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1. reasons lymphadenitis

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Lymphadenitis - an inflammation of the lymphnodes that are at each person.Lymph nodes refer to the lymph system, and this system is part of the immune system.In the human body there is a six hundred lymph nodes, which are called cervical, nadchelyustnye, occipital, axillary, lymph nodes and tongue nizheglaznichnye nodes.All of the lymph nodes produce cells that immediately begin to fight infections that get into our bodies.

reasons lymphadenitis lymphadenitis

reasons may be infectious or non-infectious.By reason of infectious inflammation lymphadenitis include viral infections (HIV), acute respiratory infections and bacterial infections infektsii.Chasche just for bacterial lymphadenitis revealed in human disease and stafilokok streptokok.Less often can cause inflammation of the lymph nodes, fungal or parasitic infections.By bacterial infection relates one of the mos

t serious diseases - tuberculosis.This infection affects the lungs and other vital organs of man, and as a result may cause lymphadenitis.For reasons lymphadenitis relates noninfectious inflammation in the presence of a foreign body in the human body and the presence of cancer in the lymph nodes (lymphoma).Another cause of lymphadenitis can be a metastatic tumor in different parts of the body.

For many reasons, the disease becomes the result of a contagious disease and can be transmitted from person to person.

Symptoms of the disease

When inflamed lymph nodes, the skin around them becomes very painful and there is swelling.As a result, the nodes become inflamed and swollen.Lymphadenitis Symptoms are divided into several types - serous, hemorrhagic, purulent and fibriozny.In acute or chronic inflammation in the lymph node penetrate pyogenic bacteria, which move with the current of lymph or blood.As a result, it may be purulent lymphadenitis.

Simple lymphadenitis symptoms differ from all others in that inflammation does not extend beyond the lymph node and flows through a common type.When complications of the disease itching, redness of the skin and may have a fever.With an increase in the lymph nodes lymphadenitis clearly marked symptoms, doctors diagnose a disease as lymphadenopathy.The main symptoms of lymphadenitis may include: fever higher than 38.5 ° C, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, severe pain in the sore place, redness and swelling.This is considered a very dangerous condition for human life.In such cases, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Children lymphadenitis

Children lymph nodes are formed within the first three years of life.As an adult there are cervical, parotid, submandibular, nadchelyustnye, infraorbital, occipital, axillary lymph nodes.Lymphadenitis in children is a serious disease and is characterized by a bacterial inflammation of the lymph nodes.Children lymphadenitis may not be an independent disease, it mainly develops in the background getting any infection at the place where the inflamed lymph node collects.If the parents will not prompt treatment, it may be a complication of the disease, which then lead to deterioration of the general condition of the child.First of all, the treatment of lymphadenitis in children should be started even when the lymph node is not increased, but it hurts.Lymphadenitis in children is acute and chronic.Acute disease occurs when inflammation and traumatic lesions of the skin, mucous membrane of the throat, nose and mouth.Chronic lymphadenitis occurs in children with frequent infection and resulting in some parts of the skin are increased and compacted lymph nodes.In chronic disease, enlarged lymph node almost painless, mobile and compact.In acute disease in children fever, decreased appetite, there is a fever, fatigue and disturbed sleep.If you do not start treatment within two days, there is purulent fusion of education and phlegmonous adenitis.It is also a complication of the disease can lead to the spread of infection and spread of cancer.


treatment used two methods of treatment lymphadenitis - a surgical technique and conservative.It depends on the degree of complication of the disease.In most cases, using a surgical method.In this case, lymph node reveal that inflamed, and provide content to the outflow path.In rare cases, using an open biopsy, which is a complete removal of the lymph node.When conservative treatment lymphadenitis prescribe antibiotics - penicillin, cefotaxime, Augmentin, Ceftriaxone, Bitsillin, tsefaloridinom.For the complete destruction of the pathogen infection is very one-week application of these antibiotics.Also prescribe anti-inflammatory and pain medications.Depending on the underlying cause of the disease, the treatment of lymphadenitis can start with the cool wet compresses to help reduce inflammation.If purulent disease, doctors use ultrahigh-frequency therapy.

In rare cases, the disease runs its own.Again, it all depends on the cause of lymphadenitis.To avoid serious consequences, which can be life-threatening, it is necessary in this disease always consult a doctor and follow a treatment plan, which is appointed by your doctor.


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