Croup - types of the disease , symptoms , treatments


1. true croup

2. False croup

3. Symptoms of croup

4. Treatment cereal

5. Prevention


Croup - acute laryngitis podskladochny.The disease is capable of producing one of the most serious conditions in the child's first years of life.When croup in children diseases such as flu, viral respiratory infections, measles, diphtheria, accompanied by swelling and inflammation of the loose fat, which is located under the vocal folds.The appearance of swelling leads to a narrowing of the lumen of the larynx and difficulty breathing.The most common cereals in children under the age of 5 years.Older children are not exposed to the disease: this age loose fiber disappears, and consequently, inflammation in the art do not give rise to severe swelling.

true croup

Currently, the disease is rare, since the prevalence of diphtheria has decreased significantly.There are isolated cases of the disease in combination with diphtheria throat, in children may be a development of diphth

eria of the larynx.The disease is accompanied by a proliferation of fibrous filmy overlays the mucous membrane of the larynx.The consequence of true croup can be asphyxia and muscle spasm.True croup severe in babies and in most cases requires surgery.

False croup

False croup is a disease that is accompanied by the development of edema of the larynx mucosa podskladochnoy area.Calling the development of false croup may be different viral upper respiratory illness, measles, influenza, throat burn, having a chemical or thermal nature.The disease in rare cases, it may be accompanied by muscle spasm of the larynx.In most cases false croup runs for several hours, while any treatment is not carried out.The disease may be of a recurring nature.Immediate referral to a specialist is required for the flow of the disease with fever.

Symptoms of croup

Typically, croup in children happens at night.The increase in fiber swelling under the vocal chords is accompanied by the emergence and intensification of symptoms of croup.Initially, the child experiences fear, anxiety, he begins to act up.There is the appearance of jerky, dry, like barking cough, shortness of breath may occur.The child begins to breathe and often superficially.Within a minute, they can be performed about 30-60 breaths.The appearance of these symptoms of croup evidence of asphyxia, laryngeal edema mucosa.Progression of the disease is accompanied by a change in facial color, the child will turn red, then pale or bluish.There may be the appearance of the skin blue.The character of the cough gradually changes and becomes rude, intrusive.When breathing clearly audible wheeze.Symptoms of croup in children in the heavy phase manifested as severe asphyxia.Kid becomes very weak, covered with cold sweat, may lose consciousness, the nature of the pulse is changed to the arrhythmic.In this state, the child needs medical attention, as in the subsequent development of the disease is accompanied by cramps, death can occur from suffocation.

False croup is slightly different for.Croup symptoms observed after appearance for several hours to days later all signs of the disease disappear.

Treatment cereal

When the first symptoms of croup parents should seek professional help, so as not to cause deterioration.With croup overcome on its own it is strictly prohibited.Parents to ambulance arrival should ensure that a child fresh air.The child is advised to take your hands and keep in a vertical position, with the legs should be placed in a basin of hot water.It is recommended to drink the baby tea, milk, lukewarm waters.With edema of the larynx treated the baby cereal necessarily be carried out in a hospital.

If a child is choking, specialist resorted to tracheotomy.This procedure is a surgical intervention, which consists in the dissection of the trachea and into the lumen of the introduction of a special tube.The operation will allow the child sufficient supply of oxygen to the lungs.Conservative treatment of croup is only possible in the initial stages.

Treatment cereal true type involves the introduction of diphtheria serum in accordance Alexandre Besredka method.In diphtheria of the larynx necessary dose of serum is 40 000-50 000 IU.cereal treatment also provides reception of erythromycin or penicillin drugs.

Treatment of cereals, having a false character, based on the reception of antihistamines, corticosteroids, adrenaline solution.Surgery is performed rarely.

disease prevention

Prevention croup in children is based on the true type of conduct preventive measures against diphtheria.The introduction of the first vaccine has been held on child reaches 3 months of age, provided in a subsequent re revaccination.Vaccinations are carried out repeatedly as artificially created immunity to diphtheria fades gradually.Preventive measures

false croup aimed at preventing the occurrence of acute viral respiratory infections, flu.It is recommended that children with breathing exercises, during seasonal epidemics take interferon preparations.

By rump most complete inclined children, so from an early age it is necessary to monitor compliance with the weight and age of the baby growth.In the presence of excess weight pediatricians recommend to pay attention to proper nutrition.


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