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1. Causes of male infertility

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According to statistics, every tenth couple is not able to conceive a child without using medical treatment.The cause of about 45% of such cases is the male factor infertility.Usually, diagnosis can be made after an absence of conception at a regular sexual life throughout the year.

Thanks to modern medical techniques to identify the male factor infertility is much easier than women - sometimes it is enough sperm.In addition, male factor infertility is limited to less than that of women, the number of reasons, leading to disruption of reproductive function.That is why the first call of the couple complaining about the lack of pregnancy in the first place examine the future father.

Causes of male infertility

Before we deal with the causes of male infertility, you should find out what are the different types of the disease.In

medical practice, distinguish two main forms of male infertility - secretory and obstructive.

secretory form is characterized by a violation of the process of sperm.In this case, it does not produce enough sperm, most sperm has an irregular morphology (structure) or they do not have the necessary to reach and fertilize an egg mobility.

cause of male infertility in secretory disorders are always effects on the testes caused by various diseases or other external factors:

  • varicocele.It testicular varicose veins, resulting in disrupted blood flow to his cloth.Usually the disease affects the left testicle, first, and then can spread to the second.
  • hydrocele.In this disease, the scrotum accumulates an excess amount of liquid, which compresses the egg, progressively disturbing the blood flow therein.
  • Inguinal hernia.Prolonged untreated, the disease also leads to testicular dysfunction and infertility.
  • Mumps (Mumps).It is a viral disease that affects the sex glands, and can lead to inflammation of the testicles and infertility.
  • Persistent violations of testicular thermoregulation.Even regular hot baths or trips to the sauna can adversely affect the spermatogenic testicular function, so better to limit such procedures.Ideally, they should check out a cool shower, or is it necessary to give the body to cool down before putting.Thermoregulation can also be violated as a result of prolonged wearing close underwear, impacting the testicles.
  • Some types of sports load.For example, a long cycling workout in the crotch which is constantly exposed to strong pressure and impact, it is able to reduce or completely disrupt the reproductive function of the testes.
  • Congenital malformations of genital organs (cryptorchidism - undescended testicles into the scrotum, not cured to seven years, phimosis, abnormal structure of the urethra).
  • to disruption of the reproductive function of the testicles can also cause various infectious diseases (tuberculosis, typhoid, syphilis), hormonal disorders, taking steroids, anti-androgens, anti-tumor and anti-epileptics, and some antibiotics.

to male infertility can lead not only to a variety of diseases or long-term use of drugs, but also the wrong way of life - the use of drugs, alcohol, smoking.The causes of male infertility can also be unfavorable environment, the radioactive exposure, lack of proteins and vitamins in the diet, long-term stress and chronic sleep deprivation.

second type of male infertility - obstructive form, in which the broken permeability for sperm vas deferens.In this form of male infertility is possible as a unilateral breach of the promotion of sperm, as well as bilateral.In the first case it is considerably reduced sperm count, and in the second they are completely absent.

To develop obstruction of the seminiferous tract can cause:

  • inflammation of the epididymis, vas deferens after which glued or clogged, closing the sperm path to the seminal vesicles.
  • cyst or a tumor of the epididymis, which compresses the vas way.
  • Injury inguinal area or testicles, including accidentally obtained when pelvic operations.
  • Congenital absence of the vas deferens or epididymis.

diagnosis of infertility in men

To determine the effective treatment of male infertility is very important the correct diagnosis of the disease.Usually, diagnosis begins with the sperm.This basic research is used to analyze a man's ability to conceive.In the course of his estimated concentration and sperm count, motility and morphology, the percentage of live sperm, and a number of other indicators that may indicate a violation of the existing genitals.

secretory form of male infertility is often determined not only by a sperm, but also by testicular biopsy.A biopsy allows us to determine the state of testicular tissue, and in some cases, to determine the original cause of testicular dysfunction.If you suspect an obstruction of the vas deferens special research methods are used in the process which identifies the presence, location and length of impassable section of the seminiferous tract.

Treatment of infertility in men

secretory form of the disease usually requires a fairly long and complicated treatment of male infertility.In this case, you must first remove the root cause of infertility (to cure diseases caused by infertility, cancel drug or eliminate the impact of any negative factor).Then, typically, it is assigned a common course of therapy, which can be used with both vitamins, and special preparations for improving the blood supply in the testis and in some cases, hormonal and stimulants.

When obstructive form of male infertility treatment is carried out surgically.Patency of the vas deferens is restored with the help of a special operation, in which the process is carried out either excision impassable area or formation of a new channel for the sperm.The chances of success in this case depends on how extended is damaged seminiferous tract of land.

Male infertility - national treatment

course, eliminate the male factor infertility using only traditional methods is impossible.However, some of them may have a positive effect in combination with classical therapies as means of national treatment of male infertility based on the normalization of the processes occurring in the body, and overall health promotion.

believed that some non-traditional methods of treatment of male infertility can help with low sperm count (for this use tincture colza), as well as improve blood circulation in the lower body, and sperm motility (this should take bee ambrosia).

also widely used in male infertility national treatment with herbal decoctions and infusions with hawthorn, sage, basil, plantain, cinquefoil root, ginseng root, wormwood, ungulates, nettle, Adonis, Adam's root and other plants.


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