Symptoms , causes of , removal of a lipoma on her back


1. reasons and places of localization

2. clinical manifestation of a lipoma on her back

3. Removing a lipoma on her back

Lipoma (by the people "wen") on the back - a benign tumor;subcutaneous formation arising from connective tissue fat.

Causes and localization

Lipoma is formed as a result of blockage of the sebaceous gland.The reason for this blockage is not fully understood.Science speaks of three groups of factors causing the development of lipomas:

1. Hereditary factors.They consist of a certain genetic predisposition to the occurrence of lipomas.There are cases of familial hereditary disease lipomatosis.

2. Exchange factors.Disorders of metabolism in adipose tissue as a result of which the stray processes of destruction of subcutaneous fat, lipomas provoke.

3. Symptomatic factors.Lipoma Very often arises as a result of diseases of the pancreas and thyroid, liver, resulting in destruction of the hypothalamic-pituitary system, as well as against the background of

alcoholism, diabetes, malnutrition, poor environment.

Lipoma occurs in those areas of the body where there is fatty tissue.For this reason, the place of its localization varied: from the scalp to the genital area.Most often in poor talc is formed on the fatty tissue areas of the human body, so lipoma on the back, mainly in its upper part, a very common phenomenon.

Despite the terrible name of "tumor", a lipoma is completely harmless, it does not spread to other organs, not metastasize, that is included in the benign group.There are cases of degeneration in lipoma liposarcoma - malignant tumor is rapidly progressive, but they are rare.Lipoma

arises from subcutaneous adipose tissue, and usually, it and "live" but known rare cases when the tumor grows and penetrates deep into the muscles, periosteum and even vessels.There is also a kind of internal lipomas, which are formed in different organs.

clinical manifestation of a lipoma on

back almost all cases, a lipoma on her back does not manifest itself symptomatically, that is, people did not feel it and can be a long time not to notice visually.Some manifestations occur when the tumor is increased so much that it puts pressure on the surrounding tissues, causing an unpleasant sensation of squeezing.

Externally lipoma - a mound, protrusion from the skin, ranging in size from a few millimeters to 20 centimeters.On palpation there is a soft (at lipofibrome) or dense (with fibrous lipoma), mobile education.Touching lipomas do not cause any pain or any other discomfort.Very rarely, if the lipoma on her back (or multiple lipomas) located along the nerve trunks, the pain is still there.If the place of Wen hurts, you need as much as possible to get tested quickly determine the type of tumor, and eliminate the possibility of malignancy.

However, in most cases, no special discomfort lipoma on her back does not deliver, the main and perhaps the only - it is unsightly view of its location.Essentially, a lipoma on her back - this is just a cosmetic defect.But talk about its security is possible only after a thorough examination and setting the correct diagnosis.

Removal of lipomas on the back

Despite the harmless lipoma treated.And not only because of its unsightly appearance, but also because running lipomas can compress nerves and cause nerve damage, disrupt the internal organs, deform sebaceous glands cause blood stasis and even necrosis.In addition, due to the risk of degeneration into a malignant tumor indication for the immediate removal of the lipoma is growing.

Modern medicine treats lipoma method of disposal.Lipoma on the back (as in the case of its other locations) is removed by:

1. Traditional surgery.

2. endoscopic interventions.

3. Doing the tumor specific absorbable drugs.

4. Removal method of liposuction.

5. Laser removal.

6. Radio wave removal.

Traditional surgery to remove a lipoma on my back is carried out by its husking.The surgeon makes an incision, squeezing the contents of the oil lamp, then scrape capsule.Such interference is not particularly difficult, requires only local anesthesia and a small fatty tumor can be performed on an outpatient basis.

Endoscopic removal of a lipoma on my back is performed through a small incision, and this incision can be made at some distance from the tumor, allowing it to hide (in a skin crease in the hair) and thus improve the cosmetic results after surgery.

liposuction method - a kind of endoscopic intervention.A small puncture in the lipoma is inserted into the tube, it is attached to a vacuum and held fat suction.Lipoma capsule remains in the body, which increases the risk of relapse.

Removing a lipoma on her back by introducing into it absorbable funds will apply only for small amounts of education (up to 3 cm).

Yet most doctors believed until recently that the most reliable way to remove a lipoma is open surgery.This operation removes wen together with its capsule, which greatly reduces the risk of recurrence.However, medicine does not stand still, every day is increasingly used method of laser removal of lipomas, the use of which is guaranteed a good cosmetic effect, faster healing, and recurrence risk is practically reduced to zero.The radio frequency

removal of lipomas on the back - the newest method of dealing with Wen.This operation is completely bloodless, painless, and the cosmetic effect after it is stunning.

Supporters traditional medicine offer a variety of popular recipes treatment of lipomas.It is treated with a variety of packs with soap and baked onions with stems and leaves of ivy, with the leaves mother and stepmother, with a mixture of rosemary and carrots, with lard and mutton fat, and even a tincture of hemlock.However, the usefulness of the national treatment of lipomas is not proven.

avoid complications not self-medicate, it is better to consult a doctor.


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