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1. Causes of manic-depressive psychosis

2. symptoms

3. treatment of manic-depressive psychosis

Manic-depressive psychosis -this severe mental illness that manifests itself opposing mental states - mania and depression.Depression characterized by depressed mood, mania - elevated.In between these states practically healthy people.Periods of acute illness called psychotic episodes or phases.

According to statistics, the disease occurs in women are 3-4 times more often than men.

Causes of manic-depressive psychosis

The exact cause of this disease is not yet known.But experts say that the main role in his appearance belongs to hereditary factors.The disease is often transmitted from mother to child.There is an interesting theory that the predominance of one of two states (mania and depression) caused by different genes.

In addition, the cause of manic-depressive psychosis called failures in the functioning of the higher emotional centers, which are located in the subcorti

cal region.The clinical picture of the disease develops as a result of violations of inhibition and excitation in the cerebral cortex.

as provoking causes manic depression consider various environmental factors, such as stress, relationship with other people.


symptoms of manic-depressive psychosis depending on the phase in which the patient is located.Manic phase often develop imperceptibly, so it seems that they are much less depressed.

symptoms of manic-depressive psychosis in a phase of depression - slow motion, thought processes, depression.Patients experiencing hopelessness, sadness, longing, aching feeling in the stomach.They are completely indifferent to their loved ones, to those cases that are before them are very interested.Patients who are in this phase may be a long time do not move at all questioning to answer in monosyllables.During this period, it seems that life is meaningless, futile and the future gloomily.

Patients in this phase of manic-depressive psychosis are confident in their own inferiority, worthlessness, himself humiliated in every way.They have no special difficulties may commit suicide.

This phase is characterized by the lack of appetite of the patient, they do not feel the taste of food.The women in this period experiences often stop menstruating.

phase Sometimes depression is superficial when abrupt mood swings happen in one day.Getting up in the morning in bed, a person feels tired of life, he has no power, desires.But by the evening of his mood rises, it begins to show activity.

Over time, all of the symptoms of manic-depressive psychosis highlights restlessness, anxiety, a feeling that soon something is going to happen.

Manic-depressive psychosis in the manic phase is characterized by increased activity and excessive high spirits.The patient feels a large influx of vitality, energy.During this period, he often laughs, jokes, taken to carry out many small things, but do not bring them to the end.A symptom of manic-depressive psychosis in this phase is often the case that the patient finds in his extraordinary abilities.Such people can at this time to leave work to become an actor or poet.the patient's appetite is usually good enough.However, since it too is physically active, the weight is reduced.Son such people takes no more than four hours a day, but they feel quite sleep.

Many patients with manic-depressive illness can manifest only one phase of the disease throughout their lives.However, she alternates with periods of recovery.But in this case, to human death there is a potential of another phase.Most patients have a depressive disorder, manic character is observed in only 5% of them.Depressive phase are often seasonal.

treatment of manic-depressive psychosis

Modern medicine successfully treats even the most severe attacks of the disease.Often the patient in severe manic phase has to be placed in a psychiatric hospital.

the treatment of manic-depressive psychosis in a phase of depression using antidepressants.Specialists use a crash course of drugs with rapid increase in drug doses.This helps to achieve the fastest possible therapeutic effect.In addition to the depression phase failure apply sudden interruption of the course of medicines at high doses, and the subsequent appointment of diuretic drugs.In the treatment of manic-depressive psychosis, depressed phase at a protracted form prescribed sessions of electroconvulsive therapy.Sometimes it is used for patients with sleep deprivation for several days.

Treatment of bipolar disorder in the manic phase includes the use of antipsychotic drugs on the basis of levomepromazina or chlorpromazine.These tools are able to stop the excitement and have a sedative effect.

Additionally, the treatment of this disease used haloperidol and lithium salts.It is important that the patient take the medication under medical supervision.There is a possibility of severe complications of taking the drugs - neuroleptic syndrome.It is characterized by general muscle stiffness, tremor of limbs, disturbance of movements.

Manic-depressive illness - a chronic disease that requires long-term treatment and medical supervision, even in remission.


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