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Myositis - a disease that is caused by inflammation in one or more muscles.

There are many reasons for the muscle myositis.

most serious causes of myositis is a disease that develops as a result of inflammatory processes throughout the body of man.Most often it is an autoimmune disease in which antibodies damage the body's own tissue.Such diseases include polymyositis, dermatomyositis (a systemic disease of the skeletal and smooth muscle, skin), Myunhmeyera disease or myositis ossificans (bone formation at the site hematoma), rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma (connective tissue disorders), systemic lupus erythematosus.

cause myositis muscle development may be virus infections, bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms.In this case affect the muscles themselves may or microorganisms or toxins secreted by them.

Myositis muscles can cause some medicines.Medical myositis may occur immediately after the start of medication,

or, after a certain period of time.The disease most often occurs in a mild form.

There are cases of myositis muscles after injury.In this situation there is an inflammation of the muscles in the muscle tissue resulting mikronadryvov.Usually muscle myositis symptoms develop because of injury, disappear after rest.But in case of severe damage, muscle necrosis possible.


main symptom of myositis muscle - a constant pain in the muscles of the torso, legs, arms, which increases during the movement.Very often in the affected muscle palpated dense knots.In the case of open injuries may develop purulent myositis due to wound infection.Symptoms of this type of myositis are gradually increased pain, fever, chills, seals, tension and muscle swelling, redness of the skin over it.

Chronic myositis develops as a result of acute myositis or after infectious diseases.Usually it affects the calf muscles, muscles of the neck, lumbar region and thorax.The patient suffers from major symptoms of myositis - local pain of increasing intensity, which sharply increased at a palpation of muscles and movement.

Patients often appear swelling and swelling of muscles, limitation of movement in the joints.Constant pain promotes muscle weakness, sometimes - atrophy (reduction in weight and volume) of muscles.

also symptoms of myositis is headache, increased sensitivity of the skin.

When myositis masticatory muscles in a patient severely strain the muscles of the jaw convulsively compressed.Pain can reach such intensity that man can neither chew nor speak.Muscles become compacted, painful, not only when driving but also at rest, at night, when the weather changes.pain passes in a few days In mild muscle myositis.However, hypothermia or excessive exercise may be an exacerbation of the disease.

develops parasitic myositis When infected with parasites muscle (Trichinella, cysticerci).Myositis symptoms of this form are pain in the masticatory muscles, tongue muscles, limbs, chest.

Myositis neck

Cervical myositis occurs as a result of inflammation of muscles of neck and shoulder girdle.

Signs myositis neck are most pronounced in the morning, when the patient is trying to get out of bed.When inflammation of the muscle fibers appears their swelling and reflex spasm.This irritated nerve endings, and there is severe pain.

usually painful symptoms of cervical myositis asymmetric (affecting only one specific area of ​​the neck).Also, there is a pain in the forehead or in the temples, in the shoulders or ears.

can identify the following causes of myositis neck:

  • long presence of man in the draft;
  • infectious diseases - influenza, chronic tonsillitis, angina, rheumatism;
  • toxic effects for metabolic disorders, gout, diabetes;
  • parasitic infections - trichinosis, echinococcosis;
  • some occupational diseases, for example, violinists, pianists, typists, drivers;
  • various injuries;
  • awkward position of the body for a long time (during sleep);
  • hypothermia.

Cervical myositis brings a lot of inconvenience to man, but fairly easy to treat.In the absence of timely treatment can cause serious complications, contributing to the fact that the patient will not be able to perform basic daily activities.

In the case of complete absence of treatment myositis neck man can not serve themselves.Additionally, the disease is dangerous for the muscles of the pharynx, esophagus, larynx.Sometimes it can cause coughing and shortness of breath.

In the later stages of cervical myositis may occur a complete muscle atrophy, in which the patient will not be able to hold his head upright.

treatment of disease

myositis treatment should begin at the first sign of the disease.

on intense constant pain for the doctor prescribes the patient novocaine blockade.It consists in injecting novocaine muscles inflamed area, to which a corticosteroid hormone.This procedure is extremely effective.Almost always, the pain subsides and often disappears.But as novocaine blockade has many contraindications, it is prescribed only after consultation with a specialist.

in treating myositis are proven warming ointment, for example, apizatron, Nikofleks, finalgon.

For removal of inflammation in the muscles used NSAIDs - diclofenac, Nurofen, ketonal.

There is an interesting new technique for the treatment of myositis - postisometric relaxation.It lies in the fact that the patient is at the doctor team alternately tense and relax the muscles.If the procedure is done properly, muscle pain disappears after a few minutes after its completion.

, apply antibacterial agents for the treatment of myositis that developed as a result of infectious diseases.

has been successfully used in the treatment of myositis physiotherapy (electrical stimulation of muscles and nerves) and massage.It is important that an experienced professional massage done as to penetrate deep into the muscles is very difficult.Especially effective massage with myositis neck.

Good results in the treatment of the disease gives physiotherapy.But exercise should be carried out under the supervision of a specialist.


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