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Lymphedema - a swellingsoft tissue that develops as a result of violations of the outflow of fluid through the lymph vessels.The most common limb lymphedema, especially the lower ones.The disease is fairly common.Every tenth inhabitant of the Earth is facing impaired lymphatic drainage of varying severity.Up to 3-7% of people who have peripheral vascular disease, sick lymphedema.

Causes of lymphedema

Lymph - it contains fats and proteins biological fluid that moves through the lymph vessels to the lymph nodes, which is filtered by "waste materials" (bacteria, remains of white blood cells, foreign substances), and then continues along the lymphatic.Violations of lymph (narrowing, blockage) prevent the outflow of lymph from the tissues and causes swelling of limbs, that is, in fact, are the cause of lymphedema.

There are two types of lymphedema:

- Congenital (primary) lymphe

dema.Typically, the disease develops in childhood or adolescence.The cause of lymphedema is a congenital abnormality of lymphatic vessels (94% of cases) or hereditary factor (up to 6% of cases occur in hereditary diseases such as the Meiji syndrome and Nonne-Milroy syndrome).Among girls, the disease is more common (80% of cases) than among boys.When disease Milroy lymphedema symptoms in early childhood.In other cases of edema development progresses at a young age, this is accompanied by loss of upper or lower limb lymphedema.

- Acquired (secondary) lymphedema is much more common congenital.In this case, the cause of lymphedema often become infectious disease or injury (for example, erysipelas).Also cause lymphedema may be burns, tumors of the lymphatic system, surgery, or damage related to the removal of lymph nodes, exposure to ionizing radiation, varicose veins.

Some patients develop chronic lymphedema.This form of the disease characterized by severe treatment of lymphedema.The affected limb is often attacked by various infections.Any, even the most minor skin trauma can cause severe inflammatory complications (lymphangitis).This leads to complication of shock subcutaneous connective tissue.Recurrent infectious processes lead to scarring of the connective tissue, narrowing the gaps and overgrowth of lymphatic vessels.There is a palpable induration of affected limb lymphedema, which is called fibredema (better known as "elephantiasis").

Symptoms of lymphedema

Generally, lymphedema symptoms are not immediately apparent.Sometimes the patient can feel them only after 10-15 years after happened lymph vessels.

lymphedema can distinguish the following symptoms:

- pain and a feeling of weakness in the affected limb lymphedema;

- a feeling of fullness or heaviness in the limbs;

- mobility disorders shin or wrist;

- edema, or swelling of the affected limb lymphedema, when pressed with your finger on that, do not dimple remains.


Unfortunately, the situation is such that it is easier to prevent development of the disease in question, than to engage in the treatment of lymphedema.

If the patient has an increased risk of developing the disease, all his actions should be aimed at preventing the occurrence of lymphedema.It is recommended to avoid injections in the affected limb infection or burn, avoid measuring blood pressure at sick and other hand.

For moderate symptoms of lymphedema is essential to observe the following rules:

- affected limb must always be kept clean.After the bath towel and carefully obsushivat treating lotion;

- not walk without shoes;

- Wear protective gloves while cooking;

- not use the razor, shave electric razor;

- do not wear a bag on the affected arm;

- to sit at the table, legs uncrossed;

Drug therapy includes receiving antithrombotics, diuretic, desensitizing and anti-inflammatory drugs.Antibiotics may be prescribed for complications of infectious processes.Unfortunately, the drug treatment of lymphedema does not have much effect.

In order to improve the circulation of lymph patients prescribed physiotherapy.On the best side in the struggle with the disease have proved electrophoresis, magnetic therapy, phonophoresis with enzyme preparations, laser therapy, ultraviolet irradiation of blood, Amplipuls therapy.Also they are quite effective physiotherapy and lymphatic drainage.

special attention to the treatment of lymphedema deserve compression methods, including standard compression with elastic bandages and modern pneumocompression using limfopressa.

surgical treatment of lymphedema are microsurgical operations, during which the surgeon places lymphovenous anastomoses, are additional ways to drain the lymph into the venous system.Also performed surgery on the interstitial fluid decompression and restoration of patency of the damaged lymphatic vessels.

folk remedy for lymphedema

For many patients, patients with lymphedema of the folk remedies are an additional weapon in the fight against this disease.

So, for example, herbal medicine helps to significantly improve the condition of the skin.For these purposes the perfect bath with a decoction of chamomile or series.Prepare a tray in the following way: one cup boiling water one tablespoon of raw materials, give the mixture simmer for five minutes, then cooled and filtered.

analogue of pharmaceutical diuretics may be a diuretic teas.They have a softer effect.For this purpose, suitable mixed in equal proportions hips, bearberry leaves and currant.Two tablespoons of collection pour a glass of boiling water and allow to infuse for half an hour, then filter and take every morning on an empty stomach.

helps reduce puffiness and raw buckwheat, which is rich in such routines as the active substance.One tablespoon of raw buckwheat is ground in a blender until the consistency of flour, then eat, washed down with a little water.

Recipes fight against lymphedema, there are many folk remedies.However, before using any of them need to be sure to consult with your doctor.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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