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1. main symptoms of lymphoma

2. disease diagnosis

3. The main types of lymphoma

4. forecast lymphoma

5. main waystreatment

Lymphoma - Cancer disease nature, affecting the lymph tissue.For this type of disease is characterized by an increase in the size of lymph nodes, as well as serious damage to internal organs, uncontrolled accumulating lymphocytes.

In order to better understand the nature of this disease, the concept should be considered separately "lymphocyte".

lymphocyte - a white blood cell, which is one of the main components of the immune system.The disease results from the uncontrolled propagation "tumor" lymphocytes that thereby clog the lymph nodes and diseased organs, thus disrupting the normal mechanism of the internal systems of the organism.There is a common disease split into two main groups: non-Hodgkin's and Hodgkin's form of the disease.

main symptoms of lymphoma

main symptom, indicating the possible occurrence of the disease, is to increase

the size of the lymph nodes in the neck, groin, and armpits.Note that this symptom lymphoma, unlike various infectious diseases, brings no pain, and the nodes do not decrease over time, even as a result of antibiotic treatment.Among other symptoms of lymphoma emit a feeling of fullness of the stomach, difficulty breathing, severe pain in the lower back, feeling the constant pressure on the neck and face.These lymphomas symptoms are caused by pressure from the enlarged liver, spleen and lymph nodes.

addition patients may experience fever, weakness, sweating, significant weight loss, indigestion process.

disease diagnosis

before diagnosis of the disease, as a rule, carried out a specialized survey.To start the patient must undergo a medical examination, pass a general clinical and biochemical blood tests.After this, a biopsy is performed, ie the surgical removal of the affected lymph node.After this procedure, the remote node is subjected to morphological and immunological studies.

a result of the microscopic examination of a sample of lymphatic tissue doctor can confirm the diagnosis.The physician-pathologist carries out a morphological study, through which you can detect lymphoma cells in the study of histological preparations.If any, the next task, which is for himself puts expert, is to determine the type of lymphoma.

The main types of lymphoma

determine whether we are dealing with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, Hodgkin's or form, can be after the histological examination of a sample of lymphatic tissue obtained as a result of the biopsy.For Hodgkin's lymphoma characterized by the presence of Berezovsky-Sternberg-Reed cells.If the doctor fails to detect these cells in the tissue, the diagnosis will be "Hodgkin's lymphoma."

As for non-Hodgkin's form of the disease, they are divided into a large number of subspecies.Differences data subspecies are in different histology, clinical manifestations, and, accordingly, different ways of treatment.Indolent lymphomas develop slowly, without causing significant negative impact.This kind of disease is often quite a long time, does not require medical intervention.The aggressive large cell lymphoma develops quickly and is accompanied by a mass of different symptoms.This type of large cell lymphoma requires immediate intervention and intensive treatment.There is this type of disease in which lymph nodes do not change their sizes, since it primarily affects internal organs such as the spleen, intestine, stomach, brain and lungs.This form of the disease is called extranodal lymphoma.

forecast lymphoma

It is important to determine the stage of the disease and the extent of its spread, in order to make a realistic projection of lymphoma, as well as choose the optimum and most effective treatment regimen.Typically, the approach to the treatment of lymphoma in the early stages and a common form of different diseases.In determining the precise prediction of lymphoma should be considered as the type of disease, the results of the research, the age and condition of the patient, as well as possible accompanying illnesses.Thus, it is very important to determine the stage of disease and make a real forecast lymphoma.

main methods of treatment

As noted above, the method of treatment of lymphoma will depend largely on the type of disease and the patient's condition.Indolent types are for a long time did not require any treatment.It should be monitored regularly by the relevant doctor.If the disease has spread locations, radiotherapy may be used, which consists in irradiating the lymph nodes, tumor damaged.In some cases in the treatment of lymphoma this type can be used chemotherapy.Indolent lymphoma today completely cure is almost impossible.The main goal of treatment of lymphoma - improve the quality and duration of life of the patient.

the presence of an aggressive large cell lymphoma requires immediate medical intervention.In this case, chemotherapy is often used a program called CHOP with rituximab using monoclonal antibodies.Treatment of this type of lymphoma should be sufficiently intense and better than the presence of the disease before it is established.Program chemotherapy for acute lymphoblastic leukemia is used in case of highly aggressive large cell lymphoma.In this case the main purpose of the treatment of the disease is the full recovery of the patient.In the presence of highly aggressive large cell lymphoma is used high-dose chemotherapy with hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.


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