Mastitis - signs , causes, symptoms , treatment


1. causes of disease

2. stages of the disease

3. Symptoms of mastitis

4. disease diagnosis

5. Treatment of mastitis

6. Treatment of mastitis folk remedies

mastitis is an inflammatory disease of the breast breast, mostly occurring in the postpartum period.Symptoms of mastitis are the redness, breast enlargement, breast pain, discomfort while feeding the baby, fever.

causes of disease

disease development is carried out due to ingress of bacteria into the breast tissue.The bacteria in the mammary gland can fall in several ways:

  • through cracked nipples, which are small and contribute to skin defects unhindered penetration of bacteria;
  • if the female body are pockets of chronic infectious nature, the bacteria can enter the blood.

Women's immune system is normally able to cope with a small amount of bacteria.In many cases, postpartum female body is very weak, so effectively fight the infection can not.

basis for the development of the disease is lactostasis wh

ich is milk stasis with little breast pump in the ducts of the mammary glands.In cases of stagnation of milk having favorable conditions for bacteria.This is because a multitude of nutrients contained in milk.

stages of the disease

postpartum mastitis occurs in several stages:

  • early stage of the disease is serous mastitis, which is accompanied by an increase in breast volume, increased body temperature, when a woman feels feeling chest pain.
  • infiltrative stage occurs in the absence of treatment of mastitis in the first stage.Symptoms of mastitis are the fever, painful compression on the breast areas.
  • purulent mastitis is accompanied by suppuration breast area.

Symptoms of mastitis

Symptoms of mastitis usually appear almost immediately, as the disease develops rapidly.The main symptoms of mastitis include:

  • Increased body temperature, which indicates the passage of the body's inflammatory process.The high temperature entails weakness, chills, headache.
  • Soreness in the breast occur constantly during feeding they tend to increase.
  • Increasing breast size, redness of the skin in its field.


disease At the first signs of mastitis is recommended to consult a doctor.Characteristic signs of mastitis specialist finds already at the examination.Confirmation of the diagnosis carried out on the basis of a common blood test.To determine the type of bacteria, their sensitivity to antibiotics recommended for bacteriological examination of breast milk.Diagnosis of the disease can also be carried by breast ultrasound.

Treatment of mastitis

method for treating mastitis depends on the stage of the disease.Major activities during the treatment of mastitis are aimed at inhibiting the growth of bacteria, analgesia, reducing inflammation.In the case of a purulent form of surgery used.Treatment of mastitis in the suppression of lactation is quick and painless.

conservative treatment provides complete pumping milk every three hours because it causes stagnation of bacterial growth.Feeding baby with mastitis allowed if the mother does not receive antibiotics during this period.

Treatment of mastitis folk remedies

Conventional medicine offers at the first signs of mastitis immediately begin treatment.Among the methods of treatment of mastitis are the following:

  • to the affected area of ​​the skin is recommended to put fresh grated carrots or fresh cabbage leaves.
  • large plantain seeds crushed, pour warm water and apply to the reddened areas of the breast.
  • Cook creamy mass of potato starch and water, applied to the gauze and bandage and apply to the chest.
  • Treatment of mastitis folk remedies involves the use of linden blossom.Linden flowers at 5 tablespoons pour 2 cups boiling water, leave for 30 minutes, then make lotions.
  • Treat cracked nipples juice of celandine 3-4 times 2-3 minutes.


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