Cervical and lumbar spine lordosis - Symptoms and Treatment

Lordosis is the physiological curvature of the two parts of the spine, the lumbar and cervical spine. Such changes occur in the child's body even before the semiannual age and are considered natural. In those cases when these bends are absent or, conversely, unnecessarily increased, the pathological lordosis of the spine is diagnosed. This disease, like any other, needs timely and proper treatment.

Types of lordosis of the spine

Medical workers subdivide lordosis depending on its location:

  • cervical lordosis, which is the result of sedentary work, neglected osteochondrosis, impaired posture;
  • lordosis of the lumbar region, arising in the lumbar region due to overweight, poor functioning of the hip joints, spine pathology.

The pathological lordosis of the lumbar spine is divided into two types:

1. Primary lumbar lordosis, which arises from the appearance of tumor processes, after inflammation and in abnormal spinal column formations. Very often the most important reason for this curva

ture of the vertebrae is overweight, because a large belly creates an additional burden on the lower back.

2. Secondary lumbar lordosis, which is formed on the basis of such congenital injuries as a femoral dislocation and ankylosis of the hip joint, and due to a very strong kyphosis.

Causes of lordosis

The main causes of lordosis of the spine include:

  • bruises, other injuries and sprains of the spine;
  • diseases of bones and joints;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • lack of proteins, vitamins, microelements;
  • dramatic increase in height in children;
  • obesity, overweight;
  • is a muscle imbalance.

It is also known that the psychological discomfort that a person experiences while in society can provoke kyphosis, lordosis of the cervical spine and other types of stoop.

Symptoms of lordosis of the spine

The pathological lumbar lordosis has a number of external signs, one of which is considered to be a strongly protruding abdomen and a deviation to the sides of the knees. In addition, the symptoms of lumbar lordosis are:

  • the output of the shoulders and head forward;
  • incorrectly flat chest;
  • back pain;
  • overstrain of the spinal muscles;
  • obvious violations of metabolic processes;
  • chronic fatigue;
  • malfunctioning of the heart.

Ciliary lordosis, among other things, can trigger the development of lung function disorders and frequent dizziness.

Treatment of lumbar and cervical lordosis

First of all, lordosis treatment should be carried out in a complex manner. First, the doctor finds the cause of the disease, reveals the concomitant diseases, and only then appoints a set of therapeutic measures. The lumbar lordosis is well adjusted by manual therapy, special gymnastics and wearing a special bandage. The following procedures for the treatment of lumbar lordosis are known:

  • health and therapeutic massage;
  • spinal traction;
  • acupuncture;
  • exercise therapy;
  • swimming;
  • use of creams, ointments.

In most cases, the patient is prescribed medication aimed at treating co-morbidities. Surgical intervention to eliminate lordosis of the cervical region is indicated at the last severity of the disease, when the patient experiences severe pain. The choice of specific methods of treatment depends on the physiological characteristics of the patient's body and the severity of the disease.

At home, patients can independently perform a set of simple exercises aimed at correcting the cervical lordosis of the spine. The simplest and most effective is the following: we lay down on the floor, put our feet on a chair next to each other so that a right angle is obtained between the knees and thighs. We place our left hand in the space between the waist and the floor. Relax and bring the lower back to the floor. Repeat 5-10 times.

With cervical lordosis it is useful to perform circular rotations and head inclinations. But it is important to try to align the back so that the posture during exercise is as good as possible.

Prophylaxis of cervical lordosis includes:

  • formation of correct posture in children from an early age;
  • performing daily exercise complexes that strengthen the muscles of the body;
  • conducting a healthy lifestyle, attending sports sections.


1. Types of lordosis of the spine

2. Causes of lordosis

3. Symptoms of lordosis of the spine

4. Treatment of lumbar and cervical lordosis


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