Night blindness - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


1. Causes night blindness disease

2. Symptoms of night blindness

3. Identification disease

4. Treatment of night blindness

5. dangerous diseases

night blindness - a human disease in which there is no possibility to fully see at dusk or in the dark.The eyes become less sensitive to light, narrows the field of view, bad different basic colors.

Causes night blindness disease

Very often the disease develops due to lack of in the body of vitamin A or lack of nutrition.Also, the disease can cause malfunction of the liver, anemia and severe depletion of the whole organism.

Congenital disease manifests itself at an early age and has a genetic character.

disease can also develop on the background of already existing visual defects, such as: glaucoma, cataract, myopia, and so on.

However, the root cause of the disease, regardless of its form, is the lack of rhodopsin pigment and its lack of development in the retina

Symptoms of night blindness

When vitamin A deficiency and night blindness person feels a constant deterioration of the ability to clearly seeat dusk or in the dark, the retina becomes extremely sensitive to bright daylight or artificial light.The patient has been the inability to distinguish colors, mostly applies to all shades of blue.A common indicator of vitamin A deficiency is the presence of dark spots in the field of human vision, when he abruptly gets dark place in a brightly lit room.You lose the ability to navigate in space during the night.

Disease Night blindness if it is not the cause of vitamin A deficiency, often occurs with persistent conjunctivitis, dryness of skin and mucous membranes.It is also a sign of the disease are the horny skin, which appear on the abdomen and buttocks.A symptom of vitamin A deficiency and night blindness is a fragility and loss of hair, occurrence of sores on the cornea of ​​the eye, especially in children.

disease Identification

Diagnosis "night blindness and a lack of vitamin A" is put ophthalmologist based on the examination of the patient and study his complaints.Also conducted research on special equipment that establish the fact of the abnormal processes in the retina and the cornea of ​​the human eye.Lack of vitamin A is determined by a full blood count.

Treatment of night blindness

If the disease is caused by a lack of vitamin A or malnutrition, is to treat it appointed dietetics.This method is based on eating foods that are high in calories.These include:

  • eggs;
  • cheese;
  • milk and milk products;
  • cod liver oil;
  • a variety of vegetables and fruits;
  • other foods are rich in vitamin A.

Treatment of congenital night blindness species also passes by a balanced diet, but it rarely gives a positive result.This method may slightly improve a child's ability to see at dusk or in the dark, but full of will never happen.

treatment of night blindness, which appeared on the background of other diseases of the eye passes, taking into account the severity of the underlying pathology.For example, getting rid of glaucoma by surgery can completely restore the ability to see and equally well be guided in all lighting conditions.

dangerous diseases

lack of comprehensive treatment of night blindness and vitamin A deficiency is fraught with serious consequences.The children observed the deterioration of peripheral vision or total loss.Adults with severe vitamin A deficiency and night blindness often get in an accident, because the visual acuity and the ability to fully focus on the road they are virtually absent.

worth noting that the decrease in vision in one eye is not a sign of illness, as night blindness always affects both.


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