Chancroid - ways of infection , symptoms, treatment


1. Symptoms of chancroid

2. Treatment of chancroid

Chancroid (chancroid) - an acute infectious venereal disease nature, which manifests multiple painful ulcerson the genitals.

Most often the disease occurs in Africa, Asia, South and Central America, sometimes in Europe.On the territory of the former Soviet Union are diagnosed with the disease is very rare, mainly in people traveling abroad.

According to experts, about 10% of patients with chancroid infected pathogens at the same time of genital herpes or syphilis.

main route of infection with chancroid - sex, and infection can occur in any type of sexual contact.The risk of transmission of infection from a sick person big enough.According to experts, the risk of infection in single sexual contact without a condom is 50%.

Some experts called the household way of contracting a disease.As a result of arguments known cases of chancroid infection of medical staff and children.However, most doctors do not consider such methods

of infection.

disease equally affects men and women.

Symptoms of chancroid

incubation period of chancroid in women is about 10 days, for men - 3-5 days.Sometimes, the incubation period can be shortened to 1-2 days or be extended to two weeks.After his graduation at the place of introduction of the disease appears first symptom chancroid - bright red swollen spot small.In the center of the spot is formed by a bundle, which turns into a festering bubble.After a few days the vial is opened, forming a painful ulcer - chancre.It has an irregular shape, small diameter (several millimeters).

chancre is growing rapidly, expanding in breadth and in depth.One of the symptoms of chancroid is its bleeding and soreness.Purulent discharge ulcers, falling on nearby tissues, promotes the formation of new multiple ulcers smaller.Therefore, in this disease solitary ulcers are very rare.Small ulcers, merging at the periphery, form the new big "crawling" the plague.In most cases, the symptoms of chancroid is a large number of ulcers, which are at different stages of development.

Usually primary chancres (sores) are formed on the genitals.But sometimes they are located in other locations, depending on the type of sexual contact.Rarely, but there are cases the appearance of primary sores in the anus or in the mouth.

peculiarity flow chancroid in women is that the disease does not manifest itself outwardly.The woman, being a carrier of the infection for a long time could not know about it.

Sometimes patients have secondary vnepolovoe signs of the disease.This may be the result of wicking purulent the inner thigh, or during transfer of infection to other areas of the body most patients by hand.

Usually chancroid ulcers formed in 2-4 weeks.Then, the bottom of the chancre is cleaned and healing gradually takes place with the formation of a small scar.With proper treatment, in the absence of complications healing occurs within 1-2 months.In the absence of treatment is complicated by the development of soft chancre lymph nodes and vessels.

Sometimes ulcers greatly expands inside the body.This leads to a gangrenous variety chancroid - most severe and serious complications.The patient has significantly increased body temperature, there are chills, septic (putrid) phenomenon.May occur destruction of the corpora cavernosa (the structural part of the penis) with heavy bleeding.Gangrenous process is able to hit large areas of the skin.

Complications chancroid can be lymphadenitis (inflammation of the lymph nodes), limfagiit (inflammation of the lymphatic ducts), phimosis (narrowing of the opening of the foreskin).

Treatment of chancroid

Treatment of chancroid in our time is not complicated.Most often used in the treatment of diseases of antimicrobials, at least - sulfa drugs.

course of treatment for chancroid is carried out within 1-2 weeks.After its completion, the patient needs another six months undergo preventive checkups at the doctor.This is necessary in order to avoid worsening of the disease and the development of other infections, such as syphilis.

In addition to general-purpose antibacterial drugs topical antibiotics used in the treatment of chancroid.Usually this ointment appointed to eliminate the clinical symptoms of chancroid, which bring the patient pain and discomfort.

The treatment of this disease to complement the main treatment used immunomodulating medications and bracing.

If chancroid in women or men running, managed to give the complications, the need for surgery.Therefore, it is important to start treatment of chancroid in the early stage of development.


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