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2. Chronic erythema migrans

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erythema migrans - a chronic disease of bacterial or viral origin.The causative agent - Borrellia burgdorferi.This spirochete was opened by Dr. Willie American Burgdorferom in 1981.The disease is widespread not only in Europe but also in Canada, the US, Australia and Asia countries.This disease can suffer, both adults and children.If we talk specifically about men and women, they suffer with almost the same frequency.

erythema migrans Pathogen enters the human body with a pair of pliers.Within 3-32 days Borrellia burgdorferi migrates around the wound site (entrance gate of infection), and causing clinical symptoms of erythema migrans.Then spirochetes spread through the lymphatic system, causing the development of regional lymphadenitis.Also, Borrellia burgdorferi of disseminated through the blood to other areas of the skin and other organs.The manifestation of symptoms is usually dependent on

the level of the human immune system.

clinical picture

At the site of the tick bite appears red papule or macula, which is every day increasing in size.This process takes several days to several weeks.The diameter of the erythema may be more than five centimeters.During the increase pales center erythema migrans.This dermatosis most often localized on the buttocks, popliteal and axillary areas, as well as on the scalp.Typically, flat edge of erythema, peeling was observed.The soles and palms are almost never affected.Very rarely, the disease may be accompanied by chills, fever, general weakness, and muscle aches.

Chronic erythema migrans

Chronic erythema migrans is an infectious disease (dermatosis), which is caused by Borrelia.This infection is transmitted by the bite of a conventional wood tick.Women suffer from this disease are more likely than the stronger sex.In some patients, in addition to erythema developed meningitis.

there is a red-purple spots, which appears in a few minutes on the site of tick bite.Then this spot grows in size, taking the form of an oval, half rings or rings.This papule may reach five or six centimeters in diameter.The maximum dimensions of chronic erythema migrans - the palm of an adult.Usually, after being bitten by a carrier, on the skin there is only one such lesion.It exists a fairly long period of time.

Speaking of subjective sensations, the patients absolutely no complaints.After a certain period of time papule gradually begins to heal, leaving spots, which has a dark color (excessive deposition of melanin).Over time, the color of the skin is reduced, skin lesions completely disappear.

Depending on the location of erythema, the patient may experience tingling, burning, pain, itching and other discomfort.Also, there may be disturbances of movement and sensitivity disorders.In such situations, some scholars consider this pathology as an infectious disease caused by an unknown virus views.Forest tick in this case is the only carrier of the primary pathogen.

There are cases when chronic erythema migrans complicated polyneuritis in which is celebrated the defeat of the nerve trunks, and terminations.

treatment of erythema migrans

The disease does not accept self as symptoms of this disease is very similar to the initial clinical signs of many infectious and dermatological diseases.

treatment of erythema migrans is receiving antibacterial agents, angioprotectors and corticosteroids.In addition, infectious disease doctors can prescribe agents that strengthen the walls of blood vessels, and adaptogens desagregants.

Sometimes patients at the time of the treatment of erythema migrans recommend a special diet, bed rest or gymnastic exercises to improve blood flow.In addition, the patients, it is desirable to give up allergens (fatty and spicy foods, chocolate, coffee, citrus fruits, alcohol, and so on.).

recurrences of erythema can be caused by smoking, hypothermia and injuries.


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