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myocardial dystrophy - a disease of noninflammatory character that is associated with damage to the heart muscle.This disease is usually a complication of diseases that are accompanied by malnutrition cardiac muscle.When it falls myocardiodystrophy heart muscle tone, often resulting in the formation of cardiac insufficiency.

Experts identify the following stages myocardiodystrophy.

first.The so-called hyperactivity infarction, in which there are long-term heart pain, regardless of physical activity, poor physical endurance, heavy breath.Real change is not observed.

second.Depletion of compensation mechanisms.At this stage of myocardial heart characterized by shortness of breath during physical activity, heart rhythm disorder, minor swelling in the legs at the end of the day.On the first atypical electrocardiographic changes are visible.

third.Total heart failure at the exchange type.The patient complains of constant heart pain, shortness of breath on exertion, that does not go dormant, swelling in the legs.On the electrocardiogram clearly visible atypical changes.

Causes disease

myocardiodystrophy reasons can be divided into two groups.

first group - heart disease.These include:

  • myocarditis;
  • cardiomyopathy.

second group - "extracardiac" disease.It consists of the following reasons:

  • acute and chronic intoxication, for example, poisoning;
  • metabolic and endocrine disorders;
  • anemia;
  • accumulation in the body during long-term treatment of drugs - antibiotics, cytotoxic drugs, hormonal drugs;
  • infection;
  • physical stress;
  • negative physical effects on the body - radiation, excessive heat, weightlessness;
  • systemic diseases - neuromuscular dystrophy, collagen and others.

Symptoms myocardiodystrophy

myocardiodystrophy Symptoms may be hidden signs of the underlying disease, which led to the disease.Distinguish the following symptoms:

  • fatigue, lethargy, weakness;
  • shortness of breath with little physical exertion;
  • outages heart, heart pain, frequent palpitations;
  • seen on an electrocardiogram nonspecific changes;

symptoms of myocardial dystrophy, which is caused by hyperthyroidism, are high blood pressure, arrhythmia, tachycardia.

If the disease began as a result of anemia, the patient can listen to the characteristic noise of the pulmonary artery and the apex of the lung.

In case of myocardial dystrophy heart patient meksidemoy (inflammatory thyroid disease), marked dyspnea, hypotension, muffled heart sounds, signs of heart failure, decreased heart rate.

If myocardial mated with alcohol poisoning organism, there is heart failure, tachycardia, palpitations, increased heart size.

dishormonal myocardial

dishormonal myocardial usually occurs in women aged 45-50 years, as a result of violations of estrogenic ovarian function.Sometimes this disease is common in men 50-55 years old, as a consequence of violations of testosterone.In this case, the main symptoms of myocardial dystrophy following:

  • emotional instability, irritability;
  • feeling short of breath, dizziness;
  • sleep disorders;
  • aching or stabbing pain in the heart, which is enhanced with a deep breath, excitement, and does not depend on physical activity.

By dyshormonal myocardiodystrophy include heart disease, that are associated with impaired thyroid function.By lowering function (hypothyroidism), reduced metabolism, appear aching heart pain, decrease in pressure, swelling, a feeling of chilliness.When the function of the thyroid gland (tiriotoksikoz) increases metabolism, which is shown losing weight, heart rhythm disorder, heart piercing pain, sleep disturbances, increased nervousness, thirst.

myocardiodystrophy children

myocardial dystrophy in children can occur as a result of rickets, chronic malnutrition, hypervitaminosis, viral infections and bacterial diseases.Sometimes this disease occurs at an early age due to physical overload or vice versa, due to physical inactivity.Furthermore, myocardial children often caused by poisoning, such as drugs.There have been cases of the disease in childhood, which are tied to the disturbances of the endocrine and neuro-vegetative regulation.

main symptoms of myocardial dystrophy in children - fatigue, shortness of breath with little exertion, fatigue, weakening the sonority of tones of heart.

Treatment of diseases

myocardiodystrophy Treatment is primarily due to the elimination of the reasons that caused it.In any case, myocardiodystrophy treatment requires an integrated approach.Depending on the condition of the patient is prescribed the necessary heart medications, anabolic hormonal, sedative drugs, vitamin complexes.

complex treatment myocardiodystrophy measures should stabilize the heart rhythm of the patient.Heart rate at rest must be less than 70 beats per minute.

patient to myocardial need to lead a healthy lifestyle, do not drink alcohol, stop smoking.It is important to avoid stress, colds, cooling.It is necessary to constantly monitor the heartbeat and pressure to adhere to a balanced diet.

The patient should be under constant medical supervision.


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