Leukoplakia of the bladder - symptoms, treatment


1. Causes Bladder leukoplakia

2. symptoms

3. Diagnosis and treatment of bladder leukoplakia

leukoplakia of the bladder - a bladder diseasebladder, in which the lining its cavity epithelium becomes horny.As a result, the bladder wall becomes vulnerable to the components of urine and inflammatory processes.

The disease occurs much more frequently in women than in men.

In most cases, there is leukoplakia of the bladder neck.

Causes Bladder leukoplakia

Usually the infection into the bladder from the external genitalia.The disease are gonococci, mycoplasma, ureaplasma, herpes, trichomonas, chlamydia.In some cases, the infection can fall into the bladder of the current blood lymphatic, uterus and appendages, kidneys and intestines.In this case the pathogens are streptococci, staphylococci, Proteus, E. coli.

Experts point to factors that trigger the disease:

  • chronic diseases of internal organs;
  • remote pockets of chronic infectious diseases - chronic diseases of nasophary
    nx, teeth affected by caries;
  • use of an intrauterine device for a long time;
  • endocrine diseases;
  • abnormalities of the genitourinary system;
  • weakened immunity due to stress, hypothermia and other negative factors;
  • disorderly sexual life, neglect of barrier contraception.


primary symptom of leukoplakia of the bladder - pain.Pain occurs in the pelvic area and is most often constant, aching in nature.The greatest intensity of pain in leukoplakia of the bladder neck.

In addition, patients experience symptoms of urination disorders.Urination may cause burning or cutting pain.With further development of the disease the patient is deteriorating overall health.

In the case of acute inflammation, the symptoms of bladder leukoplakia joined signs of cystitis.The patient suffers from frequent urination, which is accompanied by severe pain.This results in incomplete emptying of the bladder, intermittent urine stream.

danger of this disease lies in the fact that its symptoms are very similar to the symptoms of cystitis.In many cases, long-term patients are treated for cystitis and pelvic pain syndrome constant.It was only after further careful examination it turns out that they are actually suffering from leukoplakia of the bladder.This is especially dangerous because of the fact that this disease is precancerous.

Furthermore, with the development of the disease affected wall loses elasticity, sclerosing, whereby the bladder can not properly fulfill its function.The patient develops kidney failure, which sometimes leads to death.

Diagnosis and treatment of bladder leukoplakia

Diagnosis of leukoplakia of the bladder includes a comprehensive examination of the patient.

1.Vrach listens to the patient's complaint, identifies the factors that could cause certain symptoms.

2.Provoditsya examination of the patient in the chair, and physical examination.

3.Vypolnyaetsya laboratory testing of blood, urine, swab from the urethra and vagina.

4.Bolnomu carried ultrasound of the bladder and kidneys.

5.Provodyatsya urodynamic studies - uroflowmetry (determination of urine properties and diagnostics of its main characteristics), cystometry (method of studying the violation of the fundamental functions of the bladder).This is the most important method of diagnosis in the lower urinary tract dysfunction.

6. For a more accurate diagnosis of the disease is carried out the method of endoscopic examination of the bladder and urethra.Often when this is carried out plucked a biopsy of the mucous membrane of the bladder (cystoscopy).Using cystoscopy determine the size of leukoplakia of the bladder, its location, the condition of the mucous membrane around the lesions.

method of treating leukoplakia of the bladder is chosen for each patient individually.It depends on the stage of the disease, extensiveness of defeat, the general condition of the patient.The method of treatment can be conservative or surgical.

Conservative therapy is aimed at the use of drugs that act on the pathogen and the affected epithelium they region.The patient is prescribed:

  • antibacterial agents that actively affect the pathogens;
  • anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • restorative medicines;
  • drugs to enhance the body's immunity.

the treatment of this disease is often used instillation - the method of irrigation of the bladder with special preparations.These drugs include analogs of natural glycosaminoglycans, which are able to restore the damaged areas of the epithelium.This procedure protects the damaged bladder wall from the adverse effects of urine.

well proven in the treatment of bladder leukoplakia physiotherapy techniques - laser therapy, magnetic therapy, microwave exposure, electrophoresis using drugs.These procedures help to restore and nutrition of the affected tissues, relieve inflammation, inhibit the formation of adhesions.

With the ineffectiveness of conservative treatment, in severe cases, surgery is used leukoplakia disease of the bladder.The most common methods of surgery is transurethral resection (TUR) and laser excision of the diseased bladder epithelium plots preceded by a biopsy.

In most cases, the operation of the bladder leukoplakia perform transurethral resection.This endoscopic surgery, in which the bladder through the urethra cystoscope is introduced.This device is equipped with a light source and a video camera.With the help of a cystoscope cut off the damaged area of ​​the bladder epithelium.This allows surgery to completely remove the damaged sites while maintaining the integrity of the bladder.


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