Male menopause - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


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Male menopause - it's agerestructuring in a man associated with decreased testosterone male gonads (testes).Age hormonal changes in men is milder than in women and begins a little later - usually about 55-60 years, rarely happens at the age of 40-45 years.


With age, the body of every person there is a change in the function of the hypothalamus, one of the most important parts of the brain that regulates the work of the pituitary gland - the main endocrine gland.The result is that the process is disturbed pituitary hormone responsible for stimulating activity of male sex glands.At the same time in the testicles and age-related changes occur - there is a gradual replacement of functional connective tissue to fat.Together, these changes lead to a decrease in production of gonads of testosterone men - the active male hormone that participates in providing sexual function and hav

e a tangible impact on other systems and functions of the male body, including metabolism in tissues and organs, hypothalamus activity, etc..d.With the decline in testosterone is associated disturbances in the functional links between the endocrine system, reproductive glands and nervous system.There crash in hormonal balance.

Besides age-related changes to reduce testosterone and the development of male menopause can cause:

- trauma, infection and surgery to the testicles, as well as the radioactive effects;

- hormonal disruptions;

- stressful situations.Eye-catching with stress adrenaline reduces testosterone levels in the body and blocks its production;

- unauthorized reception of certain drugs (eg anabolic steroids);

- diabetes, atherosclerosis, alcoholism, hypertension;

- a sedentary lifestyle;

- irregular sexual life.

Symptoms of male menopause

perceive male menopause as a disease properly.Restructuring in the male runs very smoothly, allowing time to come into effect compensatory mechanisms.Therefore the majority of the representatives of the strong half of humanity does not feel the symptoms of male menopause.Hormonal changes are not displayed either on their health or state of health or the lifestyle.

However, this is unfortunately not always the case.Approximately two out of ten men suffer hormonal changes is hard enough.They are the following symptoms of male menopause:

- hot flushes, redness of the face and neck;

- headache;

- sudden jumps in blood pressure;

- unfounded hypertension and arrhythmia;

- decreased libido and impotence;

- genitourinary disorders;

- sagging skin and reducing hair;

- insomnia;

- reduced muscle strength and fatigue;

- poor concentration and memory loss.

In addition, many men manifest psychological symptoms of male menopause, including: irritability, unreasonable anxiety and irrational fear for their health, depression, apathy and low self-esteem.

In the case of the above symptoms of male menopause, doctors say about the pathological course of hormonal changes and age are diagnosed with "menopausal syndrome".

treatment of male menopause

inconveniencing their problems, many men are in no hurry to see a doctor.But if you avoid the age adjustment is not possible, to delay the male menopause, or at least make it easier for qualified help.It is better to give up all shyness, in any case not to withdraw into themselves and not try to deal with the unpleasant symptoms alone.

treatment of male menopause is aimed at the normalization of hormonal levels.For this purpose, the patient may be assigned testosteronosoderzhaschie preparations.Maintaining normal testosterone levels helps restore libido and potency, and the psycho-emotional state of men is significantly improved.Sometimes even the most minor adjustment hormonal returns male self-confidence, a desire to live a normal full life.

It is important not to try to deal with the treatment of male menopause alone.Invalid selected products not only raise the level of testosterone, but also may lead to an accelerated reduction and as a result, to a deterioration in the patient's condition.You should also consider the fact that the hormone has a number of contraindications: an adenoma of the prostate, prostate cancer and breast cancer, failures in the process of removing the liquid.Remember gormonosoderzhaschie prescribe drugs for the treatment of male menopause should only doctor.


delay the onset of male menopause is quite real.To do this, you must adhere to the following rules:

- in a timely manner to treat infectious and inflammatory diseases;

- to avoid stressful situations;

- to maintain a regular and moderately rich sex life;

- give up bad habits;

- to engage in sports;

- eat right (to reduce the use of fat and junk food, eat rich in vitamins and minerals, food);

- refuse to accept anabolic steroids;

- create themselves as much as possible cause for joy - outdoor recreation, meeting with friends, engaging in a favorite hobby, etc.

Adhering to these simple rules, we can maximize the youthfulness of his body, to learn to enjoy life and give joy to your relatives and friends.

At the same time, each man has to understand that age is inevitable hormonal changes, and realize that the male menopause - is a complex process that requires the mobilization of all the body's adaptive capacity and a large voltage.But this time you just need to survive.As a rule, after the completion of the restructuring process, there is feeling better, and painful sensations disappear.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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