Pubic lice - ways of infection , symptoms, treatment


1. Way infection pubic lice

2. clinical picture of the disease

3. treatment of pubic lice

4. Prevention of pubic lice

Pubic lice (pubic lice) - a parasitic disease caused by pubic lice (ploschitsami) - blood-sucking insect species Phthirus pubis.

Way infection pubic lice

Nowadays pubic lice won "honorary" first place among other types of lice.The number of patients is increasing every day, especially in the US and Western Europe.Ill mostly young people.Since the main route of infection pubic lice - sex, most often those who are promiscuous lifestyle.Almost 30% of people with symptoms of pubic lice but the disease also have other sexually transmitted diseases.

But, nevertheless, respectable, legible in sexual relations people also frequently suffer from pubic lice.This happens for the reason that head lice are highly contagious disease and it can pick up anywhere.For example, in the gym, pool, sauna, public toilets and other public places.

pubic louse "feels" the s

mell of human sweat, most of it "attracts" the smell of sweat from apocrine glands pubis, scrotum, perineum, anus.That is why, even if the insect has got not to the skin, and clothing of man, that is a big chance that it will find its way into the scalp these attractive places for him.

Argued that pets are carriers of pubic ploschisch (lice).This is not true.The pubic louse parasite only hairline human, animals do not have any relation to it.

clinical picture of the disease

main symptom of pubic lice - itching of varying intensity in those places where the insects dig their proboscis into the skin.Itching worse in the evening and night, mainly in those moments when a louse sucks blood.A "eats" it is two to four times a day.During such a "meal" parasites from their salivary glands are injected under the skin of the human substance that promotes blood thinners.Thus, due to small hemorrhages in places of pubic lice bites there is one more sign of them - bluish spots on the skin.

In most cases, a person begins to feel that with him "what's wrong" after the daily discovery on his underwear black dots.Black points - a waste product of parasites, they are an essential feature of the pubic lice and their appearance means that the parasites have properly "settled down" in its territory.

Sometimes in places pubic lice bites occur blisters.The presence of blisters optional symptom of pubic lice.Their presence or absence depends on the intensity of itch, and duration from person to restrain himself and not to scratch the wound site.In some cases, local pubic lice bites allergic reactions.

And, of course, the main sign of pubic lice - lice themselves.See the pubic louse is quite difficult, because it is very dense, it is pressed between the base of the hair and skin.The louse is completely immobile, it is so tightly clutching her three feet of hair, that it is almost impossible to tear.

Once the parasite begins to actively replicate there the opportunity to see his eggs - nits, which are located at the base of the hair, but are raised above the skin with the growth of the hair.The presence of nits - another clear sign of pubic lice.

treatment of pubic lice

When the first symptoms of pubic lice should start the treatment of the disease.When tightening treatment is more likely to "resettlement" of lice to other hairy parts of the body (armpits, thighs, eyebrows, eyelashes).

Therapies pubic lice using kerosene, soap, dust has long moved away into oblivion.In our time, to get rid of lice is not difficult and is usually quite a few applications of the drugs.

Before starting treatment should be freed from the hair lice living space.Firstly, hair you remove substantially all lice and nits, and, secondly, the effectiveness of the procedures will be much higher.Removal of hair is not a prerequisite, it is more desirable condition.

effective and inexpensive means of pubic lice - sulfuric ointment.Several times a day for two to three days should be lubricated habitats parasites.Nefteprodukt xylene is also used in the treatment of pubic lice.

in any pharmacy offers many medications from lice, pubic lice in particular.This topical preparations.Among the most popular are: Permethrin, Lindane, Nittifor, Spray Pax and others.

pubic lice treatment becomes complex character in the case where the lice with genital area moved to the scalp to other areas of the body.Comprehensive treatment includes the use of ointments, gels, sprays, shampoos.

To facilitate the removal of the condition and the place of itching bites of pubic lice treated with a solution of soda or vinegar.In case of failure of such procedures can be purchased Calamine lotion, it has worked well in dealing with itching.

After the treatment you need to boil bed linen and underwear.Those are things that can not be boiled, it should be ironed on both sides.

It is important to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases, which are often accompanied by pubic lice.

Prevention of pubic lice

In matters of pubic lice prevention it is important to perform all three conditions:

1. Avoidance of promiscuity.

2. Adherence to personal hygiene.

3. Timely diagnosis and treatment of pubic lice.


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