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limfostazom - diseasehuman lymphatic system, which is accompanied by violation of lymph circulation, accumulation of lymphatic fluid in the tissues.In most cases it occurs lymphostasis limbs.

limfostazom develops as a result of violations of the formation of lymph and lymphatic drainage her arteries and capillaries of the tissues of the extremities to the thoracic duct and the main lymphatic collectors.


There are many reasons lymphostasis development.

Impaired lymph and lymph delay in the tissues often with hypoproteinemia (reduction of protein content in the blood serum), kidney disease, heart failure.

limfostazom extremities may result from chronic venous insufficiency.Often the cause of the disease is called obstruction of lymphatic vessels due to their compression or inflammatory infiltrates tumors that prevent the swelling of lymph.Limfostazom is a freq

uent complication (10-40% of all cases) extended mastectomy - removal of the breast surgery.

Sometimes lymphostasis development associated with recurrent streptococcal lymphangitis (inflammation of the lymphatic vessels), the presence of parasitic infections in a patient.

Depending on the cause of distinguish primary and secondary lymphostasis.

Education Primary lymphostasis associated with congenital abnormalities of the lymphatic pathways, such as hypoplasia (underdevelopment of tissue), failure of valves, vascular obstruction.In this form of the disease is affected by one or both limbs.Signs of lymphedema (lymph accumulation in soft tissues) appear in childhood and progresses during adolescence.

Secondary lymphostasis develops when disease or injury initially healthy lymphatic system.It has inflammatory or post-traumatic nature.Most often, the disease affects one limb, usually in the lower part of the shin and instep.

Symptoms lymphostasis

There are three stages of development lymphostasis, each of which has its own symptoms.

1.easy stage of the disease.Symptomatic lymphostasis limbs at this stage is regularly appearing limb edema in the evening.After a rest, in the morning, the swelling disappears.Swelling increases with prolonged stay on your feet, prolonged restriction of mobility after exercise.This stage is characterized by the absence of proliferation of connective tissue.

2.Stadiya moderately severe illness.Symptoms lymphostasis are permanent swelling, tension, and thickening of the skin, connective tissue growth.May appear pain in the affected limb.Lymphoedema usually contributes to the appearance of cramps, fatigue sick limb.When a finger is pressed on the swollen tissue is a track that is stored for a long time.

3.Stadiya severe course of illness.Develop irreversible pathology lymph appear fibrocystic breast formation in tissues, elephantiasis (thickening of the skin and underlying tissues).Symptoms are expressed lymphostasis limb to such an extent that the limb loses its outline is not able to function normally.The patient is often erysipelas, eczema, sores, deforming osteoarthritis, the development of contractures (restriction of passive movements).

Severe lymphostasis could end the death of the patient.The disease increases the risk of lymphosarcoma - malignant tumor of the lymph nodes.

Treatment lymphostasis

the treatment lymphostasis main task is to restore the normal outflow of lymph from the affected limb.To do this, apply an integrated approach that combines the use of drugs and non-drug therapies.

Medications used in the treatment lymphostasis:

  • flebotoniki - drugs that have a tonic effect on the walls of the veins;
  • angioprotectors - means to support the stimulation of metabolic processes in the vascular wall;
  • enzymes - biological processes accelerators;
  • adjuvants.

With the development of eczema and venous ulcers spend their topical treatment.

lymphostasis The treatment is well established manual lymphatic drainage massage.Patients prescribed physiotherapy techniques - laser therapy, magnetic therapy, hardware pneumocompression.Recommended classes therapy, physical therapy, Nordic walking (walking with sticks), swimming.

lymphostasis The treatment is of great importance to diet with restriction of salt.Patients are required to wear a compression garment.

the treatment lymphostasis pay attention to the prevention of opportunistic diseases.Thus, when a stop fungal infection, antifungal agents used.

In case of failure of conservative therapy, permanent increase in edema or manifestations of fibrosis (growth of connective tissue), surgical treatment lymphostasis.

lymphostasis Treatment folk remedies

limfostazom mild well treated folk methods.There are many different recipes for relief in this disease state.

1.Ochischenny garlic (250 g) was crushed on a grater and mixed with honey (350 g).Allow to stand in a cool dark place for one week.For 40 minutes before meals take a tablespoon three times a day.Treatment continued for two months.

2.When lymphostasis treatment folk remedies worked well this recipe.The oven baked one medium onion, clean it.To add a tablespoon of onion apothecary tar, mix well.The mixture is applied to a cloth and apply to the sore spot for the night.In the morning remove the wrap.After that is taken orally a mixture of a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of milk of the mother.The treatment lasts one to two months.

3.Listya plantain (two tablespoons) Pour boiling water (two glasses).Composition infused overnight.Strained infusion taking 100 g for 30 minutes before food four times a day.The course of the infusion - one or two months.

lymphostasis 4. For the treatment of folk remedies have long been used rye flour.Rye flour brewed with boiling water and insist 25 minutes.After flour swell, it is mixed in equal proportions with fresh yogurt.This mass is impregnated gauze.Two hours napkins wrap a sick limb.This procedure makes twice a day until the disappearance of symptoms lymphostasis.


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