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Giardiasis - a parasitic disease of an infectious nature, which is supported by the originatorhost (human or animal).

cause of the disease is simply a microscopic parasite called Giardia.They live in stagnant water, wastewater.

In humans, Giardia can be in the small intestine in active and inactive form.

infection giardiasis occur from a sick person.Infection and away from pets.

main way of infection giardiasis - fecal-oral.Cysts (inactive form of Giardia) from human or animal feces get into the environment.They are able to survive in reservoirs for months.Pathogens giardiasis withstand freezing, raising the temperature to 50 ° C.They are killed by boiling.Infection with Giardia is possible with the use of water from the tap while washing fruits and vegetables boiled water.

In summer, you can catch, buy in the reservoir, infected cysts of Giardia.

Very rare is considered contact-household way of infectio

n.But, nevertheless, it is possible non-compliance with the rules of hygiene in the home.


As the infection develops in the small intestine, most of the symptoms of giardiasis associated with gastro-intestinal tract.

first signs of giardiasis in adults occur within 1-3 weeks after the human infections.

At the beginning of the disease there is diarrhea with a pungent odor.Thus diarrhea has no blood or mucus.

Another symptom of giardiasis are pain in the abdomen.Pain can be of varying intensity - from mild to severe persistent pain of contractions.In most cases there is pain in the upper abdomen.

Patients often present giardiasis bloating (flatulence).As a result of pathological processes is disturbed digestion, a natural intestinal microflora and there is a lot of gas.This flatulence usually occurs simultaneously with abdominal pain and diarrhea.

The above symptoms of giardiasis in adults may disappear within 2-3 weeks or disease can become chronic.

There are common symptoms of giardiasis:

  • dizziness, headache, impaired memory and attention;
  • feeling of weakness, weakness;
  • decreased performance;
  • fatigue, drowsiness.

As a result of Giardia in the process of digestion, the human body is not getting the necessary nutrients for normal life.This leads to the following symptoms of giardiasis:

- weight loss;

- reduction in the number of erythrocytes (red blood cells) and as a result, anemia;

- decreased immunity and increased susceptibility to infectious diseases.

- occurrence of allergic reactions that manifest punctate rash on the skin, itching in the nose, around the anus, inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes and nose, asthma symptoms.

treatment of giardiasis

main treatment for giardiasis should be aimed at the destruction of the parasites in the human small intestine.If you only take medications designed to eliminate diarrhea, discomfort and abdominal pain, improvement will be temporary.

efficacy of the treatment of giardiasis is dependent on compliance with a set of measures, including medication drugs, compliance with hygiene requirements and a special diet.

medical therapy for the patient's prescribed by a doctor.Most often, patients take Trichopolum giardiasis and furazolidone.

hygienic procedures during an illness are important.It is necessary to use only boiled water, frequently change underwear and bed linen, wash your hands often.

diet in the treatment of giardiasis in the acute phase involves the use of properly treated, pureed food in small portions.You want to limit meat, fried, fatty, peppered, salted dishes.These limitations are due to the weakening of the functions of the gastrointestinal tract with giardiasis.

treatment of giardiasis in adults consists of the following stages: the destruction of parasites, restoring the normal functioning of the intestines, strengthening the immune system.

Giardiasis in children

The disease occurs in children more often than adults.In this case it is more severe and manifests symptoms similar to those of many other diseases.

When giardiasis in children lagging behind in development, the lack of vitamins in the body.This is due to the fact that in use the infant gut Giardia nutrients that are necessary for the development of the child.Furthermore, during the life Giardia secrete toxic substances causing immunosuppression and severe allergic reactions.Common symptoms of giardiasis in children are recurrent colds, dermatitis, symptoms of asthma.

peculiarity flow giardiasis baby early age is alternating constipation and diarrhea.The child lethargic, with poor appetite.

Older preschoolers disease occurs with symptoms of food poisoning.A child suffering from dehydration, lose body weight.

Giardiasis in school-age child is manifested by abdominal pain, nausea, irritability.In chronic disease the child's skin becomes grayish hue, are formed under the eyes dark circles.Adolescents strongly manifest acne rashes, bad breath is present.

Regardless of the age of all patients appeared dermatitis children of different shapes.

treatment of giardiasis in children includes a whole range of necessary measures.

The first doctor conducts therapy aimed at removing Giardia from the body of the child and the elimination of endotoxemia (accumulation of poisons in the body).To do this, use special medicated preparations enterosobenty, enzymes, cholagogue grass medical diet.

next stage of the treatment of giardiasis in children - antiparasitic therapy, consisting of one or two courses.Required drug doctor selects for each individual child.

And the final stage of the treatment of giardiasis in children - increase the body's immune system and the creation of conditions that prevent the development of lamblia in the intestine.At this stage, the main treatment methods are the right food and the use of herbal medicine regime.

Prevention giardiasis is primarily in respect of well-known rules of hygiene and cooking of food.


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