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Myxedema -this endocrine disease, developing as a result of the reduction or cessation of blood entering the thyroid hormones.This disease is an extreme form of hypothyroidism.

myxedema suffer mostly women, often during menopause.

The causes of the disease

As a result, diseases of the thyroid gland, in which she does not make enough of the hormone thyroxine, is lowering its functions.This leads to severe disorders in the patient.Such a pathological condition called hypothyroidism, and at the same time developing the disease with severe clinical picture - myxedema (swelling of the mucous).

myxedema disease is characterized by atrophy (reduction in volume and weight) of the glandular system, which interferes with or completely disappearing endocrine function.

usually cause disease are borne infectious diseases such as angina, erysipelas, syphilis and others.In addi

tion, the factors provoking the development of the disease myxedema include injury and brain injury, mental illness.

Experts point to the possibility of this disease after Graves' disease.The risk of myxedema increases when the treatment of Graves disease therapy using X-rays in high doses or after surgery was insufficient glandular tissue left.

Myxedema can appear in the presence of diseases of other endocrine glands.Most often it is observed in diseases of the appendage of the brain, hormones that activate the thyroid gland.

myxedema disease is more common in areas where the population is pronounced deficiency of iodine in food and water.

There is a version that myxedema disease can develop in the conditions of unfavorable hygienic living conditions.Most often indicates the negative impact of raw space.

Symptoms of myxedema myxedema

disease is characterized by multiple symptoms of all organs and body systems.This is due to the fact that thyroid hormones influence the functioning of the whole organism.Yet, specific myxedema symptoms which allow to diagnose a disease.These following symptoms.

1.Slizisty swelling of the skin and subcutaneous tissue.This mucosal edema has a characteristic feature - when pressing a finger on the skin, there is no recess, as in other types of edema.The face of the patient becomes masklike, puffy, formed bags under the eyes, facial features are coarse.

2.In the resulting mucosal edema occur degenerative changes in the skin and subcutaneous tissue.They cause the following symptoms of myxedema - layer brittle nails, thin, brittle hair that falls out easily.

3.Golosovye bundles and the patient's tongue swollen.For this reason, the voice becomes hoarse, rude human speech may be slurred, incoherent.

addition, myxedema symptoms appear that are characteristic of any type of hypothyroidism - drowsiness, fatigue, heart pain, constipation, loss of appetite, inability to concentrate, general lethargy, decreased body tone.Many patients manifest violation of the musculoskeletal system.There are arthritis, joint and muscle pain, muscle weakness.The patients suffer from a combination of inflammation of the inner shells - the pleura, pericardium, peritoneum.

Children myxedema disease is congenital or early.It manifests itself mental retardation, physical, sexual development.The consequences for the child's health even more difficult than before the disease developed.Severe symptoms of myxedema cretinism is congenital character.This is a serious disorder of the body's systems, which is characterized by delayed growth of the child, the ugliness, the strong decline in intelligence.In the case of myxedema early child development is suspended.

Diagnosis and treatment of diseases

main method of diagnosis of myxedema is a blood test on the content of thyroid hormones.In addition, set the level of the pituitary hormones that control the release of the blood thyroid hormone.

patients received ultrasound and prostate biopsy of that organ.

Based on the results of the survey selected a method of treating myxedema.

main goal of treatment of myxedema - restoration of thyroid hormone deficiency (replacement therapy).The doctor picks up individually for each patient needed medication, the dosage regimen.It depends on the causes of the disease, its clinical manifestations, age and state of health of the patient.Most often, the patient is prescribed Tireoidin, Triiodothyronine.

In the case of diagnosis of iodine deficiency in a patient, it is prescribed iodine preparations.Of great importance in the treatment of myxedema patient has a food ration.It is recommended to take food rich in iodine - sea fish, sea kale, walnuts, iodized salt.

effectiveness of treatment myxedema in children depends on whether treatment was started early.

Treatment of myxedema held throughout the patient's life.This is due to the fact that the function of the thyroid gland can not be recovered.Patients are on a constant dispensary and should take place twice a year the planned survey.

pretibial myxedema

pretibial myxedema (thyroid dermopathy) - a disease that occurs as a result of the thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism) significantly enhanced features.

disease usually develops in diffuse toxic goiter, which is also called Graves' disease.

pretibial main feature of myxedema are its local manifestations.Patients with this disease on the underside of the tibia in the anterior surfaces are formed modified skin.In these areas the skin becomes reddish-purple or red, thickening, roughness.They are amplified actinic.The affected areas of skin are performing hair follicles over time hair loss is observed.Many patients pretibial myxedema skin lesions accompanied by itching.

myxedema Treatment of this type of complex is carried out with the treatment of thyroid diseases, which have become the cause.

To reduce itching and topically applied anti-inflammatory steroids.

Most patients pay attention to only a cosmetic defect.In this kind of other symptoms are not myxedema.In that case therapy is directed only to treatment of the underlying disease.


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