Meningitis in children and adults - types , symptoms, treatment


1. Jet meningitis

2. purulent meningitis

3. symptoms

4. Children's form of the disease

Meningitis - an acuteinfectious disease involving inflammation of the brain membranes.There are primary and secondary forms of the disease.For a primary form of characteristic brain damage immediately, while the secondary meningitis disease develops as a result of infection from the other chamber.

Jet meningitis

Jet meningitis (lightning) - form of the disease, whose name is due to its extremely fleeting development.Jet meningitis can lead to coma or death as a result of purulent infection mater.

Diagnose Meningitis jet through a lumbar puncture, as well as by analyzing cerebrospinal fluid.These procedures help differentiate meningitis from other diseases.It is important as a disease since late initiation of treatment as soon as possible to recognize can cause the confluence of the patient in a coma for the first night.

In some cases, reactive meningitis in adults and children ac

companied by symptoms such as fever, sore throat, headache, stiff neck, vomiting.After 24 hours from the beginning of the infection the adult person may be terminally ill, while the child is still early.Sometimes disturbances in facial and oculomotor nerves may occur when reactive meningitis since the beginning.There is a risk of deafness and paralysis.

purulent meningitis

purulent meningitis - the form of the disease in which inflammation of the membranes of the brain occurs, provoked by pneumococci, streptococci, staphylococci, coliform germs, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, etc.

purulent meningitis can occur in people of any age.Among the main risk factors of purulent meningitis can be identified frequent stress, smoking, sun exposure, hypothermia, sore throat, excessive drinking, acute respiratory infections and sore throat.Hematogenous route (through the blood) infection gets to the brain and contributes to the development of severe inflammation.In some cases, purulent meningitis may be associated with lesions of the joints and internal organs.


As a rule, the disease develops in an acute form.The exception is TB meningitis in adults, which may develop over several months.

Among the main symptoms of meningitis in adults can distinguish standard catarrhal symptoms with severe intoxication syndrome: fever, high temperature (40 ° C), joint and muscle pain, weakness and increased fatigue.

Among the main symptoms of meningitis in adults in acute form can distinguish severe headache with no clear localization.Patients usually say that hurts the whole head completely.Development of the disease contributes to the strengthening of pain.Pain becomes bursting, unbearable, worse slightest movement, bright light or loud sounds.In some cases, there may be a confusion.Severe nausea and vomiting, not bringing relief, are also symptoms of meningitis.

Primary meningococcal meningitis etiology accompanied by the appearance of the rash.In mild form of the disease manifests symptoms of meningitis such as melkotochechnye rash of dark red color, which resolved within a few days.Severe disease accompanied by such a symptom of meningitis as a manifestation of rather large spots and red bruises that disappear after a week.

Strabismus can develop as a result of cranial nerves.Symptoms of meningitis occur in all patients in varying degrees.Often marked tension neck muscles, as well as a sharp pain when you try to tilt the head to the chest or to straighten your knees.Typically, patients are in the bed in a specific position that is slightly relieves.Patients lie on your side with much thrown back his head.Legs with bent knees and up against the abdomen, and arms pressed to his chest.

Children form

disease Meningitis in children develops more quickly and has a devastating effect on the body, as the children's immune system is weaker than adults.Furthermore, in children, there are certain groups at greater risk.Thus, meningitis in children born prematurely, develops much more frequently than the rest of the kids.This circumstance is due to low immunity, which is why it is difficult for children to struggle with pathogenic bacteria diseases.

meningitis in children with disorders in the nervous system, also developed more often than other children.To date, these children are at risk.In addition, the likelihood of developing the disease in this case depends on the severity of the disease, which is observed in the child.For this reason, most neurologists, doctors carefully monitor the condition of these young patients.

meningitis in children with serious brain or spinal cord trauma, develops more frequently than in healthy children.In this case, the occurrence of the disease can cause injury to the brain or spinal cord.This circumstance is due to the fact that pathogenic microbes are much easier to penetrate the weak and injured shell that simply can not resist this invasion.

The main symptoms of meningitis in children can be distinguished primarily elevated temperature, which in some cases can reach critical levels (above 40 ° C).The behavior of the child during the period of the disease depends largely on the individual characteristics of his child's body.Some kids are constantly crying and overexcited, while others can be quite sluggish and sleep most of the time.Meningitis in children is often accompanied by severe chills.In addition, such a high temperature does not go astray by conventional antipyretics.

Pronounced purpura is manifested at all, without exception, children with meningitis.There have been constant debilitating headaches, severe nausea and vomiting.

In most cases, the child with meningitis is checked by holding the puncture cerebrospinal fluid.If the fluid is a milk or a yellowish hue, and the number of leukocytes and neutrophils in it increased while the rate of glucose is reduced, this may indicate the presence of meningitis in children.


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