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Nabothian cyst, calledalso Nabothian follicles are benign growths on the ovaries or cervix, which are located in the vaginal part.cervical cysts have a dense texture, circular, white or yellowish.Dimensions entities, usually does not exceed 3 cm.

this disease is quite common.At present, the Russian Ministry of Health about 10-20% of women of reproductive age have a single or multiple cysts Nabothian.

Causes Nabothian cyst

inner surface of the canal of the cervix is ​​lined with a thin layer of columnar epithelium, which contains glands that produce a special secret.They are called by the name of the author, for the first time to describe them - Nabothian gland.Outside the cervix is ​​covered by squamous epithelium, non-ferrous.It performs a protective function, as a kind of barrier between the external environment and the cavity of the uterus, preventing it from entering the infections.

Any cervical pathology, including with the development of cancer process, related to the ability of internal and external modified epithelium.Thus columnar epithelial cells appear in the outer cervix channel and a plane, on the contrary, in the inner.

columnar epithelial cells, appearing at the site is unusual for them to become the reason for the decline of immunity, since they are not able to withstand the acidic environment of the vagina.Becomes inflamed, normal flow is disturbed Nabothian secretion glands, ducts their clogged, which leads to an increase in their size and appearance of cysts.In colposcopy these tumors are visible in the form of small bumps ranging in size from 1 mm to 2 cm, sometimes larger.They may be single or multiple.

main cause of this disease is considered abortion, hormonal disruptions, sexually transmitted infection, inflammation, trauma as a result of surgeries.


disease does not manifest itself, so women are often not aware of the presence in the cervix of these tumors.


cysts detected during preventive gynecological examination of the cervix using a vaginal speculum or colposcopy.Also well these neoplasms are reviewed during a pelvic ultrasound.

Treatment Nabothian cyst

Upon detection of cysts on the cervix of the uterus is usually recommended to take an in-depth examination to detect urogenital infections and the early precancerous cervical disease.

themselves, these tumors do not represent danger as never take a malignant character.The links between the presence of cervical cysts, and the formation of cysts in the ovaries, or disruption of the menstrual cycle-the ovarian been identified.Therefore, many doctors are of the opinion that if the cyst is small, and the woman has a normal immune system and it has no other pelvic pathology, then treat Nabothian cyst is not necessary.

It should be borne in mind that cervical cysts tend to increase in size.Expanding, they can lead to deformation of the cervix, which in turn can cause a violation epithelial structure.The data neoplasms never bioresorbable.Furthermore, they can accumulate bacteria that trigger a relapse of disease of female genital organs.Therefore, in some cases, doctors still prescribe treatment Nabothian cyst and cleaning excretory ducts of glands.

Treatment of the disease involves the removal of cysts, which in modern gynecology There are several methods, including electrocautery, radiowave and laser therapy, cryotherapy.Sometimes physical therapy action is accompanied by the reception of drugs.Removal of cervical cysts is carried out at any day of the cycle, with the exception of three days before and after menstruation.

To prevent the formation of cervical cysts should be inspected annually by a gynecologist.


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