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Leykotsitoz- a pathological condition of the body, which is characterized by high levels of leukocytes (white blood cells) in the blood.White blood cells are an important part of the immune system.They are produced in the bone marrow and prevent the proliferation of certain cells.

reasons leukocytosis

Today, there are many causes of leukocytosis, which are a number of serious diseases and some pathological condition of the body.Today, the main instigators of the disease are considered:

  • Malnutrition.
  • inflammatory process.At the time of struggle with harmful bacteria leukocyte becomes inflamed.In some diseases (usually chronic), the percentage of white blood cells increased continuously.
  • Infectious process.The most common cause of leukocytosis is today considered the infection (chicken pox, pneumonia, etc.).
  • Tissue damage for various injuries or minor injuri
    es (burns, scrapes, cancer).
  • Violations that are associated with bone marrow.
  • immune response.Leukocytosis often develops in people who have asthma or severe allergies.
  • medical drugs used in the treatment of mental disorders, cancer, respiratory diseases and various inflammations.
  • Temporary (but very strong) or prolonged psychological stress, stress.
  • Hereditary predisposition.

Regarding the leukocytosis in children, the most common reasons are: increased physical activity, poor diet, stress and childhood infections.Very often, at the time of detection of symptoms in children leukocytosis, and also found the disease of the cardiovascular system, or cancers.


disease Today there are several types of leukocytosis, which we now discuss.

  • Short leukocytosis.This kind of disease is developed at the time of sudden release of WBCs in the blood (e.g., stress).In such situations, the disease disappears with the provocateur of its occurrence.This form of the disease observed in typhoid fever, scarlet fever, diphtheria, septic disease and lobar pneumonia.
  • Pathological symptomatic appearance.It usually develops in chronic inflammatory processes, and some infections.
  • Physiological leukocytosis may occur after ingestion, heavy physical exertion, and so on.
  • Eosinophilic kind of disease is caused by the formation or release of eosinophils in the blood.The main causes are drugs and allergic reactions (even for vaccines).
  • leukocytosis due to the high level of education or release of neutrophils in the blood.This kind of disease is observed in chronic inflammation, acute infections and myeloproliferative diseases.
  • Lymphocytic leukocytosis form is characterized by a high percentage of lymphocytes in the blood.It is noted with some chronic and acute infections.
  • basophil kind of disease is characterized by an increase in the formation of basophils.Occurs when the ulcerative colitis, pregnancy and myxedema.
  • Monocyte leukocytosis occurs very rarely.It develops in sarcoidosis, malignant formations and some bacterial infections.

Symptoms leukocytosis

Very often this condition occurs without any symptoms, or the symptoms are observed only those diseases that are caused leukocytosis.Often asymptomatic leukocytosis occurs in children.That is why doctors recommend all parents to donate blood periodically kid on the analysis, so that it can detect abnormalities at an early stage.

leukocytosis most common symptoms are: frequent bruising;fever;fatigue;weakness;wanton malaise;pain in the abdomen, arms and legs;poor appetite;blurred vision;dizziness;fainting;increased sweating;labored breathing;weight loss.

leukocytosis children

Today the disease in children is very common.If the child is put such diagnosis, the parents have to know that leukocytosis in children differs significantly from the "adult" leukocytosis.

The main causes of this disease are children: children's infectious diseases, malnutrition, stress, genetic predisposition to the disease, heavy exercise, and so on.

This, at first glance, an ordinary illness, like the flu, can significantly increase the white blood cell count.So that this pathology is not developed, it is necessary to immediately begin treating the main cause leukocytosis.Regarding

leukocytosis symptoms in children, the disease can occur without any overt signs.Parents can not even guess that the child suffers from this disease.Therefore, it is best to regularly donate blood for analysis, in order to constantly monitor the percentage of cells in the blood.

There are situations where the symptoms of leukocytosis in children occur at the earliest stages.The most common signs of this disease include irritability or lethargy;loss of appetite;drowsiness;the general weakness of the body;weight loss and fever.

Therefore, if the parents noticed similar symptoms in their offspring, they should immediately consult a doctor, who as soon as possible to begin treatment leukocytosis.

Treatment Therapies leukocytosis usually depend on the disease, the main reason for its occurrence.Very often, treatment begins with antibiotics, which prevent and treat infections caused by this disease.

Also, during treatment leukocytosis resort to steroid means to remove or significantly reduce inflammation and reduce the percentage of cells in the blood.

To reduce the volume and acid used in urinary antacids.These agents prevent the destruction of body tissues, resulting in sometimes develop leukocytosis.

In the most severe cases (at the time of treatment leukocytosis) doctor prescribed leukopheresis.This extraction procedure is a white blood cell from the blood, and then pour the purified blood back to the patient.

order treatment leukocytosis was as quick and efficient start to the therapy of this disease is necessary in the earliest stages.


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