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1. Causes muscle weakness

2. Neuromuscular diseases in children

3. Muscle weakness as a symptom of various diseases

4. diagnosis, symptomsand treatment of muscle weakness

Myasthenia gravis or muscle weakness - a neuromuscular, autoimmune disease, which is accompanied by rapid fatigue of striated muscle, is performed in the musculoskeletal system, the key functions.

Very often coming to see a doctor, the person says about the weakness in the muscles, as one of the symptoms of the disease and is very important to differentiate between true muscle weakness of the phenomenon of fatigue, which is a subjective perception of loss of muscle strength.Muscle weakness in the legs or arms can be caused by a number of reasons that are not related to myasthenia gravis.If a pronounced muscle weakness in the legs, on the background of a normal state of health, it may be due to normal pereutomlyaemostyu body of standing work, and even with wearing uncomfortable shoes.

Myasthenia gravis, a rather rare disease, caused by the body's immune system attack against its own cells and occurs in the form of exacerbations, which are replaced by short intervals of remission.In this disease impairs the ability to reduce the muscular system, which manifests itself in the form of loss of muscle strength.Although the disease is not insured people of any age, it most often strikes women 20-45 years and males 50-75 years.

Causes muscle weakness

Reasons for the development of muscle weakness, there are many.The main cause of myasthenia gravis is a violation of the innervation, in simple terms, the weakness in the muscles as a result of destruction of synapses, ie, the junction of muscles with nerves.In muscle tissue contains a special substance, acetylcholine, which also ensures the formation and transmission of nerve impulses.For various reasons, the immune system begins to perceive acetylcholine as an alien threat, and produces antibodies to it.Causes of muscle weakness known, the trigger for the onset of the disease may serve as an ordinary stress or various infectious diseases.Some researchers believe that the causes of muscle weakness associated with human thymus gland.

A feature of the disease is the incredible fact that the muscles that seemed to have completely atrophied from inactivity, retain their capacity.Alternative system of effective life support, which awakened in the human body on the background of the development of the disease to some extent compensate for the lack, maintaining muscle performance.

Neuromuscular diseases in children

manifestations of myasthenia gravis may occur even in childhood.Muscle weakness in the child can talk about the degeneration of muscle tissue.Such a condition often indicates the presence of a variety of disorders in the central nervous system of the child, birth defects in the muscular system or genetic disorders.Also, muscle weakness in a child is accompanied by myotonic syndrome that triggers the formation of a sluggish posture, such children do not hold back, start to walk later, they observed various irregularities in the joints.Often, muscle weakness in a child is associated with hereditary neuromuscular diseases, which are beginning to make progress, leading to atrophic changes in the muscular system.

Muscle weakness as a symptom of various diseases

Myasthenia can not only be an autoimmune independent disease, but also occur as a symptom of other diseases.Muscle weakness may occur when there is insufficient amount of protein in the body, toxicity, if any, of any infection or inflammation, electrolyte imbalance, dehydration, anemia, various neurological diseases, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, an overdose of drugs.Weakness in the muscles may occur against a background of emotional overload, stress and at an asthenic syndrome.Muscle weakness in the legs may be associated with varicose veins, arthritis or herniated discs.

diagnosis, symptoms and treatment of muscle weakness

For patients with myasthenia gravis, it is extremely important timely diagnosis of the disease at an early stage, which will ensure more effective therapeutic interventions and a better prognosis of the disease.Diagnosis includes laboratory and instrumental methods of investigation:

  • blood test for antibodies to acetylcholine;
  • examination neurologist;
  • electromyography;
  • test with endrofoniem;
  • CT, MRI studies of the thymus gland.

clinical picture of the disease is characterized by severe weakness in the muscles and abnormal fatigue.From conventional paresis, muscle weakness characterized in that the active sharply repeated various movements and rest after movement are improved significantly.There are localized muscle weakness, strikes oculomotor muscles (ocular form), the system of the larynx, tongue and throat (bulbar form), limb muscle (skeletal type) and generalizovanuyu.Usually the disease begins with the destruction of the eye muscles, drooping eyelids occur, can be split in two subjects.Symptoms occurs very rapidly and can vary considerably within one day.

Next affects swallowing, chewing and speech muscles.Observed difficulty in chewing, swallowing and fatigue during a conversation.Muscle weakness spreads to the limbs, and the proximal parts suffer the most, and then affects the muscles of the neck and respiratory muscles.

muscle weakness Treatment involves restoring large course of physiotherapy interventions and specific treatment aimed at eliminating symptoms.After therapy, the positive dynamics of the disease, but as muscle weakness related to chronic diseases, then talk about a complete cure is not possible.The main treatment of muscle weakness is the administration of an effective, appropriate treatment for each patient's own doctor prescribes medication regimen.Appointed agents, actively blocking acetylcholine destroyers such as Kalimin, oksazil, Neostigmine, prednisolone and metipred.By the radical methods of treatment include exposure to radiation or surgical removal of the thymus gland in the case of hyperplasia or tumor.If muscle weakness is a symptom of some other disease or related to the general exhaustion of the body, after adequately address the root causes of all manifestations of muscle weakness of the system simply disappear.


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