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1. Causes

2. Types and symptoms of uterine fibroids

3. medical and surgical treatment of uterine fibroids

4. treatment of uterine fibroids folk remedies

myoma (fibroids) of the uterus - a benign fibro-muscular swelling of the outer, middle or inner muscle layer of the uterus.Most often it occurs in women 35-45 years old, but, nevertheless, today there is a tendency to increase the number of patients among nulliparous 20-25 year old girls.


causes of the disease are not fully understood.Very often, the factors that trigger the occurrence of hormonal imbalance in the body and is the cause of uterine fibroids.Among them: the dysfunction of the thyroid and adrenal disorders in the hypothalamic-pituitary system, ovarian disease.

Nevertheless, the majority of scientists deny the fact of the relationship fibroids and hormonal disorders.They believe that the hormonal imbalance can only accelerate the development of the disease.A uterine fibroids reason lies in the gene

tic defects of muscle cells.

Some scientists believe that the cause of uterine fibroids is an excessive amount of menstruation, which "damage" the muscle cells of the uterus, and she in turn responds myoma.They recommend that modern women often give birth and breastfeed for longer, so as to provide your body a rest from repetitive negative impact of menstruation on the uterus and on the whole organism.

following causes uterine fibroids can be identified which, when combined with other adverse conditions lead to changes in the muscle cells and the appearance of the disease:

  • transferred abortion
  • transferred internal genital inflammation
  • gynecological diseases, such as endometriosis
  • medical interventions (curettage after a miscarriage, injury during childbirth, surgery on internal genitals).

reasons for uterine fibroids in young girls are congenital uterine muscle cells, which are beginning to manifest itself with the beginning of menstruation.

Types and symptoms of uterine fibroids

Today, it is known that fibroids present no less than 40% of women over 35 years old and most of them are not even aware of it, since symptomatic disease doesIt does not manifest itself.Uterine fibroid symptoms depend on the type of disease, and more particularly the muscle layer from which the tumor originated.

1. subserous fibroids develop in the outer muscle layer of the uterus, thus germinating in the pelvic cavity.This form of the disease may not manifest itself for years as long as the tumor does not acquire a large size.Its size ranges from a few millimeters to 25 cm

symptoms of uterine fibroids in its subserous type:.

  • pain in the pelvic and spinal area
  • feeling of squeezing the internal organs (intestine, bladder)
  • disorder stool (constipation) and urinary.

2. intramural fibroids the most common type.This type of disease indicates that the tumor originated in the middle layers of muscle.

Symptoms of uterine fibroids intramural type:

  • abdominal enlargement due to the increased size of the uterus
  • pelvic pain, back pain
  • pain during intercourse
  • feeling of pressure on the internal organs
  • menstrual disorders
  • occurrence of abundantuterine bleeding
  • inability to tolerate pregnancy, infertility.

3. Submikoznaya fibroids is very rare, but the disease is usually very difficult.It is developed under a thin layer of the endometrium and its presence threatens the woman life-threatening bleeding.

medical and surgical treatment of uterine fibroids

Driving treatment of uterine fibroids is chosen after a thorough examination of the sick woman.The whole complex of treatment measures include:

1. Drug therapy, which aims to slow the growth of tumors.Drug treatment of uterine fibroids is carried out:

  • drugs agonists of gonadotropin-releasing hormone GnRH (Zoladex, Diferilin, Buserelin, Lyukrin)
  • progesterone blocker drugs (usually mifepristone).

uterine fibroids treatment drugs progestin (progesterone and its analogues Duphaston, Utrozhestan) today is considered to be not effective.It is allowed to use low doses of progesterone in only some of those cases, when accompanied fibroids endometrial hyperplasia.Otherwise progesterone only aggravate the situation and increase the swelling.

2. Uterine artery embolization - a new method in the treatment of uterine fibroids, the essence of which clogging of uterine blood vessels.Due to the reduction of blood supply to the fibroid begins to shrink in size and completely "dies" in due course.

3. Surgery:

  • myomectomy (in particular laparoscopic myomectomy) - a surgical procedure for uterine fibroids, in which only the removal of exposed fibrous components
  • hysterectomy (particularly laparoscopic hysterectomy) - complete removal of the uterus.

Unfortunately, to date, conduct surgeries for uterine myoma is the most common way to treat the disease, more than 80% of female patients were on the operating table, and 90% had had a complete hysterectomy.

replaced traditional surgical procedures for uterine fibroids comes less traumatic surgery, laparoscopic.

Treatment of uterine fibroids folk remedies

There are many folk remedies for treatment of uterine fibroids, some of them cope well with the disease in a woman, it does not carry any therapeutic effect in other women.For this reason, the folk treatment can be resorted to only in the early stages of the disease, or for the purpose of removal of uterine fibroids symptoms.

1. celandine has long been used in the fight against tumors.Take 1 tbsp.spoon dry celandine herbs and 1 tbsp.spoon chamomile.Pour this mixture half a liter of boiling water, close tightly, leave for the night.In the morning, strain, drink in the form of heat to 150 grams.half an hour before a meal.The course of treatment - 1 month.

2. 100g.celandine herbs pour the same amount of alcohol, add 200 gr.honey.Infuse for five days, to use an incomplete tablespoon for 20 minutes before eating.To prevent damage to the gastric mucosa, can seize this infusion butter.

3. 50g.Grass upland uterus pour 0.5, insist 10 days in a dark vessel periodically shaken.Take 1 tsp -. 10 days, 1st.spoon - the next 10 days.Make a break for ten days, and then continue to take the tincture in the same way.

4. Burdock is known for its hemostatic and absorbable properties, so it is a good folk remedy for the treatment of uterine fibroids.5 c.crushed dried burdock to pour 400 gr.boiling water for 12 hours to consume 100 grams.four times a day for 30 days, after which a break for two weeks, and then repeat the course.

5. Aloe - versatile folk remedy, it has to cope with many diseases, including uterine fibroids.To prepare the mixture in a meat grinder to grind about 400 grams.Aloe, add to it 700 grams.honey and the same amount of Cahors.Infuse for five days in a dark place, take 1 tbsp.spoon three times a day before meals.


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