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Lipoma - a benign tumor formed from the fatty tissue under the skin.There are single and multiple lipomas.

Lipomas can be formed wherever there is skin: on his stomach, arms, thighs, in the lumbar region.In addition, they can also occur on internal organs, meninges, breast, and between the muscles.Most often they occur in people under the age of 30 years, regardless of sex.

should also be noted that the formation of the data do not pass on their own.Despite the common belief that a lipoma does not turn into a malignant tumor, may still occur in some cases, such a transformation as a result of any injuries or no reason.

Causes lipoma

The main reason for the formation of a lipoma is a systemic disorder of metabolism in adipose tissue, mainly lipolysis process (destruction of fat located under the skin).

Among other causes lipomas can distinguish diseases of the liver, pa

ncreas;hypothyroidism and pituitary.

cases where lipoma arises against alcoholism is often encountered, diabetes, cancers of the upper respiratory tract.Some experts say the hereditary nature of the disease.


Lipoma - a soft, flexible enough, and moving at the same time, completely painless education that occurs, usually under the skin.

This formation can be detected by touch.Usually when you touch the lipoma person does not feel any pain, except in cases where multiple lipomas are located along the nerve trunks.Touching them may cause discomfort due to pressure on a nerve.

Appearance lipoma depends on its composition.Lipofibroma (soft lipoma) - education, in which the composition is dominated by a soft fatty tissue.The fibrous lipoma - a sufficiently tight formation.The fibrous structure is not only lipoma fat, and fibrous connective tissue.Cavernous lipoma (angiolipoma) - education, in which a lot of visible blood vessels.The structure includes miolipomy muscle fibers, so that it has a lumpy form.

lipoma any distinctive feature is that its size does not change with a decrease in body weight, and in some instances further increased talc.


lipoma Lipoma is very similar to the atheroma, which can be distinguished only by a doctor.There are a number of indirect differences, among which are the following: lipoma usually located in places where subcutaneous adipose tissue, while atheroma is formed, usually in the most crowded areas of the sebaceous glands.

atheroma unlike lipomas, has traces of the output stream - occluded sebaceous glands.Atheroma is the part of the skin, while subcutaneous lipoma formation is not connected to the skin surface.

small lipoma does not cause any pain.It is for this reason that she is diagnosed with pre-symptomatic, for which the appropriate doctor and can make a final conclusion.

Since lipoma can be located in the internal tissues and organs, in some cases, the diagnosis includes X-ray and ultrasound, the results of which can be accurately determined lipoma and its borders.

Radiography "soft rays" is used in the diagnosis of lipoma soft tissues of the feet or hands.Terms of artificial contrast X-ray examination gas created in the process of diagnosis of lipoma in the abdomen, chest or retroperitoneal space.

Computed tomography - one of the most effective methods for diagnosis of education, which allows you to accurately differentiate fatty tissue from a dense soft tissue structures.The fact that the adipose tissue characterized by low absorption of X-rays.


Despite the harmlessness of the education, the treatment of lipomas should not be delayed.

fact that it has the ability to grow and increase in size, which leads to neurological disorders because of its unaesthetic appearance, but also can cause malfunction of the internal organs.In addition lipoma in advanced stage contribute to deformation of the sebaceous and mammary glands, prevent their normal operation.

Long-existing lipoma provoke the formation of extensive hematomas and necrosis.In some instances, a lipoma grew into malignant tumors.Treatment should not be delayed further because lipoma excision at early stages will significantly reduce the risk of visible scars on the skin.

Removal of lipomas - only radical, but at the same time, an effective and safe method of treatment.As a rule, lipomas are removed by husking.For this incision is made, the contents squeezed formation and scrape the capsule in order to avoid recurrence of education.After that, an incision is sutured.Removal of lipomas is performed under local anesthesia.Removal of large lipomas occur in the hospital, and the removal of lipomas small size takes place in an outpatient setting.The duration of the healing after the operation is on average 7-10 days, after which you need to remove the stitches.

To date, use special lasers to remove lipomas.The main advantages of this method can be identified faster healing, gentle intervention in the human body, stunning cosmetic effects, as well as the exclusion of recurrence.

Removal of lipomas in this way is carried out on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia.

People's treatment of lipomas

People's treatment of lipomas is to use a variety of means.It should be noted that national treatment of lipomas should be undertaken only after consultation with a professional doctor, since this education is not so easy to distinguish yourself from other pathologies.

Ivy - a great tool, used for the national treatment of lipomas.The leaves and stems of the ivy ground and poured into a glass exactly half.The remaining half of vodka poured, after which the beaker contents were placed in a dark glass bottle, which is left for three days in the refrigerator.Before using the tool you need to drain, put on a bandage, tied to education and leave overnight.People's treatment of lipomas this method is carried out until the complete disappearance of education.

Honey is also used in the popular treatment of a lipoma.It is necessary to mix two tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon of vodka.Means must be imposed on the bandage and apply to education.This bandage should be changed three times a day until complete removal of lipomas.

Golden mustache - one of the most effective drugs used to combat the oil lamp.Pulverized leaves of the plant, and then put on a gauze and secured to the lipoma.Top superimposed plastic wrap and a towel.People's course of treatment lipoma with golden mustache lasts usually two weeks.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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