Multifollikulyarnye ovaries - symptoms, treatment


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3. Treatment multifollikulyarnyh ovarian

Sometimes ultrasound results can be found signs of ovarian multifollikulyarnyh.In the language of the endocrinologist, this means the appearance of the ovaries of the set of enlarged follicles.Many women have heard of such a diagnosis, a lot of questions - whether this is due to polycystic not prevent pregnancy if multifollikulyarnye ovaries if I can bear, what will be needed to hormonal treatment.But what actually says this diagnosis, and whether it requires treatment?

clinical picture

Normally, each woman a week after the start of the menstrual cycle is formed in the ovaries of 4-7 follicles, of which matures in the main one, rarely two.But in some cases, ultrasound may reveal 8 or even 12 follicles, and then the results of the study put forward a diagnosis of this strange-sounding diagnosis.In fact, the development of a number of follicles - is also a kind of norm, whic

h in most cases has no effect on health and does not prevent pregnancy and successful gestation.Many people mistakenly confuse the signs with polycystic ovarian multifollikulyarnyh, although in fact there are serious differences.When

polycystic ovary volume doubled, thickened ovarian capsule and ovary under the peripherally capsule 10 can be positioned more follicles with a diameter of about 10 mm.

When multifollikulyarnyh ovaries picture can be similar only in appearance, but the volume of the ovary remains unchanged, the number of follicles is rarely more than 8, and their diameter ranges from 4-10 mm.Furthermore, while rarely hormonal changes.

reasons multifollikulyarnyh ovarian

On the development of a number of follicles can affect different factors.The cause of ovarian multifollikulyarnyh can be long-term use of hormonal contraceptives, which prevent follicles develop, and lactation increase prolactin levels, stress.In young girls is a condition usually associated with puberty, because multiple follicles can occur in the final stage of formation of sex organs.At any age, the appearance of a variety of mature ovarian follicles could be involved in fluctuations of luteinizing hormone, in other words, a sharp set or weight loss.Women between the ages this syndrome may occur in connection with disturbances in the thyroid gland and a number of other endocrine diseases.Therefore, if the ultrasound analysis showed multifollikulyarnye ovaries, treatment is not always required.

appearance of a plurality of follicles in the ovaries usually associated with menstrual disorders.They may accompany amenorrhea (state where no menstruation for more than six months) or oligomenorrhea (rare monthly) but in this case, the syndrome may act as polycystic initial stage.

Treatment multifollikulyarnyh ovarian

most common cause of ovarian multifollikulyarnyh - the beginning of the menstrual cycle during puberty.Therefore, in most cases multifollikulyarnye ovaries do not require treatment, especially if the level of sex hormones eliminates polycystic ovary syndrome.In order to avoid possible diseases, appoint additional analysis on the blood levels of luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone, testosterone and insulin.In the future, a gynecologist periodically monitors the patient's condition.In healthy women, the ovaries eventually bounce back.

Treatment multifollikulyarnyh ovarian required only in case of violation of ovulation - anovulatory menstrual cycles.In this case, a normalization of hormonal levels.

Many women are concerned about the issue - whether it is possible to get pregnant when multifollikulyarnyh ovaries.So, under normal hormonal background of the menstrual cycle and pregnancy multifollikulyarnye ovaries do not and are not the cause of infertility.Some gynecologists may consider this state as a potential threat to premature birth or miscarriage, but only in the case of abnormal hormonal levels.


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