Causes and myalgias main symptoms of the disease treatment


1. Types and symptoms of myalgia

2. causes of disease

3. Treatment myalgia

myalgia called a disease in which the muscles as a result of hypera person experiences severe pain.The fibers of the muscles unnecessarily tense both at rest and during movement.Almost every person faced with muscle spasms in everyday life.Myalgia exposed not only adults but also teenagers and even children.

Types and symptoms of myalgia

In total there are three kinds of myalgia:

1. Fibromyalgia, in which the pain develops in the muscles, tendons or ligaments, that is to say in the fiber structure.Doctors consider fibromyalgia a chronic process that occurs in people with sleep disorders.This kind of myalgia can be combined with injuries, overloading and rheumatic pathologies.Fibromyalgia is often caused by hypothermia.Localization of the disease varies, but usually it is celebrated in the lower back, neck and nape of the neck, shoulder joints, chest area, hip and knee joints.Symptoms of this typ

e of myalgia:

  • muscle pain;
  • tendon cramps and sprains;
  • exacerbating pain on pressure.

have fibromyalgia fairer sex to a greater extent connected with the transferred stress and male pathology due to increased sports.

2. Myositis - an inflammation of the muscle fibers, occurring as a result of vascular disorders or muscle injury.Symptoms of this type of myalgia are aching, aggravated by movement.Myositis most exposed muscles of the trunk and limbs.

3. Polymyositis when the pain observed in several muscles of the body.The symptoms of myalgia:

  • weakness and degeneration of muscles;
  • muscle pain, passing from one place to another.

causes of disease

myalgia Reasons are:

  • stress;
  • sciatica, arthritis, spinal disease;
  • long or too tedious exercise;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • chronic inflammatory and infectious diseases.

These factors lead to the formation of hyper, which causes changes in the metabolic processes in the body.If treatment is not carried out myalgia long time, may develop more severe disease such I like herniated discs, osteoartoz, low back pain and others.

Treatment myalgia myalgia

Treatment primarily depends on the underlying cause of the disease.Initial therapy is aimed at reducing pain symptoms and elimination of temperature.For this purpose, antipyretics, which have on the patient and yet a sedative effect.Sometimes it happens that the doctors diagnose difficult myalgia.In these cases, use method of reducing the symptoms of inflammatory chain and administered tablets.In acute pain intolerable prescribed narcotic analgesic properties, it can be an ointment or tablet.In the most difficult cases, the injection is administered intramuscularly or intravenously.

myalgia Treatment includes:

1. Drug therapy - it painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs: diclofenac, indomethacin, analgin.A good warming effect have ointment for joints, usually Fastum gel and finalgon.Also useful grinding pepper tincture or Menovazin.

2. physiotherapy, which is considered a mandatory procedure for the treatment and prevention of myalgia.The complex of exercises developed individually.

3. Physical therapy - electrophoresis with novocaine, histamine, ultraviolet irradiation of the affected muscle areas.

4. Manual therapy, perfectly relieves pain, swelling and improve circulation.This method of treatment is to oversee the specialist.

5. Folk remedies - mud wraps, warm reception of hydrogen sulfide and other baths, paraffin.


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