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1. Causes of lipomas

2. Treatment lipoma breast

breast Lipoma (fatty tumor, wen) is a benign tumor of fatty tissue in the breast.These tumors mainly occur in women older than 40 years.

accepted that lipomas occur more frequently in people who are overweight, but that's not entirely true.Wen development in the human body does not depend on its weight, becauselipoma anyway will accumulate fat tissue.Even if a person who has a lipoma, begins to lose weight rapidly, the tumor can still grow.This fatty tumor can develop in depth the chest and does not disturb the woman.

In rare cases, it degenerates into cancer (liposarcoma).This occurs when lipoma becomes large and causes deformation of the chest.

lipomas are several types, depending on the consistency:

  • miksolipomy, which are characterized by a predominance of mucilaginized adipose tissue;
  • miolipomy, in which structure is dominated by muscle fibers;
  • lipofibromy, distinguished by a large presence of adipose tissue and small
    - coupling;
  • angiolipoma, characterized by having a large number of blood vessels;
  • fibrolipoma, as part of which the connective tissue predominates, and the fat is much smaller.

also emit subcutaneous, dermal, intermuscular talc, lipomas in the lungs, heart, digestive organs, bones, and in the meninges.But more often there are lipomas subcutaneous fat.They can be single or multiple, sometimes there is a symmetrical their education.

In addition, the data are encapsulated tumors and diffuse.In the first case, lipoma localized to one place, and the movable soft (knotted-localized lipomatosis).In the second case it is characterized by the lack of precise shape and proliferation of adipose tissue.This type of Wen observed much less frequently.

lipoma size, which is the most common, is 1 - 2 cm in diameter.Wen grows slowly and is increasing every year.Sometimes, its size can reach diameter of 5-10 cm.

lipoma itself is painless, but may be accompanied by compression of the tissue pain.

This tumor rarely occurs in most breast.It can develop wherever there are fat cells, that is, in almost all tissues and organs of the human body.

Causes of lipomas

Today is not fully known and the cause of the growth of fatty tumor.Scientists have expressed a variety of assumptions, which generally boil down to three main reasons:

  • metabolic disorders;
  • local conditions lipoma;
  • genetic factor.

Supporters of the endocrine system or version is believed that the lipoma is caused by metabolic disorders in the body.

The scientists also expressed ideas about the influence of stress, hormonal disorders, poor environment, as well as an illness of the digestive and nervous systems.In turn, traditional medicine refers to the development of lipomas cause such as "slagging" of the body.In some cases, the formation of these tumors affects heredity.Finally, there is a perception that the lipoma is caused by atheroma, ieplugging the outlet duct of the sebaceous gland, but this version has not been confirmed clinically.

Danger breast lipoma is that it has a tendency to malignant transformation.

Treatment lipoma breast

diagnosis of breast adipose tumor is to carry out:

  • examination by a doctor - mammologist;
  • ultrasound;
  • mammography;
  • cytology.

On examination, the expert can easily make a diagnosis, but it is necessary to confirm the puncture with cytology.

As specialists point out, the treatment of breast lipomas requires surgery, because in this disease conservative therapies helpless as traditional medicine.In addition, this fatty tumor has a tendency to relapse.

The indications for surgery are:

  • painful and growing lipoma;
  • cosmetic defect;
  • localization, in which there are functional disorders.In other words, if the lipoma breast disrupts the vital organs.

As a rule, small fatty tumor removed under local anesthesia.If lipoma characterized by large size and is located in remote areas, the operation is performed under general anesthesia.Very often this tumor is removed without hospitalization, and the patient spends in the hospital a couple of hours, during which doctors are watching him and he comes to life after the procedure.

Before the operation the patient carefully examined to clarify the nature of the tumor.In general, conduct ultrasound and mammography.And in order to establish a definitive diagnosis, a biopsy is performed breast lipoma.

skilled important to have accurate information, since the operation for suspected cancer are different from the removal of a lipoma.In such cases, the surgeon performs a sectoral breast resection.A few ways to remove a lipoma.Basically, this method is used as a tumor enucleation (husking).

Sometimes lipoma removed by puncture-aspiration method.This method is in some ways similar to the biopsy procedure, because the contents of the tumor is removed through the needle and "pull" the fat content of the tumor.In this procedure, there is no incision and therefore the scar.But it also has a disadvantage, since Wen shell remains in the body.

Treatment of breast lipomas is also possible with the help of radio-wave method.It is, that under the influence of high frequency waves lipoma cells actually disappear without leaving scars.In addition, the experts who practice this method, emphasize its advantages such as the absence of edema, bloodless surgery, quick recovery after the procedure, as well as the uselessness of hospitalization.

Today, a popular method of treatment of breast lipomas is laser removal of the tumor.As with the radio wave method, the procedure is easily without leaving scars and edema.

After surgery, the patient is prescribed maintenance therapy, which implies:

  • anti-inflammatory treatment (wound is treated with antiseptic);
  • receiving anti-inflammatory drugs (antibiotics);
  • vitamins, immunomodulatory and homeopathic preparations.

Patients are often afraid of the operation and try to avoid it.It is believed that if lipoma breast is small, does not interfere with the life, it can not remove and limit monitoring.But when you consider that there is the likelihood of the lipoma in a malignant tumor, the patient should be under constant supervision of a doctor and undergo procedures such as ultrasound, mammography, as well as on the analysis of tumor markers.

In addition, the argument in favor of removal of breast lipomas may be that within the oil lamp or surrounding tissues can develop such a dangerous pathological process of necrosis.


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