Strong barking cough - Causes, Treatments


1. Clinical manifestations

2. reasons for barking cough

3. methods of treatment

4. strong barking cough as a symptom of pertussis and have parakoklyusha


¬ębarking" cough ( "barking seal") - a painful dry paroxysmal cough rough, reminiscent of the sound of a dog barking or a seal.

Clinical manifestations

Barking cough has no physiological expediency, it does not perform its protective functions and displays the mucus.Nevertheless, he is able to bring a lot of inconvenience to man.Especially hard cough such children suffer.This is due to the fact that, unlike the adult child weak musculature of the airways.

Barking cough is a painful intrusive nature, sometimes accompanied by vomiting and even cessation of breathing (mostly in unvaccinated children suffering from whooping cough).

Clinically, this manifests itself cough swollen airways, and as a result - their narrowing.The child is having trouble breathing, breathing heavy, his voice takes on a rough tone.With

a significant swelling of the respiratory tract there is a possibility of complete closure.

strong barking cough attacks occur suddenly and are an indication for immediate hospitalization of the child.To avoid such a course of events, the first manifestations of barking cough need to visit a doctor.

reasons for barking cough

most frequent cause of barking cough are those types of acute respiratory disease, in which the inflamed upper respiratory tract.But not always such a cough is a viral nature, in many cases it is a consequence of allergic reactions.If the cough is accompanied by a runny nose, fever, sore throat and other symptoms of acute respiratory infections, most of all, he has a viral origin.But if on the background of the general well-being and the absence of the above symptoms a person suffers from dry barking cough, it is likely that its nature is allergic.There are also a number of other factors that can cause a barking cough.

Among the diseases and conditions, which are often the causes of barking cough, emit:

  • acute laryngitis laryngotracheitis;
  • strep throat;
  • pertussis and parakoklyush;
  • false (viral) cereals - a complication of acute respiratory disease;
  • true croup - diphtheria;
  • laryngeal allergic disease (allergic laryngitis);
  • larynx tumor;
  • foreign object in the airway.

methods of treatment

Any cough - it's just a symptom of the disease, all therapeutic interventions should be directed at eliminating its causes, ie a disease which caused coughing.This mainly concerns a wet cough, and if it is dry and the more dry, barking, then in addition to the treatment of the underlying causes need to be treated and he coughs.Under treatment barking cough refers Diverting its dry form to the wet form, that is necessary to achieve the appearance of sputum.

To date, there are three groups of drugs that are used to combat cough:

1. Mucolytic means

2. Expectorants

3. Cold preparations

Only a doctor can determine whether the reception of a particular drug on the basis, in the firstall, of the reasons for barking cough.In any case, these funds play the role of adjuvant therapy, the main treatment - a treatment of the underlying disease provocateur.

Particular care should be taken to use antitussive drugs.Most of them have a drug composition, so the use of these agents in children is extremely undesirable.Admission antitussive drugs is allowed only during prolonged dry cough as his physiological expediency is not established, and the patient's quality of life significantly reduced.

Mucolytics and expectorant drugs are rarely used in the treatment of barking cough, they should be used only on the transition of dry cough cough wet (if such a transition will).It is important to know that taking expectorants, as well as inhalation does not guarantee a decrease in the severity of coughing.On the contrary, by further elaborated and thinning mucus dried it can worsen for some time.

general for all kinds of coughs (including for a strong barking cough) treatment:

1. inhalation.It is necessary for the purpose of humidification of the mucosa and thinning mucus.

2. Drinking plenty of fluids.The more fluid enters the body, the greater the blood thinning, the viscosity of which is directly related to the viscosity of mucus.The more liquid blood, the more liquid mucus, and the easier it is to cough.

3. Clean the cool moist air.Such air alert drying and drying of the mucus of the respiratory tract.

Treatment barking cough, which is caused by pertussis or parakoklyush begins with treatment of the underlying disease and is usually carried out with antibiotics.In addition, children with whooping cough and parakoklyushem should spend maximum time on the air, and it is better if the air is humid and cooler than dry and warm.After finishing a course of antibiotics cough may persist for three months, it is normal.If whooping cough is also allowed reception antitussives.

For the treatment of allergic origin barking cough enough to eliminate the allergen and use antihistamines.

If the cause of barking cough is an upper respiratory tract infection, would be appropriate to use drugs relieve swelling, has a bactericidal and antibacterial action.It should not be taken expectorants, they do not carry out any therapeutic effect.

Remember, the presence of paroxysmal strong barking cough in children - it is a reason for immediate treatment to the doctor.

strong barking cough as a symptom of pertussis in children and parakoklyusha

Pertussis and parakoklyush - viral diseases, related in nature.The microbe, which is transmitted by airborne droplets and dwells in the human airway, release substances irritating the mucous membrane and provoke strong barking cough - pertussis and distinctive symptom parakoklyusha.This symptom is the more pronounced, the younger the child.

Paroxysmal strong barking cough in whooping cough persists for a long time (about three months), so the disease is also called "hundred-day cough."Parakoklyush is considerably easier, the body temperature does not rise, and between fits of coughing child general condition is no different from his usual general condition.

Pertussis - a very dangerous disease for children in the first years of life.At the time, she takes the lives of thousands of children.Today the first months of life babies are vaccinated against pertussis.It is important to know that even in a vaccinated child has a risk of contracting whooping cough, but the current form of the disease is not heavy.

If the child has not been vaccinated, parents should be very careful, especially during the first few years of baby's life, and in the presence of even low-energy barking cough should seek medical attention.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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