Persecution - symptoms, treatment of the disease


1. symptoms of persecution mania

2. causes of disorders

3. course of the disease

4. Treatment of diseases

5. dangerous topersecution mania?

perception of reality for each person individually.Sadly, some people for a variety of psychiatric disorders may lose an adequate perception of reality.There is a distorted perception of reality.mental disorders can give rise to various manias (obsessions) and phobias (fear of intrusive).Such conditions greatly complicate the life of a man, he's just "imprisoned in captivity" obsessions.

The most common obsessive-compulsive disorder in humans is a persecution mania.In medicine, the disorder is called the term "delusions of persecution."As various kinds of delusions, delusions of persecution is one of the signs of insanity.In this state, a reality that sees the patient, can be greatly distorted.His world lives by its own laws, and it all happens differently.

Brad is a disorder of thinking, because of which the person has a false

idea takes possession of his full consciousness.Such disorders not amenable to adjustment from the outside, ie,the discrepancy can not be explained to the patient of his perception of reality.Data are based on the idea of ​​false promises, in medicine called "the logic of the curve."Delusions can be a symptom of other mental disorders, such as schizophrenia, or occur as a separate violation.However, the state persecution mania has some specific differences:

  • Violation of adaptation, one can not live a normal life and work in society;
  • This state can not be the adjustment from the outside;
  • This is a manifestation of the disease, rather than advanced the human imagination;
  • present inventing all sorts of facts about reality.

At its core is a persecution paranoia, completely addictive human consciousness.Under the influence of such a state a person can refuse to perform usual activities, for example, refuse to eat, thinking that her someone poisoned.He may be afraid to walk down the street, cross the road, fearing that it wants to crush.Man thinks that its dangers lurk at every turn, and that the attackers only seek occasion to harm him or kill him.

symptoms of persecution mania

Speaking briefly, the main symptoms of persecution mania can be called:

  • thought of constant harassment and threat to life;
  • jealousy;
  • distrust;
  • bouts of aggression.

symptoms of persecution mania has long been the subject of careful study of psychiatrists.Symptoms of the disease is described in detail in many medical writings.The main manifestation of the disorder is obsessive sense of the patient that a certain person or group of persons pursuing it with the aim of causing harm - to rob, injure, kill.

Brad persecution takes many forms.The patient may be afraid only of a certain aspect of life.If a person can be called the start of persecution carried out for the event and the results of sabotage, that face a high level of systematization of delirium.This suggests a long duration of intrusive state and the transition from "delusional mood" in the "delusions of persecution."

A person develops growing anxiety, he is constantly waiting for negative events.At a time when anxiety becomes constant talk about the first appearance of delirium.

Persecution develops gradually and may change over time, "the source" threat.At first, people may fear only partner in life, apart from his main attacker, then under suspicion can get the neighbors and other people from the patient's environment.More and more people in the patient's imagination become complicit in a conspiracy against him.

Thinking over time become very thorough, patient is accurate to the smallest detail to describe the "assassination".However, his stories unstructured, and he shall give equal attention to important facts and secondary.

is happening and change a person's identity, he becomes tense, aggressive, suspicious and wary.The patient starts to make unusual things for him, while reluctant to answer questions about the purpose and the reason for such behavior.

Quite often accompanied by persecution mania "overvalued ideas".That is, people may misinterpret events taking place in reality, giving them a distorted interpretation.However, in itself this can not talk about the presence of delusions of persecution, he is anxious only in conjunction with persecution mania.

causes of disorders

Short bouts of restlessness may occur in people with alcohol abuse, taking drugs or certain medicines.However, persecution mania often occurs on the background of developing schizophrenia is the main symptom of this mental disorder.

course of the disease

The form displays a persecution is a chronic psychological disease with varying degrees of symptoms.In most cases, this state of anxiety obsessive manages monitored using medication.

Treatment of diseases

Unfortunately, in spite of the adequate study of this disorder, an effective method for the treatment of delusions of persecution is still under development.Existing treatments persecution mania is far from ideal.Another IPPavlov called delusions of persecution symptom of disorders of the brain.And today, the appearance of this disorder is associated with the pathology of the conditioned reflex activity of the brain.And all biological disorder taken treated by pharmacological methods.However, paranoid states, electroconvulsive therapy, insulin therapy and similar techniques are inconclusive.

Psychotherapeutic treatments also do not give positive results in the treatment of delusions of persecution.The reason is that this state, as mentioned above, the adjustment can not be without.However, this does not mean that patients do not need the help of psychologists and social workers who can contribute to the creation of good conditions for the adaptation of patients in society.

Today delusions of persecution on the basis of schizophrenia treated with psychotropic drugs, with their positive impact prescribed rehabilitation procedures.

If mania is caused by misuse of alcohol or drugs, you should stop using them immediately.

Usually people suffering from paranoia, alone do not seek medical help because they do not recognize themselves in the presence of any abnormalities.Close people should convince such a person, seek medical advice.

dangerous to persecution mania?

patient can be dangerous to others in severe illness, when aggression becomes dangerous actions.In this state, the patient is likely to harm yourself and loved ones.In such cases, treatment is carried out in a psychiatric clinic.


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