug prevention should start from school.Already from 9-10 years of age children need to provide oral and written lecture material (in the form of books, pamphlets, audio materials, films and documentaries) about the problem of drug addiction, about drugs and their effects on the body, on the impact of the disease.

In addition, good effect in matters of prevention of drug addiction gives a vivid example.Children listening with interest the former addicts who tell them about all the "charms" of drug addiction.

prevention of drug abuse among adolescents, especially, should be made to parents.Trust relationships in the family give a child confidence (and a teenager the future) that, in any situation it understood, supported, advise, and if necessary, to help cope with the difficulties.


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